The Starry Times: Lunar Eclipse /Full moon

Today the moon is full, challenged and stressed, just before the lunar eclipse which occurs tomorrow (17th here in the southern hemisphere)
It is a special full moon, known as Guru Purnima in India – A good day to honour your teachers – those who have brought the light of awareness to darkness of ignorance.

Moon is watery, sensitive and flowing, and when it passes near, or is aspected by planets whose natures are totally opposite, our emotions respond to these vibrational changes. How we respond depends on how our relationship to our emotional selves are – how well we can manage stress, for example. When problems are not being dealt with internally, disruptive cosmic weather catalyses and moves things around in us – the tendency will be to blame anything and everything – but the source of disruption is within.

This is why it helps to know what the weather is going to be, so we can avoid making life harder for ourselves. If you know you have a tendency to be easily upset, then try and avoid making changes in life during unsettled periods. It can be very hard to avoid this, as sometimes the current and forces can be too strong. But, life is this proverbial river, and you are steering your ship. If the current is too strong, try dock yourself on the bank, and rest a while. Time Out.

As the moon moves through Sagittarius, meeting with saturn and ketu, it might be a depressive day for some, for others it may trigger insecurities, fears and anxieties. For others the day may not feel like much at all, but it could help focus the mind on the tasks at hand, allowing the emotions to cool off a little. Gemini and Sagg sun, moon and rising will be feeling this strongly.

The lunar eclipse occurs around 7:30am on the 17th, when the moon is in the first part of Capricorn. It will be aspected/opposed by mercury and mars in cancer, so this could ruffle some feathers and provoke some arguments. Beware of passive aggressive tendencies and unspoken words.
Eclipses unsettle the mind and emotions so try not to do anything important over these next couple of days.

This year has been huge for so many, as deaths, physical and symbolic have occurred, deep shedding of past selves, situations and patterns have revealed lost aspects of our true self. Ways of the past are dissolving, making way for the new which is still gestating. The obscuring and revealing of secrets has been a strong theme. As more onion rings peel off, in a seemingly unending cyclic journey, we wonder when does it stop?

Remember, moon is mind, and the mind has no limits. Once you decide to stop treading the waters of the mind, emotion and thoughts, once you stop analysing and picking apart every situation and start to move your vision toward dimensions that are inclusive of, yet beyond dualism, pathways become clearer, the next steps appear effortlessly.

It is a most delicate dance.

All that is not our true self always goes through a process of change. Focus on what is eternal – the pure light of the soul – the spirit – keep shining your light and you will never be lost.

Take it easy this week,

Have a read through my other posts to get a more in depth flavour of the year, and feel free to get in touch if you would like a consultation to understand how the planets and cosmic energies are affecting you.
Massive thanks to all my teachers, gurus past and present and a special thanks to my teacher Komilla Sutton.

With Love,
Darinka x

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