The Starry Times – Leo season offer

I hate to break it to you Leo Lovers …

But the Sun is still only at 8 degrees Cancer – It wont be moving to Leo for at least another 3 weeks.
I know, you * are * special, bright and beautiful,
But your season is not quite upon us just yet!

I’m not trying to be a party pooper here… or to be the annoying astro geek that has to lick the tip of my finger to see which direction the wind is blowing … but …
Yes, but… grab a telescope, head to any observatory, or check out the real time planetary positions of any star app and you will see for yourself.

Yup. 8 degrees Cancer.
Leo season begins on 18 August this year.

How is this possible?

Many astrology enthusiasts are familiar with western sun sign astrology.

The shortest explanation (for the purpose of this article) is that Indian and western astrology are cousins. The roots of astrology (Astro = stars, logos = knowledge) – come from Babylonia, Persia and India… over the last few millennia the Greeks and Romans brought much wisdom and knowledge from these parts of the world – which is why there are so many parallels across the greek and vedic myths. The roman and greeks adapted many vedic stories to their pantheon.

Much of our western culture has strong indo – european roots worthy of exploring!

Back to Leo and Cancer.

There is a misalignment between the two calendars – the western calendar is about 23-24 degrees (almost a whole sign) off the sidereal calendar. This means the western calendar does not reflect the actual position of the current planets against the starry backdrop, but reflects how we saw the skies 2000 years ago. The precession of the equinox which means our view of the sky shifts about 1 degree every 72 years. Not much, but it adds up.

So if you were born between mid July and mid august, I’m sorry to break it to you, but your Sun planet is most likely still in Cancer – Leo season is mid August to mid September.

Why does western astrology work then?

We are all the planets and all the signs, our life is a reflection of the starry heavens.
Simple techniques such as aspects, house rulership are used, and that personality is more determined by ascendant and moon sign and ruling planets in signs, than the relative position of the Sun. This is why you can read a western style chart and it will feel pretty true.

There are many ways to interpret personal astrology for personality analysis. While helpful, it is only a superficial way of using astrology. The scope and depth is vast.. The greeks and romans lost about 60-70% of the predictive, symbolic knowledge & richness that India still uses in full measure today.
However, for accurate, precise predictions and forecasts the sidereal calendar is the calendar to use.

Would you like to explore your vedic chart and planets? Im offering compensation for the astrologically disillusioned … 15% off any 90 min consultation or relationship compatibility!

Head to my website, click ‘schedule appointment, type in the code LEOLOVER and redeem your discount! – Valid until Leo season ends – on 18 Sept. (Australia time – varies from year to year)


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