The Starry Times : August 2019

Monica Ramos

I think a few crowns fell when I made the announcement that the sun is still in the middle of cancer and will not be moving into Leo till the 18th. Its true, grab a telescope or check out any star app, you will see the actual real-time position of the planets for yourself!

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This month brings many changes and a general relief form the last few months of emotional stress and tension. Mercury & Jupiter move our of retrograde, Mars and Sun move into Leo and today begins with a new moon in Cancer, in one of the most nourishing nakshatras (star, mansion) Pushya.

(A nakshatra = lunar mansion which is a 1/27th division of the zodiac – a more specific way of understanding the zodiac signs, which are a 1/12th division of the sky.)

The star Pushya is emphasised this month, the theme is nurturing, nourishment, family, caring, healing & gentleness. This star carries a lovely and soft vibration, one of its main symbols is the cow, specifically the cow’s udder. The cow is known to nourish not just its own young but those of others; these combined symbols indicate its ability to give freely and unselfishly on all planes of existence. This connects us to the mother goddess principle.

“One can only give if one can produce; this star relates to all kinds of productive forces operating within the universe – Prash Trivedi”

Moon is happy in its own sign, so this new moon invites us to the soft, tender and gentle parts of our nature – there is too much harshness in the world already, our vulnerabilities are constantly overlooked and ignored, mostly from ourselves to ourselves.
Pushya invites us to rest and surrender as though we were an infant being cocooned in our mothers arms. Even if we were/are without mothers, we can connect to to universal mother goddess frequency which always exists, and as a primary force of nature, is always available to tune into. There is no place for any kind of vulgar, savage, brutal or animalistic behaviour with this star.
Pushya is ruled by Saturn which gives a sober yet responsible nature to this star, acting out of a sense of duty and service to fellow humanity rather than for selfish reasons.

Mercury has stationed today and slowly moves forward over the next few days. The planet of communication has dipped briefly back into Gemini before moving forward and continuing its travels through Cancer and the rest of the Zodiac. The next retrograde will be in November.
Communications should flow a little easier, better time for making travel plans.

Mars is currently in the later degrees of Cancer, in the star Ashlesha which is a star connected to the nagas; the serpent energy and occult wisdom. Snakes carry their poison outside of their bodies and it can be used for healing or inflicting pain. Mercury’s rulership of the star conflicts with mars and Scorpio/Aries ruled folk will feel the frustrations and blocks more than the other signs.
Mars can bring out the more negative side of Ashlesha which can be vicious and passive aggressive with a poisonous sting, or it can bring out deep insight and wisdom which can be used to cut through illusions, bringing clarity and healing to difficult situations.
With the moon ruling Cancer, emotions will fluctuate (as moon moves so quickly) – so Scorpio and Aries (sun, moon asc etc) would be wise to not jump to decisions too quickly, better to wait till mars moves into Leo where mars will feel more stable and energised to make positive actions. Mars moves into Leo on 9th August.

Mars will also be in gandanta point between 7th-12th, so this could be a particularly frustating and emotional time. Gandanta means drowning, or spiritual knot, indicating karmic and knotty issues which can feel difficult to resolves. Again, Scorpios and Aries are advised to wait before jumping too fast. Think less, feel more!

Rahu & Ketu
Kaal = Time and Sarpa = snake – this is when all the planets are hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu. It can block how the planets express themselves and create unexpected events to occur. Moon breaks the chain for two weeks on the 13th and then moves back in, but then Saturn finally begins to move away from the clutches of Ketu so the confusion will be much easier to manage and situations will resolve. I do not know so much about Kal Sarpa personally, so I will observe it over the next few months. My teacher Komilla Sutton has made a couple of excellent videos which explain this Yoga in greater detail :

Jupiter is still retrograde in Scorpio and is also slowing down to being stationary on the 11th of August, and will then move forward (yippee!) after a long four month backward trawl, which has brought up all sorts of things related to our beliefs, values and philosophy about how we relate to ourselves and the greater world and universe around us. Relationships will change, especially with men – (Jupiter rules husbands). Scorpio relates to secrets and hidden things and over this year (with Saturn in Sagittarius, many deep secrets have come to light especially around corruption within the church. Whatever has been

Saturn is retrograde until 18th September, but has broken its tight conjunction with Ketu , so the sense of giving up everything or not wanting to deal with responsibilities has eased somewhat, by October many major projects and visions will begin to take shape and form, and the restructuring of our lives that has been taking place over much of this year will begin to produce fruit. With Saturn, it is good to not expect things too fast or too soon, Saturn doesn’t like to be rushed.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned on my Facebook page and Instagram for updates during the month, and if you would like a reading to explore your chart, take advantage of my special offer – Type in the code ‘ LEOLOVER” for any 90 min or relationship compatibility consultation. Lasts until 18th of September!

Love, Darinka x

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