The Starry Times – Mars in Ashlesha

Hey, Hej, Namaste …

Last few days have been volatile – two mass shootings in one day in the USA. We can blame all sorts of things, essentially it is the misuse of power.

Currently Mars, planet of action, war and aggression is traversing the last part of Cancer – in the star Ashlesha – a volatile and poisonous star, when the energy is misused. Ashlesha is connected to the serpents – their venom and their wisdom. Snakes are semi-divine beings with links to esoteric occult knowledge. They are feared and worshipped but mostly, people are wary of them. Ashlesha people are perceptive, psychic and intuitive. They can have ‘snake eyes’, especially when this star is rising, Ashlesha can coil and entwine themselves around their objects of desire, to benefit or to detriment.

Mars is in its weakest spot here – here we can see the highest acts of cowardice, when the energy of mars gets grossly misused; these energies are only reflecting the events on earth. A weak mars can produce a humble nature when the poisons are transformed into medicine, and used to heal rather than hurt, otherwise destructive tendencies take precedence and we have to deal with the damage. Conversely, a Mars that is too strong can cause just as much damage.

Mars is in gandanta now till 12th August. Gandanta means knot, drowning, – Mars is a fire planet in a water sign in troubled waters … Mars is crossing from Cancer to Leo – Water to Fire = Steam, volatility, transformation, blurred, knotty and confused action. Aries and Scorpio people in particular are advised to not take rash action and slow down when the heat feels like its rising.

In our personal lives, mars dominated people may find their patience wearing thin. Relationships are mostly ruined by too much ego. It’s called “Kuja Dosha” – Kuja being another name for Mars – Dosha meaning affliction. Usually a poorly placed or stressed Mars will reflect in some kind of inner conflict in the person, which will spill into their relationships. In reality it’s two egos battling to have power over another in some way shape or form.

If this is one of the roots of all relationship issues, it is also the source of healing. When hearts are in harmony, each person does not mind yielding to the other, leaning back and behave as though your partner more important than you. This obviously does not mean become a doormat, but when both partners relate to each other with such devotion, you can have a beautiful experience. Let it be an act of love and devotion rather than a forced surrender.

Of course life is not so simple, but I have found that simple and consistent shifts in habits and perspectives leads to a greater shift in one’s overall approach to life with the healing of past traumas occurring quite naturally with ease and grace.

With Mars moving through gandanta – this difficult portion of the sky, we would do well to consider how we manage and deal with anger and frustrations, how did our parents express their anger? Maybe a fresh understanding of our past can help deal with our frustrations now. With so much violence in the world rooted in a misuse of power and anger, let us do what we can and bring the light of awareness into our own selves, identifying all the sources of misplaced aggression, with a compassionate gaze, and transform anger to its rightful place – an emotion to catalyse effective change rather than hurt self and others.

Stay chill, breathe and nothing is under control 😉

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Love, Darinka

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