The Starry Times : September 2019 Pt.1

Things are burning.

Universal forces always seek to balance – That is the nature of things.
As we move into the month of September – we have 4 planets in Leo, Saturn and Ketu in Saggitarius. In total, 6 key astrological points in 2 fire signs.

Things are burning.
On multiple levels.
As Greta Thunburg says – our house is on fire.

All kinds of destruction contain seeds for a new beginning – but depending on who is leading the experience, are we destined to just repeat and recycle our experiences?
It is my understanding that in order to truly create the deep change we wish to see in the world around us, it is the individual consciousness that needs to change.

Every time I see greed, I also recognise my own greed. When I experience harshness, I too have this quality within. When I see any form of negativity, and equally so – positivity, I also recognise all these qualities in my own being. So when I want to take a step to move forward to change the ugliness in the world, how can I take even one step when I am still under the influence of these things within my own being?

What can I do here and now? How do my daily choices and habits which sustain my existence, affect the greater world around me? If we were all to look within and transform the poison within ourselves, our world will transform exponentially.

Every government, organisation, family – is made of of individuals. Either we follow blindly with trends and other forces, following tv programs, media, allowing other people’s ideas and thoughts to influence us, or we take responsibility for who, what and how we are. When the individual commits to their inner transformation, the world will really see change.

This is our birthright. The definition of responsibility needs to be taken out from the dark. It is simply the ability to respond. The reality is that we are responding to life in every moment, it’s just that we are largely unaware of these responses.

Being response – able, is never about taking on the burdens of the world, taking blame, or feeling guilt. It is simply about deciding that you are willing to respond to a situation. This simple shift gives you the freedom to act, or not to act. Responsibility is first, a state of being. Doing comes after.

To be responsible means to not react unconsciously to what is happening, but respond consciously with awareness. Taking responsibility gives you freedom, because you create options, and when this is done willingly, your inner life transforms. Then the outer begins to change.

Astrology places much importance on the moon and how it affects our mind and emotions. We are always responding to the moon, just most people are not aware of the movement of the internal tides. Humanity has become victim to their own minds; emotions and thoughts, when in fact, we are mostly reacting with an undisciplined and unconscious mind rather than responding consciously to what is happening.

To learn more, I suggest poking your nose into the book “Inner Engineering” by Sadhguru. Beautiful, practical and deeply sagacious advice, with profound tools to awaken your inner self.

September will be a hot spring for the southern hemisphere, the heat is relative to the level of disharmony on the planet – it is worthwhile to consider how the emotional vibrations of 7 billion + people, have a profound effect on the planet itself – can we control the weather?

Emotion is an extremely powerful force.

Many people are angry. This is much injustice in the world. This is one way of understanding Fire. Fire is Agni – a primordial, principle element, a force, a principle, a reality, a truth, deeper than the fire you see from flames.
The Shakti of Agni is the power of transformation. Without fire we would not have the function of digestion, nor would we have the power of sight, to discern darkness and light, and everything in between. We would not have heat to generate warmth and nurturing.

Events that occur in nature which display the powerful destructive forces of our mother earth are incredibly humbling as they remind us of the profundity of our vulnerability in the universe.

These are my thoughts on the current climate – For my interpretation on how the planets are likely to behave over the month, please see the next article, Part 2.
Love, Darinka

(Art by Ken Price)

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