The Starry Times : September 2019 Pt.2

There are many changes over September, with venus, mercury & mars combust, the new moon joining the leo scene, the planets are making the shift into virgo, venus is struggling in debilitation and saturn finally goes direct!

The new moon is in Leo on the 30th of this month – making a total of FIVE planets in the solar sign. Bright, warm and expansive, Leo’s really just want to play, to love and make everyone feel special. However it can be fierce and destructive when working through its lower elements – love of power, arrogance and narcissism can be seen in this sign.

The new moon pulses through the star Magha, (0- 13°20′ Leo). Magha is ruled by the occult-ish ketu, which is still in a tight embrace with saturn in Saggitarius. This is highlighting the failing of governments and world leaders, as well as reminding us of our own powers – rooted in awareness and compassion. We are seeing tensions rise across the world at the moment. Ketu is connects us to the past, and with Jupiter (ruling sagg) in Scorpio, many secrets from high places are being revealed. In your own life, you may be ‘cleaning out your closet’ – so to speak, as saturn/ketu encourages letting go of what is unnecessary.

Magha means mighty, great – it confers an element of nobility, status, and past life connections to the ancestors. The combination of ketu/sun can promote aversion to authority, or the desire to challenge existing structures. The moon will be exactly conjunct mercury and close to mars; this moon is extra powerful, emotional, thinking, combative and explosive, so take care.

Globally this heat is intense and powerful, we will be seeing more erruptions and fires over the coming weeks.

Mars will be combust (exactly conjunct the sun) on the 1st, indicating some weakness in mars’s ability to act. This could make some people feel a lack of confidence and direction but it will pass. The warrior planet in the sign of the sun brings out the loyal, helpful and generous nature of Leo. It is a confidant and vital time for Scorpio and Aries.
On the 26th, Mars will move into Virgo which will bring out the practical and organisational side of Mars. Although Mars and mercury are not friends, he can do quite well in the sign of service; mars like to be put to work, to be of service and to have a task on hand. This is a good time to develop/fine tune a routine and self care practice!

Mercury in Leo – 27/8 – 11/9
Mercury is happy in the sign of the sun. Let your mind to tune into the fire of creative intelligence and allow inspiration to flow through.
Take care around the 3rd, 4th and 5th of September when mercury moves over mars, as they are not friendly and these days can promote combativeness and arguments.
On the 4th, mercury will be in deep combustion with the sun – it can go either way depending on circumstances, but generally planets are considered weak when ‘burnt’ by the sun – however it can also indicate genius and brilliant thinking.
On the 11th, Mercury moves into its own sign of Virgo, a great time to plan, focus and organise your plans and projects. It will conjunct venus on the 12th and these two planets will be travelling close together for most of the month – Venus will enhance the creative intelligence and can be a great time for writers, artists, and poets.

Venus, who governs our romantic, altruistic, creative, musical and vehicular affairs has been sojourning through Leo since the 17th of august. Relationships have been unravelling and becoming unsettled as Venus moved past the sun and then was in an exact conjunction with mars on the 24th – lots of passion and also combat, if there have been ongoing issues.
Venus moves into its debilitation sign, virgo on the 10th of September. It’s said that Venus doesn’t do well in the sign of service because most people think that relationships are about taking rather than giving – or sometimes there is too much conflict and too much ‘work’ that gets in the way of just being and enjoying with your beloved.

In my opinion, relationships are sacred ground to grow and evolve together. Choose each other on a daily basis, treat the other person as though they are more important than you. No one is perfect but if two people deeply love and are committed to their individual evolution then you have a great relationship – It can take any form, you don’t need to have a relationship according to societies’ standard.

Mostly your partner will get things ‘wrong’, which is a great way to learn what your needs are, let go of excessive demands and expectations, learn how to communicate effectively and generally evolve into being a better human being, in a loving and inter-dependant relationship with another beautiful human.

However this could be a time where some people decide to separate – or take space. Mercury will join venus for most of the month, so it is a very creative time where the mind can be influenced by venus’s soft vibration, and the energy of virgo can promote positive long term organisation and planning for the next few months. It can also be a time to work on creative projects, perfect a skill or take on a new hobby.

The Sun will stay in its own sign until it moves into Virgo on the 18th of September – the same day that saturn goes direct!

Surya is happy and strong in it’s own sign, and will be with mars for most of September. The star that will be highlighted this month is Purva Phalguni. Leo moons are advised to keep their tempers cool and calm over the month. Purva Phalguni is ruled by venus, with two hot planets in a water element star, it furthers the passionate combat that relationships experience, and with venus in virgo, it is another indication that breaks and separations may be on the table. Otherwise a great time to forge ahead and follow your heart, transform elements of your personality and work on your inner self – follow your passion and expand your creative vision.

Saturn goes direct on the 18th, marking the end of a long 5 month retrograde. It will be still for some days before slowly moving forward. Astronomically this means it wont appear as bright in the sky. Capricorn and Aquarius sun, moon and ascendants will feel this shift most strongly.

Plans that have been stagnating or slow to develop will begin to roll forward, there will be less delays and blocks. All the hard work over the year will begin to show its fruits. Saturn is the lord of time, so don’t expect results overnight. However Saturn is still being troubled by ketu and the dance around responsibility and how able we are to respond to the demands of life are highlighted –

Please see my other blogs about saturn and ketu for more information. Mostly we are seeing the upheavals within governments and the structures of society, as people are standing up to tackle the ongoing environmental and social issues.

There will be a Full Moon on the 14th In Aquarius – Stay tuned for a separate article about this.

So that’s my interpretation for the changes ahead over the month – if you would like a consultation, take advantage of my LEOLOVER offer – 15% off selected chart consults.

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Thanks for reading!
Love, Darinka

(Art by Maria Medem)

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