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Hey everyone – I’ve been a little slow on writing as i have been away in Stradbroke island completing my Ka Huna 6 training! A magical and transformative experience. Outside of astro blogging and consults I work doing bodywork and massage, helping and supporting people through their journey in life.
Full moon is tomorrow, I will be posting a shorter piece soon, so stay tuned!

Venus is tired after a long time being troubled in Leo. She has been combust, (burnt by the sun) aggravated by mars, and now has entered its sign of debilitation, Virgo.
Venus stays in the sign of the virgin until 5th of October, when she moves into her own sign of Libra.

I am using the sidereal calendar, in case you are confused 😉

I think one of the reasons venus is said to be weaker in virgo, is due, in part, to the vibration of flow, joy and love, which is often conflicts with the fastidious and critical vibration of virgo, a sign ruled by the intellectual mercury.
Virgo is organised, loves a plan, creates routines and structures, organising things into a coherent order. Everything has its place with virgo!

Venus is how we love, our sense of devotion, softness, trust, surrender, beauty, she connects us to what we value, what we find beautiful, attractive and endearing. Venus is the pure feminine force of the universe. She is exalted in pisces. In pisces, venus can express its nature to the fullest – it can be devoted, altruistic, forgiving, generous, loving, compassionate – in virgo it struggles to surrender because there are so many tasks, it can be too focussed on the flaws and not enough on the joy – it can become critical, nit-picky, pointing out trivialities, which saps the joy out of life.

Relationships may be going through a hard time, breaks and changes may be likely.

When Venus moves into virgo, too much head stuff takes us away from being in the heart – the domain of relationship and love. Love requires sacrifice, compromise and flexibility. In virgo, romance can become too organised, planned and regimented. It can become a chore, work takes over, or there can be a love of routine. Sometimes it can seem that the fun and spontaneity disappears. Logic takes over and flow is disrupted. Overall, venus finds it difficult to relax in virgo. True love is in the space of acceptance. Virgo struggles to relax, as it’s nature is to try and fix things!

Before we try and fix our relationship with others, it can be a good time to focus on how we relate to ourselves. We can always practice compassion to ourselves, for the shortcomings, mistakes and flaws that stand out. Relax a little more. Check out where you might be holding tension in the body, relax you jaw, open your mouth wide, stick your tongue out and stretch… drop your shoulders, roll them back… breathe !

“The longest journey is from the head to the heart”

Mercury will also be in virgo and will be travelling with Venus for most of the month.
Creatively, it is a great time for writers, and to nut out some solid creative plans and visions. It is also good to take on practical creative tasks that need planning and organisation. Much can be accomplished. The writing style may express a poetic touch. Whatever has been gestating over the year can now take some solid roots as the pathways are becoming more clear and the dust settles.

On the upside, venus is supported by its friend, mercury, although they will be at war for a couple of days. Venus in virgo works when you can look at your beloved as more important than you – in a way that honours your needs and boundaries too. To be of service to your beloved, not as a slave, but out of devotion and a connection to something greater than both of you.

Planning and organising is way to show love, to make sure everyone is included and that things are accounted for, and things happen. Just make sure that the controlling energy doesn’t sap the joy of being spontaneous and true to the moment- Allow enough flexibility to let things unfold naturally with time.

“Life is what happens when everyone else is busy making plans”

On the 18th, Saturn finally begins to make slow motion forward, and will break away from the tight grip of ketu which has dominated the astrological weather for most of the year – The sun will also move into virgo.

More soon , stay tuned x

I have been studying astrology for over a decade and vedic astrology for the past five years – if you would like a consultation to help clarify issues in your life feel free to get in touch, or make a booking through my website.
I also specialise in relationships astrology.

Much Love,
Darinka X

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