The Starry Times : Full Moon Aquarius – Purva Bhadrapada 14.9.19

Note: I use the sidereal calendar, which is based on the actual position of the planets against the starry backdrop. A zodiac sign = 30˚ (degrees). A constellation/nakshatra = 13˚20′ (13 degrees & 20 mins) Purva Bhadrapada is one of the 27 constellations that lie wihtin the zodiac. They are the secret keys to the stars.

Purva Bhadrapada is a conundrum, one that is connected to the dark heart of reality, yet one who aspires earnestly toward the light – sometimes caught somewhere in between the two, it can produce the best and worst of human beings.

This star has several symbols. One is two faces, the other is the end of a funeral cot. Its deity is Aja-Ekapada – the one footed goat. People under its influence often have two distinct aspects to their personality, it can also mean seeing two sides of an issue. The end of a funeral cot symbolises the ending of a way of life, and a journey to another place. The mortality of our physical self is highlighted here, as we start to move away from what is temporary to what is eternal – symbolised by the movement toward the final sign of pisces.

Aja – Ekapada is connected to Rudra – the fierce and crying form of Shiva. Goats are solitary, silent or unborn, in the personality there can be a struggle with feelings of inferiority or feeling unattractive, regardless of looks – especially in the Aquarius part there can be an unconscious wrestling with past karmic residue as the poisons and ugliness seek transformation.

Purva Bhadrapada spans the end of Aquarius, to the early part of pisces. It is the first part of the constellation of Pegasus – where we are learning to fly and trust the divine plan. It is strongly humanitarian in tone. This star is ruled by Jupiter. It is fierce and destructive, but as we know, in the ashes of destruction lie the seeds of creation. The shakti/power of this star is to raise a person spiritually.

This full moon is reflecting the solar vibration of Leo – where the sun is currently; how we use our power for the benefit of humanity.

Aquarius is a sign ruled by Saturn. Purva Bhadrapada is ruled by Jupiter. We are at the brink of a big change – for over 5 months Saturn has been retrograde and travelling in a super close conjunction with ketu, the south node of the moon – in the sign of Sagittarius, a sign also ruled by Jupiter. Meanwhile Jupiter has also been retrograde (now direct) in the sign of scorpio. Deep realisations, changes and hidden secrets have come to light. Personally however, many people have been faced with the consequences of their past actions, as well as past life situations that are in need of resolution.

Even situations that you thought were resolved, similar patterns have spiralled up for greater healing, compassion and transformation. Whatever is not dealt with at the root will come up in another form whether through illness, loss or some other issue. Jupiter is transiting the last part of Scorpio, dredging up all sorts of hidden things that have the opportunity to be embraced, honoured and purged.

This moon is highlights the need for humanity to raise its spiritual vibration and to come together as a human family, not as a human race – we are not competing against each other. The time of divide and conquer can lay to rest now, we are evolving into our divine selves. The endless cycle of problems on our planet are all human problems.

Essentially when we forget our spiritual roots and our divine heritage, our spirit and soul begin to wither away, like a tree with malnourished roots. Maybe it can be alive, but will it thrive and produce the best fruit it can? As the earth changes, we are being forced to reach higher and realise our greater purpose for our lives.

Saturn is teaching its final lessons of this season for now, the portal will close soon, so take the plunge and dive deep, sever the attachment to the traumas of the past and move forward. Saturn/Ketu invites you to let go and be humble. This full moon is illuminating the wisdom of letting go.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. The reason why the universe is eternal is that it does not live for itself; it gives life to others as it transforms.”

Lao Tzu

Happy full moon everyone and feel free to get in touch if you want to talk about/gain clarity about what is happening for you in your life at the moment and you feel like you need some clarity.
Remember to charge your crystals!

With Love,
Darinka X

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