The Starry Times : September Equinox, Sun in Virgo

Art by Amy Judd

Happy equinox everyone!

Here in the south we are in spring! Over in the north you are moving into autumn!

The Sun is in Virgo, no matter where you are!

Today the night and day will be almost the same length – around 12 hours each, but this of course largely depends on your geographic location. Equinox is when earth’s equator lines up with the centre of the sun, giving us equal days and nights on both hemispheres

The spring equinox for those in the southern hemisphere means that we will move toward summer solstice around Dec 21, the longest day of the year.

How does it feel ?
Ahh, that fresh sense of change – somewhere the autumn leaves are falling, in another place plants are springing to life, flowers blossom and a sweetness tinges the air. Maybe woodsmoke begins to scent the air, and a coolness begins, or maybe the cool nights have ended and you can take the top blanket off. The feeling of change is a welcome reminder of the cyclical order of life, not just seasonally, but on all levels.

The sun is now in virgo, along with venus and mercury.
It is officially Virgo season!

Who/what is Virgo?

Virgo is a moveable earth sign, and connects to Vishnu, the sustainer and preserver of the universe. Virgo is the 6th and halfway point of the zodiac.

She is the maiden, the virgin. She is clean, tidy, health conscious, routine and service oriented, organised, practical and hard working. She notices the missing parts which prevent seamless movement and perfection, she notices what is not working because deep down she is keeping the universe functioning. She improves, plans, structures and organises – she represents The Cosmic Order of Things.

Virgo can worry too much and this affects digestion, specifically the stomach and intestines – when things don’t go to plan, she can fret or become over controlling or critical, afraid that the entire loom of the universe is about to fall apart. While virgo is busy overseeing that everything is in its correct place and everyone is performing their job properly, she needs to remember to “let go and let god”. This is the magic of pisces, it’s opposite sign. Pisces facilitates flow; magic and infinite beauty to emerge from the depths of the cosmic ocean, allowing the hidden undercurrents to move through the core of its’ being – virgo has an inherent issue with the letting go – it’s too attached to the loom.

The lesson here is about TRUST and FAITH. (No, you don’t have to become a religious zealot) – Do your work with passion, dedication and Love – but LET GO of the outcome. Trust in the great mystery that pervades all things. Disentangle your thoughts and attachments to specifics and details. By all means see them, honour them, but don’t worry, nothing is in control!

You can plan everything to high heaven, but if it happens or not, it’s ultimately not up to you, so do your best, and let go. You can relax, knowing that even if the loom falls apart, there is a perfect plan unfolding; there are dormant seeds gestating, and a silent overtone which pervades all things. Trust yourself and trust the process of life; witness the unknown becoming known.

With all the intensity, breakdowns and breakthroughs, transformations, trials and tribulations that have occurred over this year , may this equinox be a warm reminder of the power of letting go – with the firm and unwavering faith in the inherent wisdom of Life – and the cyclical nature of birth, death & renewal.

Be well beautiful people of the world!
Much love,
Darinka x

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