The Starry Times: Virgo and the New Moon

Hey everyone, sorry I am a bit late with the new moon blog – have been so busy with massaging, consultations and also renovating my campervan for summer!

I also like to tune into the vibes and feel what is the energy rather than make intellectual predictions.

So we are in the peak of virgo season, the virgo new moon which was yesterday was deep, introspective, rich, wholesome and emotional. Virgo’s essence has to do with purity, cleanliness, orderliness, service, health and healing – I don’t know about you, but I am feeling strong support in my planning and organising (am usually scattered and have a hard time prioritising my activities and plans) – Except for the delay in this post !

The new moon is always a good time to withdraw/detach a little from the world and go in, reflect upon, and integrate the month’s experiences. It is a good time for completion and letting go, not the best time to start new things. To start things, it’s better to wait till the moon moves away from the deep dark and begins to wax, i.e now 🙂

The moon was in its peak darkness in the nakshatra (star) of Hasta, right in the middle of virgo. Hasta means ‘hand’ and is ruled by the moon itself, so the new moon would have felt more heavy and earthy. Hasta is a practical and creative sign, known for being handy, creative, emotional, sometimes manipulative and fickle and nurturing.

The moon/mercury undercurrent invites us to pay attention to what we pay attention to. Is the mind just wandering around entertaining any thought and emotion that crosses the mental landscape, or are you able to harness the mind and direct it’s focus? Are you really depressed or did you just let your thoughts run undisciplined for a little while and then it ruined your day?
There is so much to say about mindset – it really is about how we choose to direct our mind energy – this is where our power is.

I think many people have been letting go of things/ideas/people/personalities in one way or another at this time, and with the focus in virgo at the moment, the inner desire for purity and healing is being stimulated, as we shed what is no longer right for us. The Saturn/Ketu conjunction is still affecting us and while many situations have untangled themselves, now we are working out how all the restructuring is going to take tangible form in our lives. As well Pluto is in Sagittarius, working deeply on the collective psyche, dredging up karmic traces and residues of our ancestors, recalibrating what and how we express our faith in the formless, and exploring the relationship between the creator and what is created.

Mercury has just moved into libra and forms what is called ‘parivartana yoga’ (for afew days) – with venus: Venus is in mercury’s sign and mercury is in venus’s sign. So this creates a Yoga – a union between the two planetary energies. Mercury and venus are friendly toward eachother however venus is troubled in virgo as its universalising and compassionate energies conflict with the intellectual/sometimes critical vibration of virgo, which is by essence more analytical and rational. However this exchange further enhances creative writing and any kind of creative/artistic pursuits – there is always a link between artists who struggle in their personal relationships, and the art they produce – relationships, or a lack of, is often excellent fodder for art!

On the 4th of October Venus will move into her own sign of Libra, where she is much happier and can finally relax after all the stress over the last few months. Libra and Taurus can breathe some relief too! Relationships will feel more supported and issues resolve, moving into a new place.

It is also currently Navaratrai – A Vedic celebration/worship of the goddess – the nine nights of the goddess is celebrated twice a year. She manifests in different forms of Durga; Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali. Personally I am still learning and feeling into the energies, so will take time to digest and share my own experiences.

However during the nine days, I like to light a candle in the morning and night, place flowers on my altar, offer fruit, burn incense and chant/recite mantras, such as the Gayatri mantra, and mantras honouring the goddess – Separately, I also like to honour and thank the body, which is a gift from the mother earth. I dry brush my skin, and massage the body with raw sesame oil with essential oils and practice gratitude for the abundance and beauty that is in my life.

These things we can do any day, to bring the simple yet sacred into our lives.

I like to think of Navaratri as a time when the forces of Shakti are stronger, and we can connect and tune into them on a subtle level. It brings peace of mind and an attunement to the subtle cosmic vibrations which are all around us. Most important especially in our modern, busy world.
I suggest following Yogini Shambhavi on FB for detailed writing and info on these 9 nights :
You can also find more info here :

Much love to you all, and stay tuned/follow for the next blog on full moon in a couple of weeks – Libra Season is coming up!

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Love, Darinka

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