The Starry Times – Jupiter Gandanta – Jyestha Devi

Jupiter in Scorpio – Jyestha Nakshatra – Gandanta

Jupiter is now traversing deeply spiritual waters of the zodiac. The junction between scorpio and sagg stirs up deep psychological mirrors; situation that we may rather avoid, however with Jupiter there, the great benefic, we have the opportunity to truly explore and gather new resources / fine tune existing ones to heal, move, grow, evolve and ascend through limitations.

Those who were born in 1987 may be having a particularly transformative year as Saturn was located in this part of the zodiac and especially now as Jupiter is making its final sojourn through the final part of scorpio, for at least another 12 years.

Jupiter is acting as a liberator, exposing those who are willing, to radical psychological transformation and deep healing of karmic blocks.

These transformations apply to all, and in different forms depending on where scorpio lies in your chart. Even if there are no planets in a house, that area of life is being affected, so wherever you feel that push, tug and pull, lean into it and explore what can be unravelled. Jupiter is always offering an expansive and higher perspective, where ever he is. Jupiter is Guru, the benefactor, the mentor, the guide. We all have this voice internally. Listen.

The last 13 degrees of scorpio is a constellation known as Jyestha. This star is ruled by mercury, in a sign ruled by mars.
The mercury/mars combination means the intellect can be used as a weapon, mostly to oneself, and also to others. It is a sharp and incisive energy which has the potential to see into the dark heart of reality. It is a powerful energy which needs plenty of compassion and wisdom to balance.

Traditionally in India, Jyestha Devi was sometimes seen as Alaxmi, goddess of bad luck – but we have to look deeper than this surface image and interpretation.

What causes “bad luck” ? While there is a certain amount of the unknown that we live with, destiny, or fate if you like, most of the time we create our own “bad luck” – The results of our own actions that we have to contend with.

Scorpio can be notoriously self destructive and vindictive, when operating through its lower dimensions, and this part of the zodiac is where the poisonous sting resides. It is also the area that holds deep wisdom and the essence of “elder” – Jyestha is seen as the eldest of the 27 sisters.

The trick with Jyestha is to count your blessings and practice gratitude, as the tendency is to focus too much on negative things; losing perspective. Be aware of the dangers of chronic complaining and moaning, mis management of the intellect and a lack of appreciation/gratitude for the inherent goodness in the world (and in our lives), despite the issues we face collectively.

This is what often attracts / generates bad luck, rather than being born with an “unlucky” gene. It comes back down to mindset.

My teacher Komilla says – “Jyestha needs to be careful not to become architects of their own misfortune”

Jupiter will be stirring things up until he moves into his own sign of Sagittarius in November. As Jupiter traverses the deepest part of scorpio, expect some inner churning, especially if you have planets placed in those degrees. This junction of water/fire , in between scorpio and sagg is the most potent and intense gandanta (spiritual knot) of the zodiac. The other two are pisces/aries, and cancer/leo.

There are always opportunities for evolution and growth – when we embrace the cyclical nature of things and the impermanence of life, transformation is not such a wild card. Otherwise life is perceived as chaos.

Once upon a time, when I was 13, I was about to leave home – I received some wise words which said : “You can choose to let your experiences crush you or strengthen you – life can be wonderful and I hope you discover that soon”

Well, I have found this to be so very true, and I wish the same for you x

In this article, I just focused on Jupiter today, there is a lot more happening, and lots of supportive, strong and creative energies too so stay tuned for more inspo and info!

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Love Darinka X

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