The Starry Times – Full Moon Pisces – Revati

Happy Full Moon day –
Pisces sign, Revati nakshatra – 16’40 – 30’00 mins.
The threshold of new beginnings.

This full moon is interesting, as the moon is crossing from pisces to aries, in the sensitive junction from water to fire which always creates some kind of churning, particularly on the emotional level. So this full moon is a blend of Revati/Ashwini, however the exact opposition occurs in Revati.

What are you willing to shed and let go of, what are you willing to consider and look at from a fresh perspective? How can things be done differently? There are no limits, so be free – the nature of life is limitless, even though with live with perceived limitations, these are rooted in subjective perception. Perception does not equal truth, only a part of it.

Revati is that threshold of the unconscious about to be born into the world. It is still in the dream world, in the womb, floating in a sea of pure potential, unlimited and unbounded. Ashwini manifests the Aries impulse in its purity, the spring of inspired energy seeking to expand and explore.

Revati is ruled by mercury, the intellectual aspect of the mind, in the sign of pisces, ruled by jupiter, the philosophical, wise and intuitive aspect of our mind.
Jupiter is the overtone energy for revati, mercury is the subtle undercurrent. The pisces /revati dilemma is often caught between the potential of something verses the reality of it. The conflict here is about reason/intuition, faith/fear, control/curiosity.

The moon will not be full in this particular star until 20th Jan 2021. Thats a long time!
What can we learn from this full moon?

In order to understand pisces we also need to understand its opposite which is virgo, ruled by mercury. Virgo likes to analyse and bring things to a coherent and orderly system, pisces is often scattered and diffuse. Virgo can be reluctant to trust because it feels if it lets go, everything will fall apart..

Pisces understands that it is the spirit that moves through things that ultimately has the final say.

Virgo can get overwhelmed with details, fastidiously correcting grammatical errors, pisces prefers to let go and connect to the essence of things, but can sometimes become overwhelmed with potential and possibility. One struggles with too many self imposed limitations, and the other struggles with not enough distinction between itself and the other.
Virgo is a wonderful vibration which keeps things organised and running efficiently, it just needs to be aware of the tendency to get stuck on details, just as pisces can get too lost in everything else and lose its sense of self.

This full moon may be highlighting these inherent internal struggles between faith and fear, trust vs control, holding on and letting go. With sun and mars in virgo, opposing full moon in pisces, we are invited to see where we focus too much on trivialities and miss the expansive beauty of the collective whole, where we miss the forest for the trees, where we get stuck trying to get control on all things in our lives, ultimately, in an attempt to feel secure.

Sadhguru points out that the only truly secure place is our grave, and the desire for security is an unconscious movement toward death; the only certain thing in life.
To be insecure is to be alive, to embrace the unknown in each moment, in every situation, in every person that comes into your life with the open, curious, non judgemental and ever youthful attitude of mercury.

By connecting to things with curiosity instead of control, we can tap into the higher octave of mercury – the higher aspect of our intelligence which is profoundly inquisitive and intuitive by nature, open to all things without evaluating and judging.

These themes operate on all levels, subtle as well as gross, in the mind and emotions and thoughts, which in turn affect the way we operate and take action in the world. Being aware of these forces within us, helps us to notice how we play out these patterns in our relationships with others.

With venus and mercury currently in libra, sign of relationships par excellence, take this opportunity to see where a critical and fault finding nature has been ruining the ability to become emotionally close to your beloveds. Are you focussing on trivialities and petty things? How about just not even needing to go into it because you can see the big picture.

Or if you are an artist, or creator, are you being too hard on yourself and your work in this way, have too high standards, being a bit of a perfectionist?

Sometimes when I get caught up in small minded things, I ask myself (when I remember) : Is what I want to say going to enhance the beauty of this moment and improve on this moment, or am I just stirring shit? Do I really need to say “xyz” – or is it likely to cause a conflict? “Am I projecting an unmet need here – how can I communicate in an inclusive and loving way – making it about me, not them ?” – Sometimes it is hard to know how people are going to react to what you share, but being considerate and speaking from your reality and truth, without projecting can go a long way.

This of course starts with our own internal dialogue and narrative.

“All problems are interpersonal relationship problems” – The courage to be disliked

What is the story we tell ourselves and does it ultimately serve our highest self?
Allow mercury to play with you, and encourage seeing and accepting things from multiple perspectives – There are no limits, so be free!

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With Love,
Darinka x

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