The Starry Times – Libra Season, New Moon & The Dance of Venus

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Hey Everyone,
We are well into libra season! Many planets are going through transitions and changes right now, and you may be feeling yourself pulled, pushed, perhaps some ill health, or new opportunities, or being faced with letting things go… changes are afoot!

New Moon in Libra – Swati Nakshatra

New moons are times for introspection, meditation, slow ritual and deep dreaming. Not the best time to start something, wait a couple of days …. This new moon in libra is highlights our relationships and needs. The moon falls in the middle of Libra, in a star called Swati. This star is about the independence and freedom that we desire, and the desire security in relationships.

Swati is in libra ruled by venus, but is a star ruled by the ambitious rahu – the north node of the moon.

Swati is also connected to wealth – largely though the ambitions of rahu and the desire for pleasure through venus – This part of libra desires a good and comfortable life with a good serving of Luxe.

The Venus/Rahu overtone and undercurrent promotes desire, ambition, restlessness and procrastination (one of swati’s biggest flaws) – The deity associated with swati is Vayu – the god of wind/breath/spirit/oxygen – The deep key here is the power of breath control and the yogic technology of pranayama.

The shakti, or power of of swati is to scatter away things – including negativity. Scattering can be useful to discard what is not necessary, but it can also indicate a scattering of thoughts and ideas, finding it difficult to stay on one thing, without always changing, or never making a decision because it can see all possible angles and feels overwhelmed with choices!

Have you found it difficult to focus or concentrate today?

Sun in Libra till 17th/11

Am I balanced or am I striving for balance?
This is the question.

We are halfway through the solar cycle, which begins with Aries. Now we are directly opposite. The sun is said to be at its ‘weakest’ in Libra. Does this mean all those who are born with their sun in libra constellation are weak individuals?

No – just like not all those who have sun in Aries are particularly stronger –

The major theme of the aries/libra axis is self and other; how can I balance my own needs (aries) with the needs of others? (libra)

People with a lot of aries / mars type energy in their chart may not consider other peoples needs/ feelings when taking action – the sun in aries can, at times exemplify egoistic drives and selfish motivation. On the other hand, libra can forget about itself and lose its identity (aries) by being too busy trying to meet everyone’s needs, making sure there is harmony between people … Hence the question am I balanced or am I striving for balance?

Libra can often feel that its sense of self is sliding around, like a see-saw, trying to get things ‘just right’ – trying to make everyone happy, trying to get the work/life balance, trying to …trying to …

With libran energy, the self/ego/I is not so dominant, the venusian pleasure principle is strong, there is a love of diplomacy, congeniality, compromise, smoothing rough edges and generally being a good host who will be attentive to your needs and will (try) to meet them.

This is why many librans end up staying in difficult relationships – they are often the ones making the sacrifices, the compromises, pushing the self away for the sake of relationship.

Because the ego doesn’t feel the need to assert itself so strongly in libra, it can also allow for spirituality to flourish. Humility is key and compassionate compromise is key to this lesson. Saturn reaches maximum strength here and this shows us that through healthy and loving compromise in relationships, but primarily in our relationship to ourself and to life, we can manage to keep the balance and the peace – most of the time, allowing for a deeper connection to life to unfold.

Aries is more likely to lose patience and will be reluctant to compromise if it means compromising Itself – Aries tends to be more selfish in its approach, following a more direct(mars) approach.
Libra is ruled by venus; it aims to please, to create beauty and to avoid conflict.

There is a profound strength in the ability to compromise and put oneself second, just as being able to assert oneself and have clear and healthy boundaries is also essential – It needs to be balanced –

The key is how you deal with, and manage these forces within yourself, as my teacher Komilla Sutton always says.

This last month venus has been happy in her own sign, promoting understanding, compromise, conflict resolutions and perhaps new business connections. The Art of Negotiation may very well be perfected under the venus/libra combination – it likes to weigh up things of value, the true meaning of the scales. Libra tends to see all sides of an issue and then ponder on the fence – Evolved librans can make a fair decision and not fall into the trap of procrastination.

Venus moves into Scorpio 28/10

As venus moves signs, relationships and desires move. Venus is now transitioning to scorpio, and as the planet that rules Libra, venus’s movements will reflect and express the libran energy through the changing hues and tones of the zodiac, bringing out all qualities.

Venus connects us to our tastes, how and what we love, value and appreciate. We are also connected to art, creativity, the creative process, sexuality, procreation and the vital fluids in our body, through venus. Venus is the karaka (significator) of spouse and relationships, and the female/feminine side of life.

With venus in scorpio, we can expect stronger desires, perhaps new, yet intense relationships, or some greater intensity in existing relationships; changes are afoot … Venus amplifies the desires of scorpio, so there could be an interest in sex, drugs, rock and roll, if that is what you are inclined towards, or you could find yourself drawn to the higher vibrations of scorpio which include yogic, tantric and powerful somatic based techniques and technologies designed to transform and awaken the inner being.

Scorpio is a sign which is on the threshold, struggling with its material attachments on one hand, yet aspiring for spiritual truths on the other. This is indicated by the dual rulership of mars/ketu. Essentially, scorpio’s themes revolve around that of letting go – consciously letting go and detaching from what is no longer serving means we are using our awareness to facilitate necessary change – otherwise change is perceived as chaos.

With Jupiter dancing through the end and most challenging part of scorpio, and mercury set to retrograde in a few days, expect some upheavals, changes and turbulence while the waters get a little choppy – Also, whenever planets go through Jyestha, particularly the gandanta point– expect big rain and lots of water!

Please see my previous post on Jupiter in scorpio/ gandanta here :

So folks, this is my take on the libran/venusian vibration and tonight’s new moon – hope you enjoyed the read, please stay tuned as I’m writing about Mercury retrograde which starts at the end of the week plus other news too.

Please get in touch if you would like a reading to clarify issues in your life or if you have always been curious about your chart!

I would love to hear from you, feedback, questions and comments below!
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Love Darinka x

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