Mars in Capricorn

Hey Cosmic Travellers…

Today Mars has moved into his exaltation sign of Capricorn and is conjunct Pluto @ 0°25′. Mars stays in this sign until 5th of May. On the 30th, 31st of March and 1st of April, Mars conjoins Saturn, and Jupiter joins the scene

In Sydney, stage 1 lockdown has been implemented. Its affecting every aspect of life, as things grind to a halt. The roads are quiet, the beaches empty, and there is a cool change in the air as autumn slowly arrives, there is an austerity that permeates the air – This is the nature and flavour of Saturn in Capricorn.

The Mars and Pluto conjunction today is likely to create power struggles, certainly we are beginning to see the kind of powers the governments have over us … Today is a wake up call.

Generally, Mars in Capricorn is a positive and strong transit particularly for Aries and Scorpio rising and moon sign people. Mars is strong and will give a boost and focus to ones projects and plans – moving away from the dream of Sag, toward a firm, concrete and (albeit) harsher reality. There is no messing about.

On March 30th, 31st, Mars will conjunct Saturn, possibly creating more delays, frustrations or obstacles. It is likely tighter control may occur. As the virus spreads and the fear factor around it increases globally, governments are tightening their control. It is best to use this energy to slow down for the moment and take stock of what you are doing rather than push. If something isn’t flowing, let it be. This isn’t a time to force anything. We have to sit this out.

The higher element of the current energy is inviting us to sink deeper into the truth of our beings. In his highest expression, Mars is the spiritual warrior, promoting courage, bravery, steadfastness, devotion and loyalty. He is the Yogi, the one who has the courage and patience to sit with oneself. Capricorn gives discipline and austerity, not for punishment, but to focus and channel energy into single pointed concentration – a fundamental pre-requisite on the spiritual path.

Also on the 30th of March, Jupiter dips into Capricorn – which is his sign of debilitation. Markets may have yet another shake up on these days, relationships as well, – adding to the current volatility.

Jupiter will move up to 3 degrees of Capricorn before turning retrograde on the 15th of May.

Jupiter in Capricorn tries to materialise his spirituality – spiritual materialism is common when Jupiter is in Earth signs – while not inherently negative, one needs to be sure the content is accurate, sincere and effective, rather than just for the sake of selling spiritual concepts. What we are seeing in the world is money making from selling spirituality. Again – this isn’t inherently ‘bad’ – what tends to be forgotten, or ignored, is that we are living in a sea of consciousness (energy) and isolating ourselves from higher dimensions of life is the root cause of many of humanity’s issues.

Human hearts are in the right place – it is our minds that have been hijacked.
Rather than sink deeper into the material plane, and into the depths of our minds and the looping fear thoughts, we need to look higher, beyond concepts of religion, and into the very nature of our beings, our spirits and the core of who we are. Mars is the spiritual warrior – have the courage to look deeper and use the isolation and austerity to sit with yourself, meditate, be still, listen and inquire.

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