New Moon Pisces – The Serpent of the Sea

When you cannot control what is happening outside, turn your gaze inside. These trying times are a powerful reminder for humanity to connect to their source of Power –

In Huna, Hawaiian philosophy, this is MANAAll power comes from within.

These times call for deep reservoirs of strength – how to cultivate resilience in difficult times? What can we hold onto when things that are familiar fall away?

Today is new moon dreaming, the Sun and Moon join – in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac – the cosmic waters, the womb the moment before birth – the sea of infinite potentiality and the womb of creation.

We have no light in the night sky and yet, the stars are scattered; fragments of our stellar heritage shine – In many ways we can marvel at the magnificence of creation, for no matter how advanced science can become, It can never overcome the intelligence and majesty of nature Herself.

Creation and what is created existed long before time began, spanning dimensions beyond our comprehension.

The Zodiac contains symbols, mostly of animals. Humans are connected to all creatures. There is a goanna dance, the kachina dance, a dance of the snake, the platypus; many creatures we can imitate. We can call on their energy, power and medicine, and connect to their strengths.

But what makes us humans different?
How have we evolved to master our physical environment?

Perhaps it might be worthwhile to consider that we are not to physically evolve anymore – but the learn to use our intelligence in greater ways – not to dominate and control nature, but to refine the very nature of our beings, to evolve beyond the limitations of animalistic instincts and to discover what is innately divine, not just within our own beings, but across the very fabric of reality. Our soul stories are intimately connected to the Zodiac and the movements of the planetary bodies through Space & Time.

This is the highest science, one of pure observation and direct experience.
This can be a beautiful time, if you let it…
let it in…

Breathe deeply… is that air you are breathing? Explore Prana. Follow your breath up your spine. Pause, follow the breath down the spine.. feel the breath on your upper lip, follow your eye movements, your eye lids twitching.. watch the thoughts that arise spontaneously, who is the I that thinks?

Is it hard?
Maybe … but you can challenge yourself.
Stillness … We all need to Stop.
To Rest.
Before continuing on the journey.

This new moon is in the early part of Pisces. The Star is Uttara bhadrapada
The deity is Ahir Budanya – Serpent of the deep ocean. The Shakti(power) is the bringing of the Cosmic Rain – (varshodyamana shakti)

This star has a connection to feet, and to travelling, to isolation and inner work. It is a lucky star; this dimension of pisces has a nourishing and nurturing energy. The serpent energy allows for movement and exploration into other dimensions. Often rains come during transits through this part of the zodiac … is it raining or overcast where you are? It is this week in Sydney. Let the salty waters clear your eyes too. Process and change is inevitable for growth.

This new moon, practice acceptance. Accept the cleansing process, accept the stillness, accept isolation, to sit still, really know that you are not alone – that the magnitude of your being is so very vast, you are an entire universe, you have an entire cosmology dancing in your cells! You are stardust, you are made from the same stuff as the rest of all creation. Every atom is connected to every other atom! There is no separation!

Every death is another birth, creation ebbs and flows, people are born, people die, civilisations rise and fall, there is a greater tapestry, a magic that exists. In this deep stillness we have a profound invitation to realise our deeper purpose in the infinte loom of creation.

Be humble, for you are made of the earth,
Be noble, for you are made of the stars.

With love,
Darinka x

Sessions, consultations avail via skype – please contact me for bookings if you are seeking guidance or clarity in your life during these challenging times. +61 (0)404 446 124

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