Full Moon in Virgo – Chitra. The Creative Jewel

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Today the Full Moon falls at 25 degrees of Virgo, in the lunar mansion of Chitra. (Grab your star app and see for yourself!) I use the hindu/sidereal calendar which is different from the western calendar by around 24 degrees. The hindu system is the same as western, however with far greater accuracy, intricacy, depth and knowledge. It uses the solar and lunar zodiac, dividing space into multi -facets to divine insight and wisdom.

A zodiac sign is constellation, a cluster of stars occupying 30° of the sky. It is called ‘rashi’ in sanskrit.

A nakshatra is a smaller group of stars, an asterism, also known as a lunar mansion. It is a smaller portion of the sky occupying 13°20′. The moon travels this distance in one day. There are 27 of them. The moon makes a full cycle in 27 (and a bit) days. The nakshatras are the secret keys to the zodiac. More on this later.

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Virgo is a zodiac sign ruled by analytical Mercury, Chitra is ruled by action oriented Mars. Chitra spans the end of Virgo and the early part of Libra. Tvashtar, the ruling deity of Chitra, (equivalent to Vulcan in roman mythology), is the divine architect, artist, handyman, builder and first creator of the universe. His name translates to the heavenly builder and maker of divine implements. He is known to have crafted weapons for the gods, such as Indra’s thunderbolt or mace.

The motivation of this star is Kama which is one’s desires and material needs and the yoni, or animal, is the female tiger – strength, passion and energy. Chitra is a powerful star connected to all things creative, bold, bright, beauty and artistic.

Mercury has just entered Pisces, sitting at almost 2 degrees, Mars (who governs Chitra) is currently strong in Capricorn, at around 11 degrees, having just left the frustrating grip of Saturn.

Mercury’s shift into its debilitation sign means creative thinking hats are raining! Its a good time for poetry, visionary ideas, dreaming, singing, making and building… Mercury can create trouble due to its rulership over media, communications and technology. The more linear minded may find words become muddled, as logic does not like chaos, yet, virgo and pisces are a polarity; out of chaos comes order, too much order leads chaos. This can never be avoided really, as this is the cycles of life. The middle way is to approach life as a conscious creative process – and enjoy yourself in the meantime.

Mars’s rulership gives courage, drive, energy and action to create and manifest in the world. There can be a fecundity of ideas and inspiration. Mercury’s overtone rulership and connection to Bhutas, the earth element meaning creativity can be directed and focussed toward practical and tangible outcomes. Mars’ highest quality is in the spirit of devotion and service to all – what skills/talents do you have that can be of benefit to someone? It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Small, simple things are just as effective.

This particular full moon is called a super moon due to its closer proximity to the earth. It means all that the moon represents will feel stronger and more in your face. Usually sensitive and emotional people feels the effects more than other.

The moon affects all waters on the earth. Physiologically, the moon governs the flow of fluids in our own body, causing an upward pull toward to brain. The word lunatic means moonstruck madness, comes from the latin word for moon : “luna”.

However, we need not be hapless victims of circumstance, our minds can become our friend.

Usually, stressful transits show to us where the weaker links are, and with enough resolution and courage, we can attend to them. People react to stress in many different ways, the key is to understand what your basic instincts are, and to strive to obtain mastery over them, for it is in times of crisis where chaos can reign strongly, and we all have the potential to become masters of our minds.

The word “Man” – comes from the sanskrit word for mind : “Manas” (Man does not mean the male body) – Humans have the ability to think and reason, and have a much more complex emotional system than other animals. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2015/07/150714-animal-dog-thinking-feelings-brain-science/
Our capacity to self reflect is what separates us on the evolutionary path, a function and ability which when refined, leads to self realisation; consciousness experiencing itself.

A profound intelligence exists in the universe, it is called many names and yet it is beyond form, name or definition All that is, all that has been created is truly incredible, when we really look at all that is around us. Take this coronavirus – it is astonishing how matter can re arrange itself to create its form, adapt, mutate and evolve, how a small thing can have such huge effects.

While science tries to keep up, there will always be fresh changes and adaptations in the material world – such is the nature of nature, the nature of divine intelligence and consciousness, Shiva and Shakti, Purusha and Prakriri, in an endless dance of opposition and harmony, creation, maintenance and destruction.

The key here is that as humans we have the ability to manipulate the material world in wonderful and not so wonderful ways, we are free to choose what we will, however, we are not free of the consequences of those choices. In Hawaii, there are 7 key principles to living life effectively and harmoniously.

The first one is IKE – I am Aware.

Your perception and your quality of awareness gives you the ability to create, being aware of yourself on all levels – most importantly your feelings and your emotions, and specifically the thought forms behind them. Being aware of the subtlety and nuances within your being allows you to have greater self mastery and a more refined creative process.

So during this moon, tune into the cosmic architect, the one who has many names and is beyond name, concept and construct. Every human being is a Creator, just look at the construction and building that occurs around the world, think of the first cubby house you built as a child.

To Create is an innate function of our beings.

Take time to really look into a flower, look into everything that exists in the material world, and instead of thinking how it all happened, and getting into the mind about it, just appreciate it’s intricacy, it’s inherent beauty, intelligence, space and magnitude of existence.

Now look at yourself in that way.

That You Are is an incredible thing, and no one can take that away from you.

Isolation can be a beautiful thing, if you allow it. You only need faith in yourself, as you are the cosmos in action, divinity manifested, that you are! You are awake, conscious, breathing, you have awareness, thoughts, emotions, reason, feeling, and so much more. You do not need to know why, only to deepen your awareness to what is. In that deepening, realisations arise, where questions and answers fall away, then there is just knowing.

Namaste 🙏
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