Mars Retrograde, New Moon & The Cosmic Soup

Wow, Where to start!

This year keeps unfolding with bigger curve balls than we could have ever imagined. On all levels. What began in January with the bushfires in Australia, is mirrored across the pacific ocean now in California, with orange skies and blazing wildfires… Tensions are rising across all manner of political fields, BLM and of course the ongoing situation with Covid. 

Since Saturn entered Capricorn earlier this year and met with Pluto – A ‘New World Order’ has been unfolding. Our world is being fundamentally restructured, internally as well as externally – And we have no choice but to surrender to the process. The more we turn our face toward the light, regardless of our circumstances, the greater shadow falls behind us, and becomes manageable. Keep on keeping on, the only constant is Change.

September is a month of fresh and positive changes.

  • 9th : Mars retrograde for 2 months
  • 13th : Jupiter direct (1 year cycle)
  • 17th : New moon Virgo/Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra
  • 24th : Rahu/Ketu change signs to Taurus/Scorpio (1.5 yr cycle)
  • 29th : Saturn direct (2.5 yr cycle)

Saggitarius people have been through huuuge changes and developments over the last couple of years! Saturn has just spent the last 2.5 years there, Jupiter has been happy on home turf for the last year, and Ketu has been transiting Sag for the last year and half. 

Everything related to our visions, beliefs, values, spiritual and religious attitudes, gurus, teachers, faith and sense of optimism has been tested, brought up, thrown around, questioned and re assessed. What have the lessons been for you over these cycles? I’d love to hear!

Expect your plans, projects, ideas and visions to begin moving forward again, as Jupiter’s direct motion brings much relief to plans and situations which have been on hold or sluggish since May. Now is a good time to review the last 5 months and see where you may have been living from limitations, old beliefs, and thoughts, or perhaps you may be too fundamentalist and self righteous in your views and opinions? What ways of thinking have limited your growth? Is this an opportunity to review your approach to the way you have been doing things?

Rahu and Ketu are in the final stages of their 1.5 year Gemini/Sagg transit, With Ketu, planet of separation, spirituality and moksha transiting through deep gandanta. Mula means a bunch of roots tied together, it is located at the galactic centre and is known to be one of the most potent, spiritually invigorating yet destructive nakshatras.

The ruling deity is Nirriti, a fiercer form of Kali – We must allow what is not in our absolute highest good, to be burned away. Old structures can no longer be sustained. Old patterns from the past cannot continue!
Ketu moves to Scorpio (the lunar nodes always travel retrograde) on the 23rd of Sept. It will still be in deep gandanta until the 14th of October. Ketu in Scorpio facilitates deep transformations … more in the coming Rahu/Ketu post.

Mars is currently strong at 3° Aries and has just moved retrograde on the 9th, for the next 2 months. During it’s retrograde, Mars will move across the potent Gandanta region 2 more times.

Key Dates for Mars:

4th Oct – 2nd gandanta : Mars retrogrades to Pisces
3rd Nov – Mars stations @ 21 degrees Pisces : Watch out for sparks flying during this time, and especially take care on the roads. 
16th Nov – Mars moves direct – Relief, energy begins to return, plans move forward.
20th Dec – 3rd gandanta : Mars moves into Aries. Rebirth of martian energy on Dec 25. 

Mars will then stay direct in Aries until 22nd Feb!

Gandanta is the sensitive point and junction between fire/water signs, showing a struggle the soul has to go through for its development. These sensitive degrees show unresolved karmas that are difficult to ignore, and must be experienced. How we deal with it, determines a large part of our destiny.

Mars enters deep gandanta from the 30th of September – 8th of October – The deep gandanta time can seem more stressful, emotional and challenging – all of which highlights the need to be grounded in our practice and keeping grounded with self care. It is also potent to dive deeply into our core stuff and weed out old roots. Mars is, ultimately the planet relating to our courage – You have the strength, just believe it!

Mars moving through Ashwini and Revati Nakshatras, signify great changes and transitions, as Pisces and Aries are the junction of the dream and the manifested, the unseen and seen worlds, the waters (pisces) that are about to break into new life (aries). 

Themes of beginnings and endings, with the undercurrent of healing – Mars is about our energy. How and where do we get our energy from? Deep healing and change happens when we interrupt certain patterns, modes of being, beliefs and ideas, surrendering into uncertainty, insecurity and into true freedom.

“By consciously seeking security, you are unconsciously seeking death. The only totally secure place is the grave”

Retrograde Mars in Ashwini & Revati brings up specific situations so we can raise our awareness to how we choose to use our vital energies. This can be a healing and purificatory process if we allow it.

What are our boundaries? Mars is anger, we tend to get angry when our boundaries seem to be violated, however if we haven’t made that clear to others, or if we are unclear within ourself, then this can cause problems. 

Perhaps we have not been using our energy effectively or wisely, perhaps we are too aggressive, forceful and selfish. Or maybe recently we have subjugated or given our power to another person/place/thing in some way. Whatever the situation, Mars retrograde calls for an overhaul on our personal integrity. Jupiter direct in Sagg is casting a favourable trine to Mars and Sun , highlighting the Dharma triangle – Seek the highest and best always, following dharma, means following the laws of Nature and the Universe.

It is however, also a very firey and heated time – use it to incinerate your limitations, instead of igniting a war. Ashwini is ruled by Ketu, the south node of the moon – This is a great time for inspired leadership. 

Mars moves back to Pisces/Revati, which is ruled by Mercury. This promotes a more rational and analytical side to mystical Pisces. However, Mars influenced by Mercury can use words as weapons, and express anger passive aggressively. A shadow of Pisces is to give and give and give, overcommitting oneself, due to guilt or shame around expressing one’s own needs and boundaries. 

This creates arguments and unspoken resentments!! Stay calm, become aware of your boundaries and practice healthy self- assertion. You can solve many issues and prevent many from occurring.

Mars retrograde affects mars ruled signs Scorpio and Aries ascendant and moon most strongly, as mars is ruling their chart … – For Aries, Mars retrogrades in their first house and then into pisces, in their 12th house of loss, this is indicating that Aries people are likely to feel increased energy and vitality, but also frustration as their energy may feel thwarted, tired and there may be more obstacles to overcome until we see a breakthrough toward the end of the year. Aries people are impatient and impulsive by nature, so take care with words, action and speech! 

One’s sex drive may also feel low or non-existent as life presents other priorities to be dealt with. It is best not to push your agenda too hard, take things slowly. Slowing down makes for more precise work.

Scorpio will have mars retrograding in their 6th house, and then 5th house. Mars in the house of conflict, work and service can make you re-think how you are living your routine, there could be tensions in the work place, opposition and or increased perception of obstacles, yet also ability to overcome this. Mars in the 5th can inspires creativity and creative self expression. The 5th house is also the house of children and intelligence and romance, you may find more interest/activity/focus in these areas. Allow yourself to be drawn to what you truly love, it will not lead you astray.

Remember, Mars is the planet of action, this is the time to focus your energy on what is truly important, working hard will pay off later in the year, but also take time for rest in between projects and daily tasks. Slow down, manage your time, surrender to the process and your time will be much easier!!

New Moon Virgo/Uttara Phalguni 17th/9

Uttara Phalguni is a star the spans Leo and Virgo. Uttara Phalguni is ruled by the Sun and the deity is Aryaman, meaning “The bright sun light behind God” 
Mercury is also part of this new moon lunar cycle.

This is a wonderful vibration to carry this month, as the Sun/Moon/Mercury/Virgo energy here promotes healing, especially in relationships and friendships, supporting good ideas and good thinking, health, service, friendship, helpfulness and good deeds. 

This new moon brings much relief, occurring in the very early degrees of Virgo. When planets are sitting at these sensitive junctions, having just left a sign and entering another sign, it is called Sandhi – a place in between, or out of bounds. You may feel like that internally, or some situations are not happening as you might like. Never mind, It will pas swiftly, so allow internal processing and reflection during this dark moon, do your tasks, and remember to be mindfully gentle with yourself. Call a time out if you need it. Be friendly to yourself! This moon allows us to gently let go of what is not longer serving us, and to move toward what is supportive and nourishing.

Take time to think about the blessings in your life – there are so many. This star is also called “The star of Patronage” – This lunar cycle, find ways to give back to society, your family, your ancestors, mother earth – we have so much to be thankful for!

Thanks for reading, be safe, and most importantly stay calm!

Regular practice of Yoga, Meditation, Mantra and Pranayama is one of the simplest remedies to manage our inner energy, so that we are not so perturbed by external forces. Check out my good friend @iamcristinaarango and her partner @mark.breadner on instagram for excellent teachings and practices.

Keep discovering yourself! – Book in for a consultation to explore what is happening specifically for you and gain some deeper insight into your current trajectory :

Love Darinka x

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