Rahu& Ketu Taurus/Scorpio 2020- Collective Shift

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We are at such a pivotal time … The lunar nodes have just changed signs, with Ketu still in deep gandanta Saturn is standstill @ 1° Capricorn, Venus is in Leo gandanta , Mars is retrograde in Aries Gandanta.
(Sidereal/Vedic Astrology)

Will Great Knots Unravel or Tighten? 

Rahu and Ketu operate primarily on a psychological level, they always move retrograde and have just moved into the Taurus/Scorpio axis. This axis will bring more stability as the nodes are comfortable with these signs. Ketu co-rules scorpio, giving the mystical quality to the scorpion, Rahu is happy indulging in the world in the earthy and sensuous Taurus. 

This next 1.5 year nodal cycle highlights themes around spirituality/materialism, increasing interest in occult, spirituality, mysticism, letting go, severing limitations and old chains, old modus operani. It is also increases the Taurus/Venus realm of desires, tastes and pleasures, creativity, ambitions, abundance and wealth/resource creation.

Ketu scorpio / Jyestha —- Right now, Ketu is sitting in deep gandanta, straddling the energetic threshold of Sagg and Scorpio. There is a feeling of a come down, as the Sagittarius vibration is sattvic (one the the three primary psychological orientations of nature), and is oriented toward purity and spirituality. Sagittarius is half man and half animal, repressing the movement of the soul from its animalistic inclinations. Scorpio is still working out its instincts. While mystical and spiritual in its own way, scorpio can take us further into the density of the material world. Scorpio is Tamas guna – expressing the state of inertia, slowness, materiality and stasis. Tamas is important as it gives stability and solidity in the world. 

Ketu’s lessons always revolve around issues and themes of detachment, disassociation, separation, spirituality, insight, the spirit world, the unseen, the hidden, the obscure, unusual, mythological and symbolic … Ketu is the wandering sadhu, the headless serpent, detached from the material world. Scorpio links us to our power (mars), the occult, sexuality, death, transformation, things which we refuse to let go of, mysticism and other’s resources such as money and wealth.

Ketu is travelling through the gandanta knot of Scorpio in Jyestha Nakshatra (16°40 – 30°00), until mid Oct. Following the uprooting of old baggage while Ketu was in Mula, there is now a great churning as we are in the peak season for deep and lasting change.

This is a once in an 18 year opportunity to truly heal and transform the deepest wounds that you carry. While you may not be responsible for what happened to you, you are responsible for your healing. 

Ketu is fiery and acts like Mars, Scorpio is water and fire, Jyestha is ruled by Mercury. What we have is a steamy, unsettling fire/water combo combined with the thinking, intellectual Mercury.

Ketu at this powerful juncture invites us to look at how we might have been creating our own “bad luck”. Jyestha is associated with Alaxmi – the goddess of misfortune. However, ‘bad luck’ usually comes through our own unwise choices. We are free to the any action we desire, however we are not free of the consequences of those actions. Such is the law of nature, the law of Karma. 

Ketu in Jyestha asks, 

  • What limitations and mental blocks am I willing to sever now?
  • How do I create my own misfortune? 
  • In what ways am I limiting myself?
  • What ways of thinking limit my growth and potential ? 
  • What is ready to be transformed, once and for all? 

Jyestha is ruled by swift mercury, who governs the central nervous system. This could be a time of purging deeper emotions/traumas and thinking patterns held in the body and nervous system. Ask for these to be released now.

It is a great time for studying spiritual things, especially astrology – the more we know ourselves, the greater clarity we have, the more co-operative we become with nature, and thus nature, co-operates with us. 

Indra is the deity associated with Jyestha. Known as the king of the gods, he becomes Zeus in greek mythology.  God of thunder, rain, rivers and waterways, Indra is know to be powerful, lustful with strong desires. He is also connected to war. 

Indra governs the senses (Indrayas)  – There can be a tendency to misuse the senses, creating negative karma for ourselves. By negative karma, I mean to say, the fruits of our actions yield undesirable outcomes which have a negative affect on our wellbeing, which we must bear – this is how we can, unwittingly create our own misfortunes. The work is about gaining clarity of perception, before acting. Alas, such is life, many learn the lessons through the school of hard knocks. If we are smart though, we can learn through others’ mistakes too.

Although desire is sometimes seen as a dirty word, It’s not at all, the key lies in witnessing how our desires are working for us? Are the desires we follow leading us to greater freedom or deeper bondage? 

Rahu in Mrigashira in Taurus – Mrigrashira symbolises a kind of divine discontent. This asterism is symbolised by the deer’s head, it is ruled by the moon and connected to Soma (another name for Moon) – A kind of divine intoxicant. The mind can feel restless, and full of desires, pulled into the world of illusions. Here, the mind is looking for the divine, but it risks getting lost in the trappings of the material world. Taurus is the sign of the bull. Earthy, materialistic and enjoying luxuries, Rahu in Taurus can amplify all kinds of desires for food, pleasures and the good things in life, depending on placement in your chart. Again, not bad, one just needs to keep a sense of proportion in check as Rahu tends to not have a sense of limits. Mrigashira means the deer’s head, hence the searching quality.

The key with this transit is to watch for “chasing of the golden deer” – lusting after things without a solid spiritual background, or just obsessing over things we want and ignoring the baggage we need to clear – embracing the past and moving on, allows us to move forward with integrity. Ketu leverages us from our limitations, hence he is karaka (signficicator) for Moksha. Be awake and alert to your inner process, your needs, nuances … your inner Magic.

This is a peak time to unravel old karmic blocks. Dig Deep. For those doing the inner work, this is a wonderful time to ‘incinerate your limitations’ – (in the words of Robert E Svoboda)

As we heal, we also allow healing for our ancestors. Our karma is our inherited genetic memory, we are here because of our ancestors – our soul stories are our karmic responsibility, and we have the ability to transform them.

A practice I find very powerful during times of purging and processing is working with Agni – the spirit of fire. During the full moon coming up on the 2nd of Octiber, write down all the limitations and stories you carry. What do you want to sever? What are you ready to drop? Be real, be honest with yourself. Write it all down, then put it in the fire. You might want to do this process several times, over a period of time. 

What is happening is the energy is being transferred from your mind to the paper and ink, the fire then transforms that energy. It works. You may want to do it several times, and observe the effects. 

Be committed to incinerating your limitations, and welcome the changes, you are in the perfect place. 

Collectively and individually, the unknown looms larger and larger. Who’s hands is our fate really in? What is going on? Who really knows? Who has the eyes to see ?

“Within infinite myths lies the eternal truth
Who sees it all?
Varuna has but a thousand eyes,
Indra has a hundred,
You and I, only two.”

Devdutt Pattanaik

Thank you for reading, much love and blessings. Book in for a consultation to explore your chart, your soul story and your unique purpose in the greater tapestry in the universe. 
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Love, Darinka

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