Mercury Retrograde & New Moon

New moon time is where the light of the consciousness is temporarily hidden from the moon, which represents our manas – the total mind. People born during the waning and new moon phases, tend to internalise their emotional experiences, preferring to process quietly. They may also feel insecure/vulnerable to share or speak about their emotional reality. 

The sun represents confidence and the ‘shine’ – the light in our life , the light of the soul. When it is fully illuminating the moon, the mind receives full support and light from the soul – when the moon is hidden behind the sun, there can be a feeling of lack of support, or clarity. It takes time for new moon people to work out how they feel about a situation. Full moon types can be more expressive and spontaneous in their manners.

This new moon occurs on 16/17 October in conjunction with a few other significant astrological events. It falls in Chitra Nakshatra, at the tail end of Virgo, before shortly passing into libra sign, along with the Sun, who is debilitated in Libra. Moon will then meet with retrograde mercury on the 18th for a short dance, before moving onwards

Mercury turns retrograde for 3 weeks (22 days) on the 13/14 Oct – 4/5 Nov

Virgo is a moveable earth sign, indicating a grounded yet flexible approach to things. It is ruled by mercury, which has just turned retrograde today!

Overall, this new moon is about the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new. New moons encourage us to withdraw, go within and be still. It has been a big year for so many, huge changes, losses and transformations. We are not quite out of the mud, though smoke is clearing, we still have a bit of the way to go. The world has been irrevocably changed and we are all adjusting. 

Chitra means a pearl or a jewel. It spans 23°40’ Virgo – 6°40 Libra. The ruling deity is Tvashtar, the celestial architect. The essence of this star is about allowing yourself to be shaped by divine forces. One image of this is the stone carver … all that is not us, is chipped away until our true form emerges. This is the pearl, also a symbol for purity and knowledge.

This new moon we can meditate on what is falling away, old structures, beliefs all the false selves, the stories and wounds which keep us stuck in limitations. Are you willing to let your true self emerge?

Mercury + Mars Retrograde

On the 14th of October, Mercury will station in Libra at 17° and retrograde back to 1° Libra, meeting in a square aspect with Saturn. 

Mercury in Libra highlights all our relationships and business partnerships. Retrograde motion means it is time to rethink your beliefs and assumptions. How have you been thinking? Is it serving you? Have you made choices that are worthwhile re-considering? This could be a time for re-negotiation of terms and conditions, but be mindful of signing contracts around the 13/14 and 4/5 when mercury is standstill. We will have the usual delays, lost emails, miscommunications and mental confusion at this time, however I find it is always a good time for artists, writers and creatives, as we can think in a new way and find a fresh solution to an old problem. The Saturn square will sober up our thinking and bring a reality check. 

Mars is also currently retrograde until the 14th Nov – asking us to redefine how we use our energy, to what, or whom do we give our power away to? (this includes our thinking) – how courageous we are in overcoming our limitations, as well as how we use our individual power. Do we try to dominate and show aggression in order to achieve what we want? Have we misused our power in the past? 

For the next 22 days, while Mercury is in retrograde, I invite you to join me …

To reframe, rewire, re brand, reset and rewrite your inner narrative –
Most issues in life stem from interpersonal relationship issues – this is why, during this 3 week retrograde of mercury in Libra we have a real opportunity to look at our relationship to ourselves! No one is a bigger critic than you are to yourself, so why not try being nice?

Remember, the mind doesn’t filter what it hears, whether it is positive or negative, so say good things and watch good things grow in your mind!

Be your own best friend, lover, partner and companion, first, then share that goodness with others. 

This is a very simple process, in order to become aware of, and reframe the negative narratives we may be carrying around. Mercury rules our mind and thinking process. When we are not thinking clearly, we can make mistakes, assumptions and exaggerations. 

This 22 day journey includes the Full Moon in Aries on the 1st of November, which will be all about launching fresh visions and dreams, for a new cycle of growth, learning and development. Mercury will move direct again in Libra on the 4th/5th November.

The subsequent posts will be on instagram … follow me @darinkamaja to tune into the rest of the affirmations for the next 3 weeks!

Day 1 – I am Enough

When you believe you are enough, you are telling yourself that you really are OK – that you don’t need anything external to give you validation, or a sense of worth. You don’t need that outfit, the body change, the new car, the new thing, or the relationship to validate your sense of self, because you are enough Just As You Are. 

When you believe you are enough, you can relax into the safety of your body and breath. Breathe these three words in. Keep saying this to yourself through the day and everyday – and come home to yourself! 

You Are Enough!

Lots of Love,
Darinka ⭐️

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