The Starry Times —Taurus Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse Edition

Hey Travellers –

I am writing from my van home nestled in the Byron Shire – It is small, but simple and comfortable.  I am able to focus on my writing and study, and live close to the elements! For those who are new reading this – I practice Vedic Astrology which is based on the sidereal zodiac.

We have emerged from a deep dark night of the soul / soul searching this year. All planets are now direct with certain irreversible changes set in motion, forces which are still unfolding. 

Jupiter has just moved into Capricorn, joining Saturn. Optimistic and expansive Jupiter is not comfortable in the sign of reality, limitation and restriction, however due to Saturn’s happy placement at home, this is said to cancel the debilitation – we just have to watch and take note of the overall effects. This is a time for pragmatic and grounded action.

Pluto is just about to shift into Capricorn too – The New World Order is well under way, whether we like it or not – more on this later …

Most importantly is to keep to the Light (Dharma) – and uphold a sense of universal truth and righteousness, aka – living according to the laws of nature and the universe. We do this by sharpening our intuition, learning and applying higher knowledge & purifying our senses. As we are by extension, nature and the universe, this makes sense, lest we go against ourselves … !

The Lunar Eclipse occurs @ 11 degrees in Taurus on the 30th of November @ 8:42pm (AEST) in Rohini Nakshatra. Rohini means the Red Star and it carries the vibration of ‘Rohana Shakti’ – That which increases and grows. 

This is a penumbral (partial) lunar eclipse. It is a full moon – opposite Scorpio Sun. Two weeks later, we will have the full solar eclipse in scorpio, with sun moon and ketu joining in the stinger of scorpius… Stay tuned for more info on that. … 

Eclipses are omens and signify events to occur. The lunar eclipse affects the mental/emotional self and is quite quick, where the solar eclipse and its effects tends to last longer, even months.

Eclipses are said to be inauspicious times  –  that is, for works on the material plane. It is a time to take some days to focus on spiritual things, to meditate, slow down and keep things simple. 

Cleaning the house is always a good thing to do, sort out things you don’t need and give things for donation. In vedic schools of thought it is said to avoid doing anything important during the eclipse times, especially the days leading up to and the days after – to even avoid eating and drinking, as negative astral energies can impact or “spoil” the prana of what we are consuming. 

When I was in Varanasi a couple of years ago during an eclipse, I saw sadhus meditating outside, with a cloth covering their eyes. What tends to happens, is that as the eclipses approach, astral energies rise and are disturbed, affecting the hormones and fluids in the body and brain – The lunar nodes affect us on a psychological level, churning the mind and emotions, sometimes catalysing irrational and unbalanced/extreme thinking.

This is one reason why spiritual practices are done, you learn how to regulate your own biochemistry, life-force (prana) through physical practices and kriyas. Over time, as you ground and balance your life energies, you become less affected by astral forces (as well as external phenomena). Spiritual practices done during eclipses have a much stronger effect.

This axis facilitates greater inherent stability to the nodes due to the influence of the earth and water elements – there is a depth, a grounding, a nourishing component here, however, we can also think of the more destructive aspects of these elements such as storms, raging seas, and earthquakes, or thick mud. 

The essence of the Scorpio/Taurus axis revolves around what binds us, what is being held onto, attachments, restrictions, bondage – and the suffering and transformation which occurs when we resist changes or refuse to let go. It is about having things, and surrendering to the reality of impermanence. Both signs can be stubborn and resistant to change. This may highlight what we are hesitant to change, but also what is stable and enduring. 

Depending on where this axis falls in your chart, you may find issues pertaining to resources, family, quality of speech, food, values and money, sexuality, transformations, issues around personal power may be highlighted. Fraud, deceit, manipulation, insincerity are things that can present themselves during the eclipse portal – watch the news! 

Things will be revealed or concealed – so watch out for misinformation and trickery – avoid signing contracts unless you know the situation or person at hand is trustworthy and legitimate. 

Rahu is a shadow graha, he is crooked and sly. Only Jupiter can control this energy; symbolically, wisdom and true knowledge can lead us away from the slippery mirages the nodes tend to catalyse ; Maya. Fortunately, now that Jupiter has moved into Capricorn, there is a supportive trial aspect from Jupiter to Rahu, for the next year – this should serve as some mitigating and balancing force.

Lunar eclipse in Rohini nakshatra

Rohini means red, symbolising passion and life force. It is the favourite place for the moon as it feels supported in the earthy and sensual sign of Venus. It is creative, nourishing and supportive. 

The shakti is ‘rohana shakti’ – bestowing the power of growth and creation.

Venus governs Taurus, which is currently at home in Libra. Although Libra is 6 places away from Taurus, which could promote conflicts, the overall tone, is that if healing is desired, it can happen. But, if you are looking for a fight, then for sure you will find it!!

Despite the overall auspiciousness of this lunar mansion, it is known to be connected with war and violence, due to the presence of the fixed star Alderbaran – which is the “red eye of the bull”. There is a potentially volatile undercurrent, which, if harnessed consciously, can be used to reveal the truth of, and perhaps overcome a difficult situation. 

Whatever is occurring now, for good or ill, is growing – be extra mindful of the seed thoughts you are projecting out at this time. 

Full moons always illuminate things, as moon represents the mind and sun is the soul – the moon is able to reflect the message of the soul. This is a good time to practice silence, stillness and receptivity. 

Hari Om Tat Sat 

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