The Starry Times: A Change Gonna Come : Full Solar Eclipse + New Moon Scorpio/Jyestha

Hey Star Travellers —

This eclipse season is potent, raw and powerful! We had a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on the 30th of November, and now we are just about to experience the new moon – full solar eclipse in Scorpio.

The Full solar eclipse/ new moon occurs in the tail of Scorpio at 3am AEST on 15 December @29° Scorpio in the nakshatra Jyestha.

  • This is gandanta point – Heavy, drowning, knotted, complicated karmic issues surface.
  • It is a new (dark) moon- feelings run deep.

Key Themes: To rise and gain success in your undertakings, path, mission. To become intimate with your mind drama and move beyond the story. To let go of old things, stories, people, situations, relationships; the dead wood, literally, and psychologically – prepare for a fresh start & new beginnings.

As the 8th sign of the zodiac, Scorpio lies on the threshold, not yet full leaving the sheaths of materialism of Libra and not quite at the spiritual faith and purity of Sagittarius.

As some of my readers may know by now, the gandanta part of Scorpio is where the stinger lies – where the collected poisons reside. It is knotty, complicated and transformative. The nakshatra activated during this cycle is Jyestha.

Jyestha connects to Authority. It means ‘elder’ ‘most senior’ – The symbol is an earring, umbrella  (symbols of status) or a circular talisman (possibly vishnu’s disc).

The ruling deity is Indra, king of the gods and lord of the skies, thunder, lightening, rains and storms. (Hello, we are having some cyclonic weather on the east coast of Australia right now!)

It’s nature is Tikshna – ‘sharp & dreadful’ It carries “Arohana Shakti” – The power to rise and overcome obstacles. Suitable for actions of destruction and success in combat/war.

Alaxmi is the goddess associated with this star. – She is the elder sister of Laxmi and is generally interpreted as a negative presence, however in modern times, we can interpret Alaxmi as reflecting the poor choices we make in life due to stinginess, greed and jealousy, vice and miserliness, or the arrogance and stupidity which often follows great wealth and success (Laxmi).

Jyestha is ruled by intellectual Mercury, who is currently combust the Sun, and also in Jyestha. It will be crossing the sensitive gandanta zone. 20th is a tricky day. Expect communication mishaps and miscommunications. Thinking may feel frazzled, emotional and intense. Don’t act on impulse. This is not a time to argue or get into a word salad – It is an excellent time for spiritual study, meditation, research and inner work. Stay detached, keep things simple, leave the important conversations for later next week.

> Sun and Ketu can indicate tiredness, low energy, confidence and lethargy. Expect the energy to pick up later in the week, when Sun moves out of the deep water and into drier lands in Sagittarius playing fields on the 16th. Sun will be in deep gandanta for several days – the soul is churning old poisons, transmuting, steam is rising … think of lava creating new ground – things may feel unstable. Remember your spiritual roots — this is what gets you across the ocean.

> Moon will be most challenged as it is dark, hidden by the sun, conjunct ketu and in its debilitation sign, in deep gandanta… some people may feel like they are drowning. Fortunately the moon moves quickly, so emotional issues will rise and fall, just as the waves do. Have you got a good surfboard? This is the time to connect to your practice, if you don’t have one – start one. Benefits are sublime.

> Venus is not far behind, in the previous star Anuradha. Relationships may feel a sense of renewal, as Anuradha is the star of devotion, but soon Venus will move close to Ketu – the energy of the eclipse. Karmic past situations/issues may arise looking for resolution. This may be a time for endings, separations or transformations – How can you spiritualise and elevate your relationship to each other? Is it time to renew your connection? Perhaps it is a time to look at your attachments and heal the co-dependency script – Falling in love is good, as you are letting your self surrender into union, but do not fall unconsciously, fall in such a way that you also Rise, becoming more of yourself … 

With 5 key astrological bodies in Scorpio, and four of them crossing the turbulent Jyestha/Mula threshold, All waters are being stirred – It is not surprising we have a week’s worth of rain coming up, here on the east coast of Oz. Let the cleansing unfold.

Humanity is awakening to their divine potential. The current global narrative is boring – we are so much more than this body and mind … turning within, is the key to smooth sailing. 

New Moon Mantra :: When in deep water, become a diver …

This new moon Scorpio eclipse takes us to unknown places and hidden recesses in our deep karmic subconscious. All eclipses reveal/conceal things. Globally we may become privy to secrets that have been hidden. Situations arise, they may seem foreign, or familiar, from the past – Issues arise again looking for resolution. Best advice is to remain calm.
But how? Always come back to your breath  – Meditate – slow down, drop in, return home to your Heart. Watch the rising and falling of your belly. Prana – the In and Out – the left and right, the moon and the sun, the soul and your mind – foster unity, presence, stillness …

No rain, no rainbow ..
Shine, You are Light !

Om Tat Sat,
Darinka x

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2 thoughts on “The Starry Times: A Change Gonna Come : Full Solar Eclipse + New Moon Scorpio/Jyestha

  1. thank you Darinka for this guidance through the cosmic geometry,
    I really appreciate your work translating this astral mathematics for us here on Earth..
    the times we are living requires us, as human beings, to elevate and rise our consciousness, knowing the movement of this our closest sacred star geometry could help us.

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