The Starry Times: Jupiter & Saturn Conjunction 2020

Hey Star Travellers —

> Saturn is in home territory in Capricorn, society is restructuring, yet again, on a fundamental level.

> Jupiter has just moved into Capricorn, and will be approaching a grand conjunction with Saturn on the 21st of December – Winter/Summer Solstice. (No, it’s not the “Age of Aquarius” – Yes, we are experiencing a huge shift however!)

> Last, but not least, we have Pluto – Yama (Ethics) – the brother of Saturn, exiting Sagittarius and entering Capricorn on the 1st of Jan.  

These two planets haven’t been this close for 800 years. The will appear to be one bright star, a potent omen! It occurs today, the 21st of December.

The last time Jupiter and Saturn were conjoined in Capricorn was in 1961. 

This time period saw the construction of the Berlin Wall, South Africa became a republic. Yuri Gagarin was the first man in Space. John F Kennedy was inaugurated as the 35th president of the USA. The first world wildlife fund (WWF) was started by conservationists wishing to see greater public awareness over the importance of caring for the natural world.

It was a time of great changes; shifting, yet conflicting values, summed up in this paragraph :

“Every activist conflict of the ’60s can be distilled in a single image of opposing forces at a barricade: on one side, the people attempt to exercise their rights; on the other side, the government asserts its right to protect the nation. During the ’60s, these two simple objectives were not viewed as compatible concepts”

The FBI gained a stronger presence in the realms of infiltration, spying and control – very similar to what we are seeing today with the use and abuse of technology and privacy breaches – as well as the increase of governmental control and regulation. 

Will we see a revolution? Or a recycling of the same story?

Red Vs. Blue – Light Vs. Dark, Ying and Yang, Shiva Shakti, Purusha, Prakriti – The eternal dance between primordial universal forces. Consciousness is evolving and humanity is becoming more aware.

There is so much talk about this time being a great portal, and it is. Well, it can be. 
I tend to be a little less fluffy in my approach when I speak about portals, shifts and transformations, as my personal experience has shown that changes only happen to those who wish to and are ready to change. And as history shows us, times change, people don’t. So the question is, are we evolving, or just re-cycling karma? Will we choose to ascend up the spiral or are we travelling down?

Since all of existence is energy in motion, the degree to which we are conscious of these forces flowing through us, and our relationship to subtle energy, reflects the degree of change we can experience and allow. Qualities such as surrender, humility and grace arise, not out of weakness but out of great trust in flow of Life, Great Mystery, the force of Nature, Herself. 

Jupiter is the planet of Dharma and reflects that which supports, upholds & sustains that which has fallen or is falling. It is the expansive principle in life, inspires us to have faith in and live and align ourselves to the laws of nature and the universe… Jupiter’s highest expression is the keeper of sacred knowledge and bestower of wisdom and grace.

Saturn grounds us in the material world and forces us to face our responsibilities, karma and duties. He reflects qualities such as tradition, regulations, rules and governments … in nature we see Saturn as rocks and hard places, mountains and isolated places of solitude, deserted, abandoned places, places that do not give rest, but rather confer a sense of austerity, restraint – reality, in all its raw forms. 

Transformed, Saturn is the ultimate Yogi.

These two heavyweights collide, with Jupiter losing the war, reaching maximum debilitation at 5° of Capricorn – There is a potential loss of dharma – spiritual materialism could take a negative foothold – we must remember to understand the spirit within matter and loosen attachments, rather than increase bondage. 

Earth is the spiritual laboratory. 

Saturn is strong, so with this combination we can see real progressive and practical movements. Jupiter gets grounded in Capricorn and faces reality. Expansion meets contraction – Ideas face the litmus test. Castles in the sky either rise or fall. Our beliefs and values go through major tests. It is time to build, to create and to focus on practical wisdom and ethical leadership, taking responsibility and accountability in our lives and the way we live.

Pluto is Yama – Yama is the first step on the path of Yoga – 

Yama means restraint – the ethics and morals which purify and transform the mind of (wo)man. 

These Yamas are practiced in thought, speech and action.
The five main Yamas are :

1. Ahimsa – Non Violence
2. Satya – Truthfulness
3. Asteya  – Non- stealing
4. Brahmachara – Moderation of Senses
5. Aparigraha – Non – Possesiveness

Remember karma means, your life is your own making, you are not punished for your actions, you are punished by your actions. Dharma means following the laws of nature, which is also the intelligence of your body … to go against your body or the greater body of earth, negative karma (action) is generated, creating and endless feedback loop. Pluto (yama) reminds us that through controls and restraint, much progress can be accomplished. 

With this grand conjunction there is likely to be clashes and political uprisings in the world; growing pains, as the rumbling of revolution lie underneath. The real revolution however, is the evolution of the individual and their consciousness. 

Is it not individuals that make a society? As long as humanity continues to look outside itself, casting blame ‘out there’ and avoiding true self knowledge – the psychological human circus continues, as it has done, for aeons.

It is time for change – Can we step up big time?

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