2020 Grand Finale – Full Moon Forecast : Gemini/Ardra

Hey Star Travellers 

Another Gregorian calendar year completed. Astronomically, this time of year bears little cosmic relevance.. however the show must go on, as they say, fireworks will be displayed, many will be joyous, others confused, some indifferent… many, sadly, will be at home … The end of another year, is it the start of a new thing, or a re-cycle of the same year? Every moment we have a choice! Your reality exists in your mind, Universe is mind; change your thinking, change your reality!

The magic key always lies in how we choose to approach/deal with a particular situation – this is where our power lies.

So! what is being stirred during this lunar cycle?

  • Full Moon in Gemini – Ardra Nakshatra – We have a mercury/rahu influence 
  • Sun + Mercury in Sagittarius
  • Mars @ home in Aries
  • Venus + Ketu in Scorpio
  • Rahu in Taurus
  • Saturn + Jupiter in Capricorn – Saturn @ home, Jupiter’s feeling a little flat right now.

Many planets have strength right now, they are ‘at home’ – mars is gaining in strength, Saturn is plodding along, and the lunar nodes are settling into calmer vibes. The ‘new normal’ has been widely accepted, with individuals and businesses adapting to the changes; embracing “creative limitation” 

Full moon times are when plans ripen, emotions heighten, waves are bigger and heavier (literally and metaphorically) – It is time for some fruit to be picked – in general, a reaping of what one has sown. Following the lunar cycles, even simply allows one to connect to the natural ebb and flow of the cosmic rhythm, hopefully by showing you that you are like a complicated plant – full of water, with more complicated emotions!  

This moon rises at 2:20pm AEST on 30 Dec. 

Gemini is an intellectual, creative and airy sign, ruled by Mercury,
Ardra spans 6°40 – 20° Gemini. It is ruled by Rahu. 
It’s shakti is “Yukta Shakti” – the Power of Effort.

This star can be fickle, destructive and stormy, but also brilliant, educated, inventive and progressive. Sometimes people with moon in this star or other rahu ruled stars have ‘mental health’ issues – it is just that the inner psychology, waters, hormones etc are more disturbed by Vata – an imbalance of Air – manifesting as restlessness, depression, anxiety, dissatisfaction – All these conditions are inherently reflections of disturbed Prana (Life-Force).
Disturbed Prana is what causes the Vata dosa to go out of balance. This is why meditation and yoga is the number one prescription – ‘Mental Hygiene’, as it works directly with balancing the psycho-spiritual flow of energy, creating lasting changes in the body and mind.

Ardra can bring strong desires, quarrels, anger, mental arrogance, yet also devotion, compassion and mental toughness – it is ruled by Rudra : The howler – A more destructive aspect of Shiva. Its animal is a dog – Rudra is also the lord of wild animals. Another symbol is a teardrop, indicating the tears that cleanse our eyes, but also the mental suffering we go through, which in time gives wisdom. Losses experienced over the year give way to new things. The fierce nature of this star enables us to us to cut and sever all old forms so we can start again, on a higher octave of the human experience!!

With Venus currently a few degrees away from an exact conjunction with ketu – relationship issues may pop up. Ketu and Venus will conjunct @ 24° Scorpio in Jyestha on 31 Dec. People from the past may come back, a relationship may end or transform, or move to a higher octave. Seeds are set for a new beginning or a fresh start, one in which greater equality, love and understanding can flourish. Ketu is a detached yet spiritualising energy, so relationships could be affected in this way. Be mindful of vehicles not working, or some strange phantom issue happening. It is a good time for divinely inspired creativity and increased interest in the occult.

Saturn is happy in Capricorn – the age of Capricorn is such that work and business have been transformed, with many realising they can work from home (Cancer, opposite to Capricorn) – Rahu in Taurus, another earth sign increases desires, yet overall the western world is moving toward a greater desire to understand they deeper reality underneath the mirage of materialism. ( Read more about the grand conjunction HERE )

Jupiter is feeling unhappy in Capricorn. His great vision feels thwarted – Sagittarians feel like their shine has been dimmed. Literally, borders are shut – (at least here in Australia) Tiredness, lethargy, and practical concerns dominate. The party is over (for now), reality has come to live with us and it is time to be realistic and practical about life. Its a good time to make slow and steady gains, but to not expect too much too soon. Hard work will pay off, give it time. The later part of 2021 will be better for jupiter folk. 

Mars has landed at home in Aries… after being in pisces and passing through gantanda; drowning a little, energy has risen, courage returns, decisive action can happen, certain plans can go ahead, for better or worse, things will get moving again – change is inevitable. Mars ruled folk will feel more confident and energetic all round, just remember to keep your ego in check!

Sun + Mercury in Sagittarius – Fire in the spirit and mind – Mercury can feel a little out of sorts in sag, big ideas, broad visions, however may not feel the support that it desires, blocked, fickle mindedness may create obstacles. Best to choose one or two things at a time and not overburden yourself, especially during this full moon where energies are rising!! Sun is confident, and clear, inspired and strong,

Remember, confidence follows clarity. When you are clear in whatever it is you are doing, your confidence will follow. Keep things simple when the mind feels troubled, watch your thoughts, pay them little attention, stay focussed on your path and take one step at a time. 

All is Well, 
Big Love … and Happy New Year!

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Darinka x

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