The Starry Times – New Moon Sagittarius – Uttara Ashadha 13 Jan

What’s Happening?
> 11th Jan – Moon conjuncts Ketu, passing through Scorpio Gandanta – knotty and emotional storms
> New Moon @ 29 degrees of Sagittarius – Uttara Ashadha (26°40’ Sag – 10° Capricorn)
> Sun + Moon in Sandhi 
> Mercury is currently passing through the Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter conjunction, creating heavy and depressive thoughts
> Kal Sarpa Yoga – All planets hemmed between Rahu + Ketu until 20 March. Moon breaks the yoga every 2 weeks.

Kal Sarpa Dates:
> 11- 25 Jan
> 7 Feb – 21 Feb 
> 6 March – 20 March

Sandhi – Uttara Ashadha 
When planets are leaving one sign and about to enter another sign, it is a no-mans land, a junction, a threshold – this place is called sandhi. You may feel a little out – of bounds, or uncertain, never mind too much, fortunately it is short and swift! 

New Moon Energy :
Uttara Ashadha means ‘later success’ or ‘undefeated’ – It’s animal is the mongoose, who’s arch enemy is the snake. In the wild, the mongoose can kill the snake. The snake can represent underhanded and dubious ways – the mongoose does not stand for deception. U.A is ruled by the Sun, this shows an inherent respect for authority and tradition. This Moon invites us to be honest with ourselves, and keep things very, very simple as the Kal Sarpa yoga is wrapping us in a karmic conundrum.

New Moon  — A time of withdrawal, contemplation, finishing loose ends, preparing for a fresh cycle. There has been much growth and new terrain forged under the Sagittarian cycle – with so much focus in the only sign with a weapon over the last couple years, this new moon occurring at the very last degree heralds the constructive beginnings of a fresh cycle and modus operandi. It may feel flat and heavy to some – Capricorn is quite polar to Sag in many ways – the Saturn/Jupiter flavour is one of expansion/restriction/ responsibility/vision / pessimist/optimist — lets move to Realism and deal with what is in front of us, without masks and false positivity. This is harsher lessons of Saturn, but one who gives greatly when honoured. 

“You do not need to fall from Horse, to know the ground is hard “ evidently, however, it seems that some of us do!

Kal Sarpa Yoga 
I am currently exploring and the effects of this yoga in my own life, so I encourage you to do the same and research what is said about it. 

Kal mean Time, Sarpa means serpent – ‘The Serpent of Time”
It is a yoga (combination) in which all the planets are hemmed in between the nodes. It creates sudden and unexpected events, sudden gains and losses, mental and emotional tension, strange dreams and fated events. It is not always negative. It can increase anxiety and Vata. See below for remedies.

Everyone is affected differently depending on your age, where the nodes are in your chart, what dasha (planetary period) you are running, and how well you manage your energy in general. It can be difficult to make solid plans, you feel to suddenly change a decision, so in regard to Covid, expect the unexpected for a little while longer. Things will get much easier by March 20 when Mars breaks the Yoga and moves past Rahu @ 20°. 

Surya + Shani – (Sun + Saturn)
The Sun will feel unsettled for a little while, so if you are Leo rising or moon, take it easy and don’t pressure yourself – although Sun will be in vargottama (same sign in rashi and navamsa) for a few days, gaining  strength and stamina, however there will be a feeling of increasing pressure and possible clashes with authorities, or subordinates/employees. The Sun will conjunct Saturn on the 24th – Sun and Saturn are the archetypal father/son conflict – so there could be rising tensions related to governments, authorities and people in power vs everyone else …

Pluto, Capricorn + Power
I tend not to focus too much on politics and world events, however with so many planets hovering in Capricorn this month, it does set the tone for global affairs; in particular as Capricorn relates to the fundamental structure of society; the laws, rules and regulations that have been created, and we must abide by or work to change. 

The last time Pluto entered Capricorn, it was the 1770’s – Australia was invaded by Captain Cook – White Australia began. This land and its people experienced a different kind of pandemic – that born of hatred, violence, bigotry and racism. 250 years on, much has changed, but the seeds of trauma still exist in the spirits of our ancestors, in the energy of the land and in the fabric of our DNA.

In America, the revolutionary war began, ultimately leading to the USA’s independence from the British. 

With Jupiter, Saturn Pluto, + Mercury already in  Capricorn, Sun and Moon here creates an intense focus on this sign. The 14th and 15th will have 6 planets, then moon moves out, leaving 5 planets residing in Capricorn until Sun moves into Aquarius on the 13th of Feb. 


Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra :
Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is a verse from the Rig Veda and is considered to be the most powerful Shiva Mantra. It bestows longevity, wards off calamities and prevents untimely death. It also removes fears and heals holistically.” – Read more HERE


Calm Excess Vata : 
> Massage body with Sesame Oil, or Black Seasame Oil  
> Deep belly breathing to calm anxiety and racing thoughts
> Gentle Hatha Yoga  
> Simple Meditation – with a candle flame – ideally oil/ghee lamp – Focus on the light, let it penetrate your third eye, gaze gently at the flame and bring your mind back to it when it starts to wander.

Coming up:
Venus moves into Capricorn on the 28th Jan
Mercury goes retrograde on the 30th Jan for 3 weeks 

Stay calm and centred, keep things very simple and avoid over complicating anything, or starting anything big during this time. Simple life = Happy life

I am available for consultations from Feb.

Art by @morysetta

Lots of Love,

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