The Starry Times : Full Moon Cancer/Pushya

Hey Star Travellers –

Whats Happening Up There? 

> Full Moon in Cancer 28-29 Jan
Planetary Gathering in Capricorn – Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Pluto 
7 Planets on 10, 11 Feb – Expect some kind of degree of chaos!!
Mercury Retrograding into Capricorn – 31 Jan – 21 Feb
Kal Sarpa Yoga – Every 2 weeks until 20 March

The current planetary party happening in Capricorn is overwhelming for many to say the least. Not just such an imbalance of energy, but such a highly concentrated one at that!

Who here has been super busy? I know i have, and happy for it, it requires organistion, logistics and focus! Seems like there is no respite. Not to mention the Kal Sarpa yoga where all planets are hemmed between the lunar nodes, with moon breaking the serpent’s grip every two weeks. We are caught in a karmic cycle of time, where events are out of our control, unexpected, strange, unusual, catalytic. This is further emphasised with Pluto hovering at 0 degrees of Capricorn, holding solid ground as fundamental aspects of society and our individual lives are being forced to change, evolve and adapt. 

Uranus, the great awakener, known as Prajapati – the creator of living beings – is now direct after being retrograde since 15 August. Now slowly moving forward currently at 12 degrees of Aries, there is an insatiable force to move forward and be unrestricted, especially for those who have key points in Aries (moon, ascendant, sun) – The great initiator – this is a time of breaking out of bondage and pushing boundaries, but with a harsh square of Saturn and Pluto, efforts somehow feel frustrated and thwarted. Nevertheless, the dynamic tension will manifest – either in brilliance, or brilliant displays of arrogance and disproportionate displays of power.

Pluto, we must remember, is none other than Yama – Lord of Death, brother of Shani, Saturn, Cronos, (Lord of Time) – For those who are familiar with the Path of Yoga – Yama means ‘ The Restrainer – the first step, relating to ethics, morals and values; how we choose to live our lives, and to what standard – not just on a superficial level, but the deepest substratum of our inner beings, what truly motivates us the take action in the world. 

It is this basic behaviour which ultimately is seen as fruits in the world. Every thing humanity has created began first as an idea or a thought. When ideas are aligned for the betterment and upliftment of society, while being in harmony with Nature, all prosper- when action stems from greed, scarcity, fear and lack, foundations crumble.

This is essentially what is being seen at the moment, as the western world is burgeoning at it’s seams, encumbered by its own unending desires, projections and illusions – The current Kal Sarpa yoga ensnares, enshrining us in a karmic loop of self deception. 

Yama (Pluto) restrains, Saturn makes us work through the karmic backlog, setting down foundations, dealing with duties, Jupiter is feeling oppressed and less like his optimistic self, moving fast toward Aquarius, until he goes retrograde on 21 June. Sun is humbled and dealing with the limitations, wanting to shine, but feeling pressured, Venus is troubled in Capricorn as she feels stifled and burdened with responsibilities, currently conjunct Pluto, expect some power struggles in relationships – where is the sweetness?! Mercury will be retrograding, messing up plans and systems, devices and transportation …. Then Moon will join the party (New Moon 11 Feb)

Full Moon in Cancer / Pushya 28-29 Jan

Currently, this cancer moon is opposite Sun, Saturn, Venus, Pluto and Jupiter in capricorn – It is a big moon, with so much energy aspecting it, but one that falls in a most auspicious star – Pushya – 3°20 – 16°40 Cancer. This star’s symbols include, a circle, an arrow or a cow’s udder. Is the the star of nourishment. With such a huge imbalance in Capricorn, the sign of the hardworking goat – ask yourself, are you actually living? Do we not work some, and enjoy life some? Capricorn is notorious for being a workaholic, or deriving it’s sense of value from how much it can achieve; how high it can climb, always looking for the next summit, often forsaking comfort and pleasure and it’s own wellbeing.

Society’s capitalistic imbalance has its priorities in the wrong place, displacing humanity in a lopsided reality. While we all have a duty to the society we are born in, to the greater collective, to the earth we walk on, to our ancestors, and to our families, as individuals, we really need very little, and it is natural to want to sit back and enjoy the fruits of one’s labours.

All these themes are highlighted in the Cancer- Capricorn axis – we work to provide for family, community. True abundance is in recognising that what we have, truly is enough. Including who YOU are. 

This full moon, focus on what is truly nourishing to your spirit, what is calming, supportive and uplifting? Rewrite your inner narratives, calm the monkey mind. This is the best foundation to give to society, from a place of calm (cancer) and stability (capricorn). 

Happy Full Moon, private consultations available through my website or email me :

Love, Darinka

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