The Starry Times : New Moon in Capricorn – Dhanistha

Hey Star Travellers … !

What a congregation in Capricorn! This is one of the most exceptionally unusual astronomical/ astrological events to occur in human history!
For those just tuning in – I am speaking from a sidereal/vedic perspective.
Yes, the signs are different. 

This new moon will occur @ 29° Capricorn in the wee hours of the 12th of Feb – 1:12pm AEST to be exact, in the nakshatra is Dhanishta. 

Firstly, for those wondering : what is a nakshatra?

A nakshatra is a lunar mansion, an asterism, a space of 13°20’ of the sky in which the moon travels every day. (27.5 days to make a full cycle) The nakshatras are the secret keys to the zodiac, revealing deeper nuances and undercurrents to the overtone of a 30° zodiac sign.

Dhanistha is known as “the star of symphony” a star symbolised by Shiva’s Damaru – the drum.  This star is ruled by Mars. Shiva reminds us of the cyclic nature of creation, sustaining and destruction …

The Damaru has two sides, symbolising the two hemispheres of our mind, and more importantly the duality of existence – the integration of opposites. This star is also sometimes symbolised by a bamboo flute. Both instruments are hollow. Are you filled with the voice of spirit, or is there a obscuring of the subtle from too much mental activity?

Am I this body? This mind? These thoughts? It is “I” who acts, or is my idea about who “I” am, somehow limited and obscured? What is beyond the “I?”

Karma is created through identification to self, and our actions, possessing them in some way, owning them. Freedom comes with the relinquishment of effort – surrender, into grace; the knowing that what is to be, will be, in time. Action is of course taken, but with awareness of the inherent spaciousness within.

This new moon encourages receptivity, sacred sound, music, dance – tuning in to the cosmic rhythm – who has experienced that sweet spot when completely absorbed in playing music, listening or dancing ?

At the moment, it is a highly imbalanced energy. There is an intense Kal Sarpa yoga occurring now until March 20- where all the planets are hemmed in between the lunar nodes, 2 weeks on and two weeks off, due to the moon’s cycle, and we also have a Mercury Retrograde until Feb 20th. Jupiter is debilitated, planets are combust (too close to each other) Venus, planet of relationships, compromise and partnership is feeling squashed and burnt … all this is happening in Capricorn.

Capricorn shows the journey after human has wrestled with and integrated its animal instincts self, in Sagittarius. The soul is now in a process of refinement, receptivity and service. 

It is by far, *the* most intense week of the year. At least it is happening now!

What is being broken down and restructured is absolutely necessary. 

“let go or be dragged”  – seems to be quite the theme. However for some signs, this can be an extremely productive time, with powerful breakthroughs, insights, revelations. The word apocalypse is really about revealing, uncovering – ‘to take something off’
Saturn grinds us hard and slow, he is unrelenting – this is the essence of discipline, dedication and meditation. The one who succeeds is the one who keeps going despite the challenges. But, for all you capricorns out there, your work ethic is incredible, but please, learn to rest – not to burn out then throw in the towel!   

The other Nakshatra highly active right now is Sravana falling right in the middle of Capricorn, in the degrees. It is the star of Listening, symbolised by the ear. It precedes Dhanishta. Listening – It is not always what is said, but how it is received. A doubting mind will feel unclear. A fearful mind can only be suspicious, a defensive mind is likely to perceive criticism. 

It is equally important to speak in a manner which is clear, direct and unambiguous, and to be open to receiving what may simultaneously be unclear, indirect and very ambiguous! This is highlighted specifically at the moment, during this Mercury retrograde cycle.

Since we are coloured by our senses, the way in which we perceive things, can make or break a situation. When defensiveness is used as a primary response, it does little to foster understanding or peace. Unless there is immediate danger or threat, anger/defensiveness can arouse feelings of hostility and seeds of conflict. Just as any filter will distort an image – the image of what is believed to be seen is coloured by the various filters which occupy the mind. The mind does not reflect the truth of the situation, unless one has done extensive purification through various yogic and meditative techniques. Essentially this is Maya- the world of illusion- What Maya really means, is that which appears to be – The world of appearances – It is within our own minds. 

In a sense, humanity is in a kind of collective delusion – wholly important and integral to creation – the Cosmic Dance (Lila) – Hence it is said, that Maya and Lila interact together, the great dance within the world of appearances. 

Jung says succinctly – “Those who looks outside dream, those who look within awaken” 

All mind play is endless looping of illusion, with limited truth, relative to a current experience. The greater one ascends on the spiral, the less the fetterings of the external world affect one’s inner equilibrium Subjective truth yields toward wider vistas and higher perspectives, until the individual ‘I’ looses it’s hold and unlimited vision unfolds. 

The ‘doing’ ceases, the being arises, that which needs to get done, gets done, but with the presence of being – a state of effortless and calm, amidst the storm.

So! This New Moon, be still, be silent, be receptive … Listen! Let yourself become hollow, focus on emptiness, then you can be filled. Be still & allow the answers to arise, like the proverbial lake and its muddy waters. Emotions are water – when they are turbulent, the mind is not clear. Separate yourself from the mind play, focus on silence. No need to focus on thoughts. Keep moving toward spaciousness. Surrender pride, ego, arrogance, self righteousness, ideas, beliefs – surrender it to Agni, the sacred fire – connect to what is eternal, beyond the mind play. 
Mercury Retrograde – let your thinking become undone, eschewed, skewed, see through another lens, twist your mind – is what you think really true? Could it be another way? Let go of what’s not working. In india, long train delays are the norm. Time for a Chai. 
Low energy from all the planetary combustion, Jupiter debilitated, Uranus squaring Saturn … Issues with Authority? Who are you trying to control or change? Can’t be done, let it go, let it be, another route will become obvious, in time. In the meantime, look up – Sky meditation, widen the mind, breathe deep, life is long and it is short, where are your priorities? 

Capricorn – don’t work yourself to burn out – are you working for the sake of work, or working to have a life? Remember to enjoy the quiet moments and let yourself rest from time to time.


That’s it for this edition, thank you for reading, i hope this was helpful!
Individual Vedic Astrology counselling/consultations available, and for those in the northern rivers, Ka Huna bodywork sessions for grounding, integration and transformation. Bookings via my website or 0404 446 124

Stay Calm!
With Love,

Darinka x

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2 thoughts on “The Starry Times : New Moon in Capricorn – Dhanistha

  1. I loved it!!
    At the end I got really interested in reading the whole post
    Even at the beginning I wasn’t get it much of it
    It became more and more fascinating
    You are a real interpretator of the astros
    Thank you Darinka Maja
    Please keep inspiring our lives
    Is good to have you and I love getting new and full moon starry times
    Because I’m a Moon dancer and singer and your guidance really enriched my Moon life
    Gracias muchas gracias!!!

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