The Starry Times : New Moon Aquarius Dreams + Reality

This New moon falls @ 28° degrees Aquarius on the 13th of March in the Lunar Constellation PurvaBhadrapada.

Purva Bhadra spans 20° Aquarius – 3°20’ Pisces. It is ruled by Jupiter.
This new moon carries the vibration of Jupiter/Saturn.
Its symbol is a sword.
The shakti/power of this star is to raise a person spiritually.
It’s yoni animal is the Lion. This means instinctually it can be fierce and destructive, but as we know, in the ashes of destruction lie the seeds of creation. 

Purva Bhadrapada is a conundrum, one that is connected to the dark heart of reality, yet one who aspires earnestly toward the light – sometimes caught somewhere in between the two, it can produce the best and worst of human beings. There is good fortune associated with this star, as its higher motivation is connected to spirituality, having reached a place of inner equilibrium and calm. It’s desires can be directed toward the good of humanity.

This star has several symbols. One is two faces, the other is the end of a funeral cot. People under its influence often have two distinct aspects to their personality, it can also mean seeing two sides of an issue. Often it can point to deception. It also symbolises the ending of one way of life, and a journey to another place. The sword cuts through the duality of situations. New Beginnings are on the horizon. 

Jupiter rules this star, and is currently channeling this energy in Capricorn. While most of us think of the generally positive aspect of Jupiter – it’s shadow side lies in not knowing when to stop, blowing things out of proportion, lack of boundaries and a happy go-lucky nature which tends to prefer a good time over a long time, therefore running away when things get heated and someone needs to take responsibility. Jupiter is usually no where to be found. 

Now that Jupiter is in Capricorn and under the rule of Karma Keeper Saturn, Jupiter has to face reality. He feels restricted and uncomfortable. Debilitated in the sign of the goat, Jupiter tends to expresses itself with a materialistic outlook on life, potential disrespect toward elders, male partners or an exploitative outlook on business and wealth creation. Morality and ethics are questionable during Jupiter’s transit through Capricorn, and these issue may need to be addressed. 

Jupiter rules Pisces and Sagittarius. Both signs struggle with over expansion and not having a sense of limits. Saturn’s master lesson this year is in the power of Silence and Deep Listening, as he travels through the constellation Sravana. 

The new moon is also very close to Neptune, who relates to all that is slippery, deceptive and unclear. Boundaries are thin, confusion may reign, what was once hidden may become obvious, secrets may be revealed. The key theme overall is Reality vs. Deception. We are seeing some of this energy manifesting within the royal family at present.

Devotion to a higher cause and the relinquishing of personal satisfaction is a good use of this energy. Aquarius is a humanitarian sign after all. Victims may receive the recognition they deserve. A good time for connecting to subtle dimensions, creativity, writing and spiritual practices.

We are all limited by the veils of perception. Actions which purify our senses lead us on the path to becoming a clear and crystalline mirror so that the Supreme reality can express itself without hinderance through the Human Cosmic Being. 

This is Yoga.

Happy Maha Shivratri and have a peaceful New Moon.
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With love,

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