Mercury Retrograde : Adapting to Change

“Instead of resisting to changes, surrender. Let life be with you, not against you. If you think ‘My life will be upside down’ don’t worry. How do you know down is not better than upside?”

Shams Of Tabriz

This Mercury retrograde becomes more complicated than most due to the close proximity to Mars & Sun. Here we have a similar theme which was experienced in August, with the Mars/Mercury planetary war in Leo. This time it is in Virgo, a sign where Mars is uncomfortable. The Sun in close conjunction to Mars (this is called combustion)is likely to inflame already heated situations. Its a delicate month, which needs to be handled carefully. 

The planet Mercury, esoterically is the celestial bridge from the heavens to the mind of humans – Mercury is Buddhi – the intellectual, curious, analytical and logical aspect of the human mind. The evolution of our species rests in how we use our intelligence.

“ When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change ” 

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change – this is the essence of mother nature, Shakti. Allow Her wisdom to move through you. Movement is life, and life is movement. The very basis of life itself is constant change.

Mercury begins its retrograde in Libra, a cardinal air sign. The disruptions will be felt quite strongly due to mercury’s relationship with thought, speech and ideas. It can affect relationships. As Merc moves back, he will conjunct the bright and auspicious star Spica, who resides in the ‘wheat ear of virgo’. Spica is said to have an energy of Jupiter-Mercury, and so this next coming week can be good for success, renown, an appreciation of art and science, but it can also indicate unjustness to the innocence and unscrupulousness.

Virgo is the sign most closely related to the feminine principle of Shakti, it is earthy, pragmatic and intelligent. When Mars occupies Virgo it’s a great time to get life organised, taking practical, grounded, logical action, applying critical thinking to the situation. Follow a routine and bring awareness to your own faults and shortcomings, instead of out in the world. Mars can bring out the critical, nit-picky, controlling and micro-managing aspects of Virgo. When in Chitra, it is stronger as it rules this star. In Hasta, Mars becomes more volatile, emotional & moody due to the moon’s rulership.

Adding Mercury into this mixture, can make the mind and speech very critical, sharp, hurtful, and fault finding. This is quickest way to sour any relationship. Love cannot thrive in such an atmosphere. Remember, if you are looking for problems, you will for sure, find them. The trick is to notice an error, but deal with it with grace, while adding to the positive elements of the situation – this automatically diminishes the negative. 

Arguments, conflicts and tension is likely. Aikido your life – if someone is running straight at you with their sword, help them on their journey – step out of the way.

The Virgo New Moon on the 6-7th is important to take care of, as Sun, Moon and Mars will be in exact combustion, close to Mercury, in the nakshatra Hasta. Hasta is ruled by the moon, so this is a particularly emotional time. The dark side of the mind can easily take over. Avoid being too puritanical and attached to perfection. It is the inner restlessness of the spirit which creates bigger issues than necessary. Cultivate faith, trust and surrender whenever you feel your mind and thoughts spiralling out of control. Come back home to the gentle tides of your breathing.

At the same time, Saturn retrograde will almost be at a standstill in Capricorn. We reach an impasse – The new moon feel is volatile and difficult is best to take it easy and not plan anything overwhelming. Spiritual activities and laying low is best. Keep it simple.

With such a strong Earth energy right now – Sun+Mars+Mercury in  mutable Virgo, Saturn+Jupiter retrograde in cardinal Capricorn, it is excellent to move ahead, get organised, clean, focussed and ready for Summer / Winter. This is about building foundations, adapting to changes & new structures, reassembling old ones and simplifying your life. Saturn and Jupiter remind us of ‘Simple Living – High Thinking” 

Virgo is balanced by Pisces – The lessons here are faith over fear, creativity to balance excess logic, and trust to ease the tight grips of control.

During this mercury retrograde:


Conflict, clashes, arguments, breakups, or resolutions, brilliant new ways of doing things, solutions to problems, or more confusion, artistic inspiration, reconciliation, a long awaited message appears, people from the past may return, business may slow down, situations reverse, computer glitches, electrical issues, spelling mistakes, business flops, health concerns, crossed wires, impulsive texts, buyers remorse. Mechanical issues, repairs, obstacles & delays in negotiations, tension, arguments/conflict, possible breakthroughs.

Do :

Review, reset, rethink, slow down, return, reconcile, reconnect, review a situation, expand your mind, challenge your thinking, let yourself be wrong, healthy debates, get organised, clear clutter, chant mantras. It’s ok to be a little less logical, reflect on your inner narrative and storylines. Be creative. Let your mind play on different tangents/currents/thought-streams. Get a second medical option if feeling unsure. Back up your devices, clean out your computer. Consider all outcomes/possibilities. Detach from the drama. It will never stop, so you have to. Breathe, meditate, do yoga, always return home to your inner sanctum. The tides of your breathing is your guru, your truth. 


Sign contracts, avoid travelling right at the beginning and end of the retrograde and on the Wednesday (Mercury’s day), make sudden decisions, engage in arguments, or online forum wars, take on too much, change business plans suddenly, speak harshly, engage in narrow in thinking. Avoid making any major financial commitments. If unsure of a certain outcome, or if waiting on something, expect solid forward movement after the 19th October.

Take it easy – as much as you can over these next three weeks!
Love, Darinka x

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