October Cosmic News – Major Shifts & New Beginnings 

1 Venus moves to Scorpio
6 New Moon Hasta – Shoola Yoga
8 Saturn stations
9-10-11 Planetary War Mars Sun Mercury , Venus Moon Ketu
11 Sat. Direct
18 Jupiter Direct – Sun moves to Libra
19 Merc Direct
20/21 Full Moon Aries / Ashwini – NO Retrogrades
23 Mars in Libra

Hey Cosmonauts,

We have some major planetary events this month,  the dam walls breaking – many situations will reverse. Things which were going forward may change, things which were stagnant or redundant move forward again. Major blocks and impediments are able to find a new route forward and many plans, schedules and goals which have been put on hold for the last 5 months are able to slowly begin inching forward.

Saturn has been retrograde in his own sign Cap since 23 May and will move direct on 11th of October (The exact date many restrictions are being lifted in Sydney) 

Jupiter has been retrograde since 21 June (the exact date lockdowns began in Sydney)

With such heavy oppressive energy felt amidst restructuring and new forms emerging, it certainly has been a time of getting real, getting grounded and experiencing the heavy weight of reality of which the cycles of Saturn Reflects. 

I do predict a good summer, amidst all of the changes – The dust can settle somewhat. We will still have some eclipses, but there will not be any more retrogrades for some time, meaning affairs will be able to more or less, run smoothly. Stuff moves forward.

Less delays, obstacles and setbacks. Mind will clear, the road will form. The seasons are changing, people have adjusted, for good or ill,  and with the bright full moon at the end of the month in Aries/Ashwini – It is a time for a bright new beginning.

Venus moves into Scorpio on Friday 1st Oct.
This affects libra and taurus rising/moon – Her transit through a sign ruled by Mars increases passion, desire and intensity, Here Venus is about digging into the past, into secrets. We may even see some scandals or some truths revealed. Creative pursuits may take a darker tone, exploring sexuality, esoteric, occult or tantric themes. It can be a good time for finances, business, investments and purchasing a new vehicle. 

Venus approaches Ketu for the first part of the month – I often find when a planet is moving toward Ketu, it is like it is approaching a black hole – things get sucked in, disappear, end, or dissolve. Relationships may change, end or transform. New relationships which begin may not last for a long time, or they could be from a past life, they have a markedly spiritual tone to it. Past partners may return (especially with mercury retrograde) issues with women may surface… It can be a time to heal differences, rifts and separations & spiritualise your current connection

6 October – New Moon Virgo/Hasta & Shoola Yoga
This is a very potent day, drawing toward a week of turbulent waters – When the moon is hidden by the sun, it is a good time for introspection, spiritual  and simple activities. This Virgo new moon

This new moon in Virgo kicks off Shoola Yoga, which is a particular pattern, where all visible planets are grouped in 3 separate signs. Shoola relates to Shiva’s three ‘horned’ trident. It is a planetary yoga which can cause pain, it is piercing and can be harmful, it can indicate sharp and violent events/thoughts/words and actions. In a chart it can often indicate a sudden achievement followed by a sudden fall. Be mindful of how you speak during this time, especially since mercury, mars are conjunct in virgo, a communicative sign and mars is combust the sun, which as has been mentioned, increases frustration and aggression.

This yoga occurs across the natural 6th, 8th and 10th houses – we see this impact in daily life, with colleagues, workers, rising in situations relating to family, wealth and legacies, and in the workplace, with bosses, seniors and people in authority.

The Virgo new moon falls in the nakshatra ‘Hasta’. Hasta means ‘hand’. It is ruled by the moon itself. This is an emotional and intellectual star. It is creative, nervous, crafty, light, divine, fickle, indecisive and unsettled. When feeling the intensity of an overactive mind, working with your hands in some form goes a long way to alleviate and channel mental worries, anxieties and tensions.

This moon is complicated, as it will be in conjunction with sun, combust mars conjoined enemy mercury, as well as venus close to separative ketu, a very slow (almost still) Saturn, Retrograde Jupiter in enemy sign – we can see why this could be a very difficult week for some. Planets are stressed, blocked and frustrated. Politically this can be a volatile time where certain issues reach a breaking point. Sudden, unexpected event(s) may occur. Earthquakes, eruptions and landslides are likely during this time.

8 – 9 – 10 – 11  – challenge/change days
Sun, Mars and Mercury in planetary war, Saturn stations

Mars and Sun will be exactly conjoined from the 7th – 12th but remain in a very close conjunction for the rest of October, as they begin to separate. Saturn slows to station on the 8th – this is a delicate day- potential for volatility and unpredictability.

This combination increases aggression, frustration, arguments and battles with authorities. It can be great for athletes, and high performance folk who have a mission and goal, lest anybody stand in their way. Remember, leave the battles outside of the home. Fight the battles out in the world – and choose them wisely.

These dates are sharp. Take it easy, avoid anything major, leave the situation for a break and come back to it later. Don’t react. Saturn standstill moving direct – stalemate/impasse. Tight Sun/Merc/Mars conjunction… intellectual dominance and mental aggression/superiority

When you are triggered, what is being poked? This is the work. Life is a mirror conspiracy, vedanta teaches us to be detached, not to spiritually bypass difficulties. Be in the world but not of it. Practice detachment. A dance for sure, a continual practice of neither aversion nor grasping.

Hearty doses of tolerance, compassion, patience and acceptance are the tinctures which support the mind and consciousness to adapt to the situations. Trials are meant to strengthen and awaken the soul. 

18 – Sun moves to Libra
Sun is at its weakest place in the sky now. The light of the sun, the purity of the soul gets immersed into the sheaths and layers of material reality – associations become transactions, people are commodities, valued on what they do, how they look and what benefit they have, rather than being with humans based on the common ground of ‘being’ – Libra is one of the most materialistic signs, and is also the sign of diplomacy and harmony. Many spiritual people have sun here as it weakens the ego force, which when aligned in service to humanity, can be a wonderful leader.

A true leader is in fact, a humble servant.
A time for ethical business and enterprise.


FINALLY —- Stagnancy begins to move, the chrysalis of winter begins to crack, spring blossoms emerge and bloom, the ice melts … Saturn’s heavy lessons over the last 5 months bear fruit. What has felt immovable and unending stirs. Mercury slows down to move direct on the 19th as well as Jupiter who will also be grinding to a halt, to move direct on the 18th.

It is significant to have these major players moving forward within a week, so as the energies untangle and grind forward again. Travel plans will ignite, business, relationships and major projects will improve and go forward.

Be aware of these changes, and apply the accelerator gradually.  Take it easy over these days – it is still complicated and messy, avoid moving too fast, a bit more patience as threads are unwinding.

23 – Mars moves to Libra – This will affect Scorpio and Taurus rising/moon – here the warrior moves into the sign of diplomacy, meeting with the Sun again – Mars does not always feel so effective in the sign of the scales. Libra is about negotiation, compromise and striking a balance – weighing up items, people, situation of value. Good for business, making money, relationships may suffer somewhat, as fire meets with air – situations could get passive aggressive – Politics could get wobbly over this transit.

Stay tuned for more the Full Moon Report at the end of the Month. A powerful culmination of bright, fresh Arien energy heralding the official change of seasons and embarkation into a new chapter and cycle.

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Have a great month folks. 
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Love, Darinka x

{Art By Marius Roosendaal}

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