Full Moon Aries – Ashwini. Now is the Moment of Power

Hey Star Travellers,
We welcome a big, beautiful and bold full moon in fiery Aries!
It occurs in the first lunar mansion, the nakshatra Ashwini. 

Not known for subtlety, Aries breaks down walls, doesn’t often take no for an answer, has a pure heart, is fierce, warrior like, impulsive, courageous and pioneering. 
The shakti of Ashwini is Shidhra Vyapnai, the power to reach things quickly. 

This asterism is governed by the Ashwin Kumaras who are the divine physicians of the gods – this star can bring about quick realisation of healing, goals and plans.

Now is the moment of Power.

Why is this moon so potent ?

The Moon tonight will be the closest to the Earth – known as Sharad Purnima. It is the most healing and rejuvenating of lunar influences, especially since it falls in the star Ashwini.

We have stepped out of retrograde season 
Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter are all in their direct motion now. 
Situations are gathering speed, thoughts can flow freely, plans can move ahead. It is a time for healing and fresh starts.

Mars, which rules Aries is currently straddling the threshold of Virgo/Libra – conjunct the fixed star Spica – a bright, light, noble and refined energy. This is a positive and creative energy. Make the most of it.

Mars will move into the diplomatic sign of Libra, tied in a close connection with Sun ( until 9th November) indicating continued issues with authority and leadership, inflated egos, arguments and tempers. Two fire planets in an air sign together intensifies an already inflamed situation. 

The Sun is also at its lowest point of the year, as it is debilitated in Libra. One may feel low energy, tired, or struggle to assert oneself. In Libra, the Sun loses some of it’s vitality and the more subservient, or people pleasing aspects of Libra come out. It can be good however, for spiritual people as the ego is low and can move in the direction of humility and compassion. 

As the month progresses, Mars and Sun will come into opposition with rebel Uranus. This is likely to throw a few spanner in the works, electrifying, intensifying and potentially revolutionising something, or someone. 

The grahas (planets) represent people in your life – Mars is brothers, Sun is father, bosses or other leaders. Uranus is the rebel. Known as Prajapati in Jyotish, his influence is like a lightning bolt – shattering, shaking and challenging whatever is the status quo. 

Leo, Scorpio and Aries moon/rising folks will feel the energy more this month.  

The Aries Libra Axis is about self and other. It is the classic dance of the anxious – avoidant; the hyper independence of Aries does not want to lose its perceived sense of autonomy and freedom, Libra does not want to lose the connection. One wants to lean in, the other pulls away. Neither are secure in themselves and are unconsciously trying to regulate. The aim is to find cohesion without enmeshment. These issues maybe highlighted for some of you over this month.

Too much distance creates walls instead of healthy boundaries, the latter, which serve to actually maintain a relationship with the other person instead of just cutting off. 

It can be a good time to repair broken connections, or perhaps to re address your approach to how you do relating in general. It is a time for healing and rejuvenation all round.

As usual, follow whatever practices work for you, be mindful of rushing or doing too much, clean your crystals, a good time to clean the house and eat lightly.

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Lots of Love,
Darinka x

{Art by @artxman}

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