November Celestial Forecast – Relationships in Transition

31 Oct – Venus moves to Sagittarius
4 Nov – Diwali 
5 Nov –  New Moon – 8:14am Swati/Libra
16th – Sun moves into Scorpio
19th – Partial Lunar Eclipse
22nd – Jupiter enters Aquarius

November sees the following cosmic events –

Mars, Sun and Mercury continue to highlight relationship dramas and potential health issues as they clash, passing through Libra. Venus, who rules Libra has moved out of the intensity of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on the 31 Oct.

Sun debilitates in Libra, this can be a time of low vitality and health issues for some, indulgence in too much pleasure and sensory distractions. Sun in Libra, however, often loses its harsh ego edge and sense of pride so it is good for diplomacy and negotiation.

The first two weeks of November are potentially explosive as Mercury and Mars continue their volatile tango, with both planets being combust (too close/ burnt) by the Sun, Mercury and Mars combust (burnt) by the Sun, increasing impatience, restlessness, aggression and Vata imbalances.

Please take care specifically around the dates 9, 10, 11 November, as Saturn is making an exact square to the mars/mercury planetary war. These days could be quite heated.

Uranus – The great awakener sits opposite in Aries adding more electricity and fuel for the fire. It can indicate sudden shocks and unexpected events, rude awakenings and sudden realisations. It is another point to be aware of especially if you have planets in the line of fire. 

New moon in Libra – Swati – New moons are good for inner reflection and spiritual contemplation. The new moon intensifies any emotional hangups. Try not to force anything. There are difficult energies surrounding right now. New moon is a cyclical return to darkness, the delicate dance on a threshold; Libra marks the deepest point of the soul’s immersion into materialism and therefore the turning point, ascending toward spiritualism.

Saturn adds pressure to an already challenging situation due to his harsh ‘square’ 90° aspect from Capricorn

Workload increases. Busyness is overwhelming. Restructuring relationships. Some may end, or go through a trial. Arguments, a potential stalemate. Im right, you’re wrong. Stubbornness. Passive aggression, micro aggressions, the people vs the state. Leaders and those who serve. Authority and Democracy in question.

Sun/Saturn combinations often reflect lessons around ego and humility, how to harmonise these forces, understanding that true leadership is the highest form of service, leading people back to themselves, rather than controlling them, or creating dependence on a government, a kingdom or something outside the sovereign self.

Venus in Sagittarius opens up fresh ideas, point of views, movement and travel as well as surrendering of past experiences, accepting loss, welcoming rebirth, particularly as Venus travels through Mula nakshatra from 30 Oct – 14 nov.

Venus in Mula, is a time to connect with your roots. There may be undercurrents of detachment, disenchantment and dissatisfaction; what was once cherished and valued has somehow lost its shine. There may be some serious re-addressing of particular relationships in your life now. You are being tested. Venus is about worth and value – know when to leave the table when love is no longer being served. 

Sagittarius can be quite fundamentalist in its approach at times, so there may be clashes around ideologies and beliefs. Perhaps there isn’t a solution to be found but a truth to be accepted?

Jupiter finally moves out of debilitation in Capricorn and into Aquarius on the 22nd – A welcome sigh of relief, improving situations greatly for Sag + Pisces moon + rising. Travel will be on the horizon for many, and if not physically, then mentally and spiritually. 


Plan ahead –  Avoid taking on more projects, slow down, say no gracefully, prioritise rest & relaxing, ease up on yourself. Perfection is a lie. A time to yield, to be humble. A good leader is the ultimate servant, cultivating emotional intelligence and supports the team. Insecurities are loud, confidence is quiet. There may be trickery and manipulation. Be careful who you let on board, some people may try to sink the whole ship just because they can’t be captain.

Great time for focussed action, broadening horizons, perspectives and attitudes. More water, drink, bathe, cleanse. Be aware of the tendency for increased competitiveness, frustration and irritability. Especially after the new moon. Avoid spicy, pitta aggravating foods, meditate, avoid rajasic foods like excess salt, (red) meat, alcohol, stale, old and low pranic foods.

Diwali, Festival of Lights is on the 4th of November – it is about accessing our inner light, expanding our divine potential beyond petty limitations. Not everything needs a resolution, per se. Shamanic work is about sitting in the darkness and befriending pain & discomfort, in self and others.

Have a great month folks – I will make a separate post on the new moon on Instagram so make sure to tune in there for more! – @darinkamaja

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Love, Darinka x

{Art by Moebius – Jean Giraud}

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