Jupiter in Aquarius : 21 Nov – 14 April 22. New Trends, Innovation & Healing

Jupiter entered Aquarius on the 6th of April, moving up to 8 ° before retrograding on the 21st of June (the exact day cases began to rise and lockdowns began in Sydney) 

Now Jupiter has re -entered the sign of the water bearer, emerging from debilitation of Capricorn, for the next 12 years. He will stay in Aquarius until April next year, when he enters Pisces.

Aquarius is a futuristic, humanitarian, sharp and intellectual air sign, ruled by detached Saturn and eccentric Rahu. It values reason and democracy, over faith and excess emotion. Its fixed nature can make it fearful, detached, cautious and unwilling to compromise on certain issues.

Jupiter in Aquarius will manifest growth, changes and expansion in areas such as networks, friendships, large organisations, foundations, social justice, technology, democracy, wealth, gains and scientific research.

Three nakshatras span this constellation, Dhanishta ruled by Mars, Shatabhishak, ruled by Rahu and Purva BhadraPada, ruled by Jupiter. Aquarius therefore, carries the vibrations of Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter. 

Rahu is what gives Aquarius its eccentricity. Rahu is future and forward oriented, he breaks rules, boundaries and traditions, going against the status quo, challenging situations and treading new paths. It is also desire, fear and obsession. Saturn and Rahu are quite similar and yet they also cause internal tension due to the contrast & confluence of their energies. Saturn is a traditionalist, Rahu doesn’t always respect, or like to conform to traditions. This can innovation, medical breakthroughs and new trends, or outcasts, criminals and vigilantes. 

Jupiter will cast a positive 90° angle from itself, supporting Libra and Gemini signs as well as an energising 180° opposition onto Leo sign.

The Leo/Aquarius axis highlights the Sun/Saturn dynamic, reflecting issues with authorities, leaders, father figures, feeling insecure and not at home within oneself. This combination can sometimes indicate a closed or fearful heart, as well as other heart/cardiac related issues.

With Saturn sitting in Capricorn, in the 12th sign from Jupiter, this can bring issues such as hospitalisations, hidden enemies & losses, victim/perpetrator dynamics, betrayal/betrayed and other subconscious, hidden 12th house themes. With Rahu travelling through Krittika can indicate surgeries.

Saturn can be too harsh and cold, blocking the heart chakra. We need to embellish the higher qualities of Saturn such as surrender, humility, patience and embracing sorrow, in order to transform insecurity, arrogance and egotism. The Sun in its higher nature can be warm, radiant, loving and nurturing.

Saturn is still holding the reins with Jupiter even though much pressure has lifted and optimism has begun to return. As Jupiter moves into the last nakshatra of Aquarius and into Pisces, faith and spiritual wisdom can begin to flow more freely.

Jupiter transiting through Dhanishta until 3 Jan 2022 is influenced by Mars. This can be positive for courage, wealth creation and material gains, music and dance, however it is a star known for relationship discord. Dhanishta is a star also connected to celibacy.

Jupiter in Shatabhishak from 3 Jan – 3 March is where radical healing may emerge. New drugs to combat the virus may become popular and alternative options to the current reality is likely to unfold. This star is ruled by Rahu itself, but Jupiter’s influence, can quell the fears and illusions, guiding people toward Dharma, truth and righteousness.

Jupiter in Purva Bhadra Pada will be easier as Jupiter rules this star. It spans early Pisces as well. Jupiter in this star will feel more at home as the optimistic and benevolent rays will be able to express clearly and brightly.

Overall it is a great time for forward movements and creating new grounds in societies and organisations. Sagittarius and Pisces ruled folk will feel the shift the most.

Radical changes can bring new growth and opportunities. A time of moving forward with your plans and goals.

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Love, Darinka

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