The Starry Times : Full moon Aries/Bharani

There is much happening at the moment, I have just written a piece on Jupiter as he has just shifted into his own sign now properly, and will stay in Sag for the next year. You can read about it is my previous post here

Full moon is now in Aries, the first fire sign. It is @ 22 degrees in the star Bharani –
Bharani’s symbol is the Yoni, the planetary ruler is venus. Venus is located currently in Scorpio, a sign ruled by mars.

Mars (who rules aries and scorpio) is in Libra at the moment, forming a parivartana yoga (where two planets are exchanging signs) – so we have mars in the sign of libra, and venus in the sign of mars.
Mars in Libra tends to make aries + scorpio indecisive, so if you have aries/scorpio rising, sun or moon, allow yourself to mull over choices without needing to jump into any decision making. After the full moon, emotions won’t be so high and thinking can be clearer.

This combination tends to highlight intensity, passion, sexuality, creativity and transformation – all symbolic of the energy from this mars/venus energy at the moment.
Retrograde mercury is also opposing this full moon, and given the current state of affairs (especially along the east coast of Australia – peoples minds thoughts and emotions are feeling pretty wild and high right now.

For those who are not so affected, it can also be a highly creative, energetic and inspiring time; Bharani stimulates the second chakra and the need to expresses oneself perhaps, even in a cathartic and powerful way.

Fire is symbolic of wisdom and spirituality, and there is rarely any growth without pain, if all is well, why seek for anything than the status quo?

Things are burning up, physically and metaphorically.
The planets are reflecting the intensity of fire and the destructive form of Agni – It is a time to let things go to the fires of purification. Our mother is calling out to us.

Please stay tuned for my Jupiter in Sag through the signs post in a few days.

Much Love, be well, stay safe …
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Darinka x

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