New Moon, Venus transits + more

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Sorry to confuse everyone again… grab your star app and see for yourselves – the moon is smack bang in the middle of scorpio – except its invisible … Western astrology says Sag, however as I have been saying in my posts, the tropical zodiac is hypothetical, and not based on the position of planets against the zodiac. For more, and detailed info for astro nerds/astronomers and scientists alike, you can check out this article here :

New Moon in Scorpio

New moons are generally not best times for starting or launching things, despite it being said to be the opposite in western – much of the original ancient, pagan knowledge has been forgotten. Better to wait a day or two to start, launch, sign a contract or make important financial

Today is deep, introspective and slow. It is a good day to allow yourself to feel, but not react. To sit with and accept, to meditate, do general household things, and don’t think too much. The mind may be swirling and circulating with thoughts – unresolved things may feel like they need answers or resolution but its not worth pushing anything now. Wait a couple days before acting.

The moon is in the nakshatra (star) Anuradha. This is the star of devotion.This is a beautiful energy amidst the turbulence and general chaos of scorpio. Anuradha reflects the transformative and regenerative powers of scorpio, when we lay still, and not sting ourselves. The symbol for this star is the lotus. No mud no lotus. A universal symbol for the beauty that arises after difficulty. Patience and compassion is needed.

What else is going on?

Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Ketu and Pluto are all in Sagittarius at the moment.

If you have Sagittarius Sun, Moon or ascendant, you will be feeling all the focus on your sign quite intensely – also if you have mars or your chart ruler in Sagittarius. Saturn and Ketu have finally separated, so there is much relief from the challenges of the past year.

The combination of all these energies is still quite complex and unsettling, breaks and changes are continuing, however with Jupiter’s blessings, overall, things are likely to work out.

Jupiter has hit home ground for the next 12 months,
Venus will be staying until 16th of December,
Saturn moves into his own sign of Capricorn at the end of January next year.
Ketu will be staying put, in Sag till September next year,
Pluto will be retrograding next year, so will be staying in Sag for a while longer as well.

I have already written about Jupiter in Sag. You can read about it here :

Venus is currently going through major changes and transformation. If you have ascendant or moon in Taurus or Libra, you will be feeling the effect of Venus’ transit. Venus is relationships as well, so there may be some breaks and changes in that area. Of course not every relationship is going to suffer at this time, only if there have already been issues, then this month might see some situations reach a point where decisions have to be made.

Specific dates to watch for venus:

29 Nov – Moon conjunct Venus and Ketu
3 Dec – Venus Ketu conjunction @ 15 degrees Sag.
11 Dec – Venus Saturn conjunction @ 24 degrees Sag

Venus can struggle with the austerities that Ketu and Saturn tend to impose. Both those planets are to do with simplicity, letting go, detachments, withdrawal etc. Venus like to play, to love, to be warm and fuzzy and enjoy the pleasures and comforts of the material world. Saturn can be cold and harsh, restricting Venus’ natural expressions, Ketu tends to disassociate and detach us from things, so with venus that can be relationships, material things, business, pleasure etc. If your moon is ruled by venus, you feel depressed for no reason, or a bit sad, full of doubt, uncertain, insecure. If your ascendant is ruled by venus, you will be feeling this physically, perhaps feeling tired or lethargic, unmotivated.

Remember that this transit will pass and you can use it as an opportunity to see if you have placed too much of your self worth in other people, or if you tend to reject and ignore your spiritual reality, or place too much importance on material things. Having that balance is important to keep things in perspective, there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying the material world and its fruits, its when we identify with it and place our self worth and value on the external things that we tend to feel these challenging transits more acutely, as they act to shake us up from comfortable ruts.

Ketu influencing venus may create some dissatisfaction, on the other hand it can be a good time to spiritualise your relationship. On Friday (venus’s) day you could do date night, venus connects to women and the feminine side of life, so you could offer support to your female friends, or even just do something nourishing for yourself, like take a bath, get a massage, receive, restore and rest.

Saturn’s influence may expose you to the reality of your partner, its up to you if you can accept their human-ness and flaws (Saturn likes to judge). This is the same for how your relate to yourself.

Toxic thinking needs to be stopped firstly to ourself!

Venus also signifies business so these effects may be felt in that arena too It depends on which houses venus is ruling, plus aspects. These are just general indications.

So this is my little interpretation of some of the transits this month – if you would like to know more, please get in touch, I offer consultations in person or on skype, and ka huna bodywork if you are needing to shift some energy and receive some beautiful aloha.

Thanks for reading,
Love Darinka.

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