The Starry Times : Jupiter in Sagittarius

Hey Folks, welcome to another episode of the starry times. I’ll be talking about Jupiter today as a major planet who has just shifted signs.

Jupiter is the planet that connects us to our spiritual values & beliefs. As ruler of the natural 9th house, Jupiter promotes higher learning, philosophical thinking, higher knowledge and religious ideals.

– A little side note on religion here and I mean no offence when I say, religion is something that has been created to make sense of reality – spirituality is about experiencing reality as it is, without creating a story or dogma to coerce or manipulate people through fear into certain ways/rituals/behaviour. While it may appear that the external rituals in India and other spiritually connected cultures are attached to dogma – the outer form is only a medium to the inner – Vedic sciences are universal technologies for self-realisation, to discover the truth of who we are, why we are here and to realise our divine heritage.

Jupiter has just entered home ground. If you can remember back on the 15th of April this year, Notre Dame went up in flames. Jupiter had just entered Sag, before it began its 5 month retrograde.

The world was in shock
The media flocked
Millions of dollars poured in
Everything became political
and the hypocrisy of the rich was exposed for all to see.

Now, Jupiter is in the same volatile position of the zodiac and we are have catastrophic fires here in Australia.

Sagittarius is a firey, expansive and relates to the masculine, outgoing and upward moving aspect and nature of Jupiter – the fire of spiritual truth and reality. In its highest expression, Jupiter in Sag can inspire divine thinking, aligned to dharma, following universal truth, rather than limited personal beliefs. It balances the mundane with the sacred, living in the world, guided by right thinking and ideas which promote harmony across all class, creed , race and religion – Sag can be both, the most non-judgemental and open minded, or the most limited and fundamentalist.

There are 3 nakshatras which span through Sagg – 0-13’20 is Mula, ruled by Ketu. 13’20 – 26’40 – Purva Ashadha, ruled by Venus and lastly, Uttara Ashada, ruled by the Sun which spans from 26’40 min of sagg to 10 degrees of Capricorn.

If your sun moon or ascendant falls in any of these stars, you will be having a positive, transformative and expansive time in your life now, with new opportunities and potential to expand your horizons and heal the past few years of tumultuous changes.

Jupiter is currently in Mula and has already been an intense experience as Mula is a fierce and destructive, yet highly spiritualising star. Ruled by ketu and associated with Nirriti, a destructive and darker form of Kali – During this transition, we are likely to see more fundamentalist related effects of the darker side of an unevolved sag/jupiter – Otherwise it can be a great time to continue to cut negative and limiting beliefs/attitudes that are holding you back.

Saturn has spent the last 2 years in Sag, breaking down many limitations and exposing greater corruption around the world, as well as ketu who has been severing our attachments to false beliefs, ways of being, delusions, dogma, attitudes and habits, so sag has really been in the washing machine with deep changes occurring. On top of all of that, Pluto has also been in Sag for quite a number of years, and with Saturn about to make a major conjunction in January this year, we will continue to see people reaching their limits with the erosion of democracy and the amount of control certain power structures have been creating in world politics.

As power structures are shaken and things seem to fall apart, as things burn and ash remains, it is stark reminder of the inherent fragility and ultimate dependancy we have on our Mother – and we have not been respectful of her at all.

In my opinion, we are in a deep, spiritual drought – and we need to decolonise our minds, to reconnect to our greater purpose on earth, for our lives, with each other and within the cosmos.

Jupiter in sag is a time where folks may be questioning many things about life they have taken for granted/not thought about much. With great chaos comes great change, and sag is not a mild sign, it can be quite fierce in its functioning.

Fortunately Jupiter can inspire those willing, to seek guidance, wisdom and universal knowledge, to explore who they are and kindle the desire for self-realisation. When we can embrace the necessity for breakdowns and lean into breakthrough, Jupiter can bring great healing and awareness of the confusions and chaos that many have been experiencing the last few years.
The invitation is to connect to our higher selves – Humanity has a vast cosmic heritage and we are beginning to wake up.

Please stay tuned for my Jupiter in Sag through the signs post in a few days.

Much Love, be well, stay safe x

I offer consultations in person, on skype or pre recorded if you are keen to understand how the planets and stars are affecting you personally – all info on my website.

Darinka x

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