Full Solar Eclipse Dec. 2019

Wow its almost the end of 2019 …

Time flies huh?

It’s certainly been a huge year, big shifts, lots of stuff churning and moving and being pulled out of everyone in different ways, to different degrees.
As our earth moves, floods, burns and erupts, we are seeing the shifts unfolding in a powerful and very, very real way.

In my view, humanity is in a spiritual drought- the roots of all societies dysfunction can be traced back to a fundamental disconnection with spiritual reality. Society has sold its soul and now we are paying the price.

This might sound so doom and gloom, but it isn’t really. True love is fierce. A mother who loves you will let you make your own choices and get hurt even though it hurts her, because she knows that is the only way you will really learn; when lessons are embodied and felt. There is no other way – In this sense, our mother earth is showing us that the way we have been living isn’t working anymore – it never did.

So humanity is being forced to change. This is process we are in. It is completely a -moral; outside of judgement. We can either be dragged, or accept change with grace, accepting the invitation to surrender and let go, to willingly step into the fire of purification and allow the false selves to fall away.

Frustration and crisis is not designed to punish someone with illness and ‘bad luck’ – but to propel the person to discover the roots of the cause of the unhappiness – to seek the deeper spiritual undercurrents of which life manifests from.

Full Solar Eclipse Dec 2019 – Sagittarius
There is a full solar eclipse happening on the 25/26th of December. It is a new moon day, where the sun and moon make an exact conjunction with one of the nodes. The dark disc of the new moon fully covers the sun.

This eclipse will be visible in parts of Saudia Arabia, South India and some of South East Asia including Indonesia. This eclipse falls in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter in the lunar mansion Mula, ruled by Ketu. Both are in Sagittarius.

Eclipses are potent, transformative and leveraging. These energies manifest on a psychological and subtle level – Often, earthquakes or natural disasters occur before and after eclipses (literally & figuratively). If you have been waiting for an answer, one may become clear during this time, or life will show you the harsh reality and you will be given a very clear choice. Don’t believe any negative things your mind may be throwing around – any unsettled feelings are an indicator to slow down, pull back and retreat till the moon passes out of the grip of the nodes.

Eclipses can reveal things that have been obscured; shadows may be strong but light dispels darkness instantaneously. The opportunity is available to go deep within, sever old ties, on all levels. Seeds of creation lie dormant in the ashes of destruction – such is the endless cyclical nature of Shakti – of mother nature.

The lunar mansion (nakshatra) is Mula (0 degrees- 13’20 min Sag)
Mula means Root, or a bundle of roots tied together. It is connected to the Muladhara (base) chakra. The deity is Nirriti, goddess of destruction, calamity & transformation. Kali/Nirriti energy is about severing us from our false selves – the egos that sprout from our head thinking it is in control of everything! This is one of the symbolisms of the necklace of heads around Kali – It is a deeply spiritual star located at the centre of the galaxy. People who have a prominent Mula can be wise, profound & destructive, searching for the roots of all things. Mula is ruled by Ketu – the south node of the moon.

Ketu’s vibration represents Pralaya – the cosmic forces responsible for the dissolution of a world age – especially after prolonged times of civilisation’s excess (rahu) – As the earth changes it is important to know that cycles of destruction -creation are cyclical and timely – and there is a greater order unfolding beyond daily realities. Pluto is the other planet connected to dissolution – Saturn is approaching conjunction. As structures fall away, humanity’s stark fragility stands out in the face of our fierce yet loving mother.

Jupiter is most troubled at the moment as it is hemmed at 11 degrees of Sag in between the sun and Ketu. Purification by fire is the major theme at the moment – we are certainly seeing this at the moment in Australia and out of control bushfires ravage the continent. Jupiter represents our faith – is the mind open or is it fundamentalist about certain things? What are your beliefs about things? Do they serve the highest good or keep you limited? Is it time to broaden and expand your spiritual vision? These themes have been thrown up in the air over the last few years, with Saturn restructuring institutions, and the internal faith structures that may have originally kept people in a certain mode of being – Now Jupiter will be in Sag for the next year, may the restructuring be grounded & integrated, with clear distinctions between truth and falsehood.

Jupiter represents husbands and male figures including teachers, gurus and male children. There may be issues in these areas. Allow the eclipse to pass and then make your decisions. Also avoid signing or starting any new things during this eclipse time… wait some days before acting.

People who have Sagittarius moon sun or ascendant will be feeling this energy acutely. Please, take it super easy and avoid putting any extra pressure on yourselves. This time leading up to the eclipse can feel very unsettled, confusing and stressful, so be mindful over the holiday period and allow yourself to rest, no need to plan for the long term right in this moment, wait till after the 27th/28th, as things will settle down somewhat.

Mars will also move into its own sign scorpio on the 26th, so there will be more energy available, especially for Aries and Scorpio rising and moon people.

Eclipses are inauspicious for starting things like businesses, buying a home or a car, signing contracts etc – It is however a good time for spiritual things – meditate, do your practice, small rituals, embrace aloneness, simplify your life, give things away, clean out the house, attend to ordinary matters – this is the best way to deal with these energies. It’s no point feeling fear, just about using the energy wisely and avoiding creating unnecessary complications for ourselves.

In Australia there is a practice used to curb and manage bushfires – backburning. Before disaster strikes we could all do a little back burn in our lives and willingly prepare for bigger events – preventing out of control situations. With simple life management we need not have such calamitous events, globally or personally.

This eclipse is a profound portal – ketu connects us to past life things, on a personal level, it’s a fantastic time to sever and leverage yourself once and for all from all old patterns. Let it go, burn it, bury it, put it to sea, whatever ritual suits you.

Know that sometimes situations arise and come up during these times, and there can be a tendency to make drastic changes – it is much better to wait till the dust settles before making final choices or acting on impulse, precisely because the nodes and eclipse affect our mind and reasoning. After a while watching and observing these cosmic patterns, it becomes much easier to deal with tricky situations.

With Love,
Stay Safe & Happy Silly Season!
Darinka x

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