Earthship 2020 – Saturn/Pluto Conjunction

Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today, To get through this thing called ‘life’

– Prince

It feels a little like this at the moment – Australia is burning, there are other fires and climate emergencies occurring, global tensions are rising; the state of world affairs are catalysing greater apathy and unrest, as humanity is waking up and asking deeper questions

Saturn and Pluto are currently conjunct in Sagittarius hovering at 28 degrees.
What does this mean?

The essence of this conjunction may appear to be one of retribution – especially if we look at the current state of world affairs. However this is a limited way to relate to the universe especially if we consider the possibility that our experience of life is really one of sacred relationship to reality, that the energy and frequency of our thoughts, words and actions carry resonance and all actions have repercussions and consequences. All actions cause ripples in space time – all that is sent out must be received back.

Personally I interpret this time as a deep cleansing, purification and transformation on the deepest cellular levels. We are in a time of reckoning, as erroneous ways of living are bursting at the seams. It is becoming painfully obvious that the way humanity has been living is so far out of sync with natural law.

We are in a time period which reflects a world in great flux. Humanity is waking up. There is enlightenment and total ignorance simultaneously. The earth is shaking, flooding and burning. Are we being punished? Is there really god? Are we creators? What is our greater purpose? Why are we here?

What is Pluto & Saturn?

Pluto is known as Yama in hinduism. He is Hades – the god of the underworld in greek mythology. Yama is also known as Dharmaraja, ‘ The lord of the application of the law, or ‘the king of righteousness’, representing the eternal law which the universe resides.
You see, in nature, there is no judgement of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ – These are human values. There is simply cause and effect. Action begets reaction, and more actions. This is Karma. There is no blame, only the ability to respond to life as it arises.

As the structures (saturn) of society are shaking at the foundations, Yama (pluto) is the force of reckoning which no one can avoid. Saturn makes us take karmic responsibility; to face the karmas we need to deal with in this lifetime. Pluto’s effect is where anything that is obsolete is burned away.

In vedic cosmology, Yama was the first mortal who died and departed to the planetary abodes. He is the god of death and rules over the kingdom of the dead where the ancestors dwell and is the king of ghosts. In yogic tradition, Yama is also the first limb of the 8th fold path of Yoga set by Sage Patanjali. Yama also represents certain yogic practices which are essentially about personal conduct; learning how to behave. In this way, Yama is an agent of Lord Shiva, showing that the path of self control and dharmic awareness leads us from untruth to truth and ultimately freedom.

For most of last year there has been a profound breaking down of old structures on multi levels and dimensions, as saturn and ketu had been in a tight embrace for most of the year. With all the activity in Sagittarius, overall there have been radical changes and shifts in global ideologies, beliefs and higher/spiritual values.

Saturn brought to the surface past secrets and unaccounted karma, which has had the chance to be faced and dealt with. We have been confronted with our own limitations. On a personal level, there has been a strong push for letting go, severing old ties, deep energetic clearing and a return to simplicity and humility. Saturn’s influence reminds us that no one can escape karmic responsibility, we all have a role to play, duties to fulfil and karma to experience. Life may give you a cactus, but you don’t have to sit on it – this is why spiritual practices exist!

Humanity is at the stage moving into and discovering its inherent divinity, yet, is still attached to the animal aspects of its nature – this is represented by Sagittarius, which is half man and half animal. The arrow symbolises forward movement toward unity. The theme of the spiritual warrior has been very strong over the last couple years as Sagittarius has been tenanted by Saturn, then ketu, now Jupiter as well as the other personal planets making their sojourn through this powerful fire sign of the centaur.

In some ways we could say that there is an aspect of Pralaya occurring now, especially since ketu has entered Sagittarius in march 2019. Sagittarius is the sign of the spiritual warrior seeking the deepest roots of reality. Pralaya is a cosmic stage of dissolution. It is often brought upon via Ketu – the south node of the moon. Dissolution brings balance to a societies’ excesses.

Now, as Saturn moves into his own sign of Capricorn on the 24th of Jan, restructuring will continue to happen in a new way. Capricorn is a sign connected to governments, establishments, the state, civilisation. It is a materialistic sign, earthy, yet cardinal, so it is always active, working away at one thing or another

With Saturn travelling through its home territory for the next 2.5 years, we can expect major re-structuring in global politics and governments. How it will unfold is to be seen. Things will get interesting from May 2020 as three major planets go retrograde. Pluto will also be retrograde. (I will write on this in a future post). On a personal level, and depending on where Capricorn falls in your chart, you can expect advancement, changes and/or greater responsibility in some area of your life.

It is a crucial time on the planet as the forces within our own natures which may destroy us are strong, and yet the spiritual light is burning so very bright as well. Pluto and Saturn are two planets which do not let anyone escape what needs to be faced. There is no coming to consciousness without pain and in the middle of it all, is great confusion, with sudden bursts of clarity along the way. Evolution is a non linear path, and has no time frame. All things evolve in their own time. (Saturn).

Saturn brings a stark reality check, – and when he moves into his other sign, Aquarius, may the re-structuring transform into crystal visions – things don’t have to be the way they are now, our divine heritage is limitless, and we really can imagine a higher octave of reality, and life – for all!

May we accept the necessary crisis as agents of change, accepting the cyclical nature of reality.

In Death, we come to know the true meaning of Life!

Thanks for reading everyone, this is my take on the current cosmological weather and its reflection on earthly events. I am offering consultations and readings if you would like to know more about how the planets are affecting you personally. Many thanks to my teacher Komilla Sutton for all her knowledge, support and teachings!

Love, Darinka x

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