Full Moon Ashlesha/Cancer

This full moon shines bright in the later part of Cancer – in the asterism called Ashlesha – this star is connected to the nagas, the serpents which entwine, and constrict. It is also intimately connected to the kundalini shakti. This star is also known as the ‘clinging’ star.

Cancer is home for the moon, so it has an innate comfortability here, yet Ashlesha can be complicated. It is ruled by mercury, so we have the moon/mercury dynamic which tends to lean toward analysis of emotions.

Nagas are feared for their mysterious and unpredictable natures , yet they are ancient carriers of wisdom and knowledge. Snakes keep their poison externally – it can be used to heal or hurt, and at least one time in their lives, Ashlesha people have been at that junction.

People who have Ashlesha prominent in their charts can sometimes appear to have snake eyes; they are natural counsellors, healers, mystics or mediums, with the power to see beyond appearances and into the truth of a matter.

This moon receives an aspect from Saturn, although wide, it can create a coolness and sense of emotional pressure.

Generally full moons affect the mind and emotions; with the vibration of this star, be mindful of the tendency to indulge in things/people/substances that take you away from your centre and inner light. Stay centered, meditate, still and quiet the mind, keep things simple.

You can ask yourself, is this experience expanding me or contracting me? Be aware of any mental/emotional confusion, making decisions based on temporary feelings. If it is possible, wait a day or two and then make a move.

Enjoy this powerful moon, cling to what is good, true and beautiful within yourself and the world and may the powers of the cosmic serpent enlighten you!

With love, Darinka x

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Truth. Beauty. Love = Magic

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