New Moon Aries/Ashwini

This new moon signifies furthering of health and healing, a new cycle begins, there is fresh inspiration and much energy available. Despite difficulties and restrictions, there is underlying strength to the current situation.

Ashwini is the star of health, healing and medicine.

The Ashvins (or Ashwini Kumaras) are depicted as horse-headed brothers; Nasatya (elder ashvin) is the god of health and his younger brother, Dasra, is the god of medicine.

They are known in vedic lore, as the divine physicians to the gods, with knowledge of health, healing and herbs, who performed many medical miracles. The nature of the star is light and swift with a great need for movement and speed. Often people with prominent planets or ascendant in this star have a strong affinity with horses and equestrian activities as well as travel. 

The Sun has also just entered this star, on the 14th of April, heralding the slow cessation of the immediate covid-19 outbreak. With the moon conjoining the sun in this asterism, a new cycle begins – one of healing and rejuvenation, but what does that really mean? 

Society is made up of individual people. We are society, so when we think of the world out there, it is in essence a reflection of the world ‘in here’

Are your choices in life taking you on an upward spiral? Or, are you spinning in the same direction, rehashing the same rhetoric/story/belief/action?

Is a cycle you are in evolving or devolving?

Cycles of expansion and contraction are embedded in the natural processes of life. Human experience is no different.

True growth and evolution is outside of the comfort zone, it is uncomfortable, itchy, annoying.
What feels unpleasant can often lead to aversion and grasping – filling time, space and the mind with endless activities and distractions.


What cycle are you ready to complete?
When things are not resolved consciously by choice, fate appears to grab and shake us, as if by force. The celestial weather is calm enough at the moment to make clear decisions. What you decide over the next few days will have lasting effects. Act wisely, with foresight.

The goal of any spiritual practice, is not in how long, how many years one has spent on retreat, doing courses, classes, or how many wise and learned people one has sat with. The fruits of all practice are the measure of spiritual success.

True health and wellbeing is in direct relation to how content and peaceful you are. The sweetest fruit is the nectar of inner peace and contentment. The immune system needs deep peace to function effectively. 

How are you creating peace in your daily life? How do you pick your battles? How to you honour your needs? Are you keeping silent when things needs to be said, and starting a war within yourself? The creation of peace is a daily practice. It is not a destination, but regular maintenance, a way of life, a state of mind. Some days are harder, but balance can always be regained. 

To follow Dharma – which is the righteous path, or in Native America : ’The Good Red Road, means to walk in balance, to live in harmony with life and the universe, without separation. It means honouring the divine within all things, seeing the connection between all things. 

In Huna – It is Pono – Effectiveness is the measure of truth – Do what is effective for you. It may not be someone’s path/dharma, but it may be right for you. This requires deep listening and deep stillness. 

New moon time invites us into the deep night to seek the answers you need, by connecting to your inner spring, your source, the essence of great natural peace.

I offer astrology consultations and vedic counselling, if you are interested to get to know yourself more, understand your karma in this life, and unravel your unique soul story.

Bookings can be made online through my website :

Namaste & enjoy this new moon beauties
Darinka x

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