Retrograde Season 2020

Understanding is the Heart of Compassion and the Essence of Peace.
When are we not in relationship?
I live in a relational world. 
Mitakuye Oyasin – I  Honour All my Relations

Some thoughts to ponder :

What is the true nature of relationship ? 
How do I relate to the world?
How do I relate to my Self?

IKE – I am Aware 

IKE is the first principle of Huna. Huna is the spiritual foundation of Hawaiian shamanism, and the philosophy which underpins the massage and bodywork I practice.
Pure awareness is the still lake from which we as observer, can see all that is. It is the vast and endless sky. Clarity in vision gives keen perception and in-sight, seeing from within. In – Tuition, the inner teacher, the teacher from within, the light of our own being, the light of the soul and spirit. When there is stillness, there is clarity, with clarity comes awareness. 

I am Aware.

What’s Happening now in the cosmos? 

While there are many factors occurring at the moment, this article is focussing specifically on Venus. Each article this month will focus on the themes and effects of the planet in question, not just on an abstract level, but experientially. Astrology is a science, once which depends on inner observation and reflection. It is deeply personal and universal, subjective and objective. As a language, astrology maps our consciousness and evolution through all dimensions of human experience. 

Saturn will be turning retrograde on May 11 and Jupiter on 13 May. Mars has entered Aquarius, Mercury is in Aries,

Venus has been in Taurus since 28 March is currently slowing down to move retrograde for 5 weeks on 13th May. The Sun moves into Taurus on the 15th of May, causing Venus to disappear for most of it’s retrograde. It will be combust which means, the Sun’s bright rays will drown out Venus. After the Sun’s transit, Venus will re-appear as the morning star.

Venus is having an unusually long saunter through the sign of the bull, one of it’s most comfortable places in the zodiac. Normally Venus traverses a sign anywhere between 23 days to two months however this year it stays in Taurus for 4 1/2 months.

To read more about Venus retrograde for 2020, CLICK HERE

Venus manifests through the 2nd chakra. The the tattva, (the essence of an element) is Jala; water. Venus connects us to the Creative Process in all its forms, (including art and artistic ability) as all our creative energy comes from the 2nd chakra, the primary creative centre.

While the Moon governs the flow of water. Venus shows us how we express  that flow … 
Venus governs what we value, our tastes, love languages, our inner attitude to how we like to express affection, feeling and affection. Venus compatibility is one of the four major cornerstones of smooth compatibility. When Venus in a couple’s charts are not in sync, it reflects discordant tastes and values, and depending on other factors and indicate a major incompatibility.

In vedic thought, marriage between two people was for the purpose of spiritual development, each person is helping the other in their journey; Dharma on Earth. Not everyone’s path involves romantic relationship in the current lifetime, and others have the need to delve right into the heart of relationship for their lessons. 

The idea of relationship and Venus’ role in life is not limited to who we share our bed with – we can extend this notion of relating to the world around us. “All our Relations” – In Lakota Language is Mitakuye Oyasin. It is about living lightly, with deep reverence for the existence of all life, and treating yourself, and all around you with Respect.

If your basic premise is toseek harmony above all, in all your dealings; within yourself, relationship and the way you relate to the world, then there need not be conflict that drives drama

However, if your basic premise is to be right, or to protect yourself from threat, then conflict is sure to arise, which results in chaos and destructive drama. 

To seek harmony involves a passion and desire for deep understanding. 

First you need to deeply understand yourself, your compulsions, motivations and desires. 
This requires you are able to sit and be with yourself without reaching for distraction. It means sitting, breathing and just being. Not grasping, not averting, but being. 
Breathing, sitting. No phone reaching, no-thing, no mind. Just being. 

Inner stillness is a quality which allows the tides of breathing to regulate the ebb and flow of the thought currents in the mind-space. 

All physical action (karma) is preceded by thought. 

Understanding is the foundation of compassion. Understanding supports acceptance, it fosters an atmosphere of harmonious relating.

It may be that you come to an understanding that your needs conflict with those of another, and the course of action may be to walk away. It may be that you understand your partner needs to feel heard, and that your need to be right (or something else) overshadows that, contributing to conflict. 

It may be that you understand the patterns of rejection in your story and how that might be creating a self- fulfilling prophecy of ‘not- good – enough’ syndrome, thereby sabotaging your need to feel at peace and at home within yourself. 

To understand and accept things, people, situations, does not mean you have to agree with or stay with it. It means you give yourself an opportunity for deep peace by changing the way you approach and relate to a situation. 

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

If you truly want peace, you must actively work at creating it. It is the heart of all spiritual practices – Devote yourself to this and watch your life slowly transform. 

Understanding is the Heart of Compassion and the Essence of Peace.
When are we not in relationship?

Mitakuye Oyasin – I honour All my Relations

Do you want to improve your relationship and your understanding of your partner’s nature, way and mode of operating? Are you and your partner on a journey together and serious about creating a positive atmosphere of peace with each other? Are you curious to explore what has brought you together and what are the lessons and gifts you are sharing with each other?
Book in now for a relationship compatibility consultation.

Love, Darinka x

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