Venus Retrograde In Taurus May 2020

Venus Retrograde 13 May 2020 – 25 June
Venus is a prime indicator of finances, and governs over the things we value as well as our tastes. 

As a significator for relationship and spouse, Venus shows what we are attracted to, what we find beautiful, our creative gifts, what we appreciate and like. Venus indicates the nature of our love language and one’s inner attitude to how we express affection and love. 

Venus matching is one of the four major cornerstones of smooth compatibility between couples.

This year, Venus retrograde comes along with Saturn and Jupiter retrograde on the 11th and 15th of May. It is a complicated energy, and a strong planetary signature.

All retrograde periods indicate time to ‘repair the hull’. Nothing in life is meant to stay on a forward trajectory. The very essence of life is one of birth, maintenance and destruction. Bhrama, Vishnu and Shiva are ‘gods’ who represent express these universal principles. These forces also reside within us.

Re-source yourself. Difficult times mean that we often need to re-assess our approach to a situation. Be flexible in your thinking. Retrograde means, re- think, re-pair

Stop, let plans change or be delayed. Creativity may feel stifled, plans get thwarted, designs get changed – allow for the unexpected and don’t be so attached to outcome. Scorpio, compromise with yourself or you will be digging a deeper hole!

When Venus is in retrograde there may be opportunities for relationships to strengthen, or separate. Depending on the individual karmas of the people involved, and the relationship itself, this is a time to deepen the union or re assess the vision and purpose. 

Not all relationships need to end during this time. Find the weak spots and work at strengthening the strengths of the union rather than running away. Take time out if you need. Avoid rushing any decisions. This of course, in no way means you should put up with abuse of any kind or stay in a situation that consistently undermines your wellbeing and inner peace. 

To improve your relationships, you can read the next article I have written, specifically for this period : Venus and the Art of Relationship. 

Venus will particularly affect Taurus & Libra moons and ascendants most strongly, as Venus rules these signs. Scorpio has Venus transiting through the 7th house. 

Libra may have some unexpected changes and/or reversals as Taurus is the 8th sign from Libra, (8th being connected to Scorpio and sudden events) – however this can indicate that there may be transformational experiences related to one’s creative expression, relationships, tastes and values. Venus’s transit in the 8th can indicate secret or hidden wealth/money, yours or partners. 

Taurus, will have Venus going through their first house. It can be a strengthening and empowering influence, however watch for excessive overindulgence (Taurus loves its food) – sloth and laziness. Use the retrograde time to improve your appearance, re-assess your personal values and code of conduct. Venus in the first will aspect the 7th house of relationship so it can be a time to connect with your partner and make sure you are on the same page. If you are not in relationship, use this time to strengthen your commitment to yourself and your needs. Taurus tends to sublimate their personality for their partners, so solo time may be just what the doctor ordered!

For Scorpio, Venus will be in the 7th house, directly impacting relationships of all kinds, including business. Venus here is giving great strength to Scorpios, so use the retrograde to  refine your values, tastes and standards and let yourself get creative with your business ideas, allow the retrograde time to upskill and get clear on your ideas. It can be a positive time for relationships, be clear about what you want and desire and communicate this with your partner. Avoid power struggles and celebrate the good things you share with each other. 

Do you want to improve your relationship and your understanding of your partner’s nature, way and mode of operating? Are you and your partner on a journey together and serious about creating a positive atmosphere of peace with each other? Are you curious to explore what has brought you together and what are the lessons and gifts you are sharing with each other?
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Love, Darinka x

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