Full Moon Libra/Vishakha May 2020

Welcome to the Full Moon Edition of The Starry Times.

May is full of changes as  Saturn, Jupiter and Venus go retrograde between the 11th and 15th of May. Mars has moved into eccentric Aquarius, Venus is strong in her own sign of Taurus, and the nodes are still coiling us in the serpent’s grip of time, creating much karmic uncertainty. As well, we have the eclipse season beginning in a month. 

These next few months will throw many things up in the air, however it can be an excellent time to truly delve into the heart and root of deep obstruction, weed out negativity, purify and transform your karmas. Deep social restructuring has been catalysed as Saturn and Pluto have entered Capricorn (who means business) earlier this year. I will be writing specifically about these changes, so make sure to sign up (if you haven’t already) to my blog to receive all updates on the celestial news and planetary trends. I also post regularly to Instagram (@darinkamaja) if email’s are not your thing.

7th May is said to be Buddha’s birthday. Every year it changes date due to the Lunar calendar.
It is a good day to think selflessly and look at your life with eyes of gratitude for all the blessings that is surrounding you now.

Every month is a cyclical journey of the lunar waxing and waning, of rising and falling, of illumination and darkness. 

The Lunar and Solar principles reflect the timeless dance and interaction of Purusha and Prakriti, Space and Consciousness, Shiva and Shakti.

The moon is Mind; Manas – simply put, the moon reflects our emotional tides and selves. It is the light of Awareness (Sun), which  illuminates the darkness of the mind (moon).  

The mind can be a faithful servant, or it can take over and be our master. Who is the thinker that thinks? Who is the I (eye) that sees?

How are you feeling?
Is it uncomfortable?
Do you feel agitated at the question?
Are you ready to burst into tears?
Do you feel fine?
Are you inspired? 
Do you feel nothing?

These type of questions connect us to our receptive, lunar side. When we cease to identify with the transitory thoughts and feelings which occupy our minds for most (if not all) of our lives, there is a deeper reservoir of spaciousness from which to act from. This is the art of changing destiny. 

When dealing with strong emotional issues, the way through them is always to first acknowledge and accept their reality. Seek to understand. Be compassionate to your process, be patient with yourself, honour your needs, and be deeply present to what is. Mental and emotional disturbances can be managed, remedied and healed by following simple yogic practices which calm and pacify the endless thought currents which constantly bombard the mind. Seek to master your mind and watch how your life transforms.

This full moon rises @23° in the sign of Libra in the asterism of Vishakha. (20°Libra – 3°20 Scorpio)

This star is one signifying the threshold between materialism and spiritualism; Libra, the heart of materiality and Scorpio, the mysterious depths of the cosmos. 

Vishakha’ s symbol is an arch, a doorway and a potter sitting at the potter’s wheel, patiently creating her art.

Vishakha is ruled by Jupiter, giving the energy of this star optimism, faith, wisdom and benevolence. This asterism is the only star ruled by two deities, Indra and Agni. Vishakha symbolises the desire of the soul to shed the poisons (karmas) of the past and move forward on the path of Dharma.  Agni is the god of Fire, which translates as the pure energy and spirit of fire, it is by it’s very nature volatile and spiritualising – Fire is the very embodiment of transformation and in the life, change is rarely welcomed nor is it easy. 

Indra is the King of the Devas and Lord of Storms, War and Rain, yet he suffered as a result of his unchecked and excessive desires. Indra had to perform tapasya (austerities) before gaining wisdom and respect. Excess and indulgence can lead to periods of regret and suffering, however the necessary withdrawal and reflection can lead to deep lived wisdom which is often rare in the world. 

The Jupiterian undercurrent, with a Venusian overtone shows that this months full moon is asking us to reflect upon our material and spiritual values, and to recognise they are not seperate, rather intrinsically entwined.

Jupiter and Venus are the two Gurus, who have different agendas. Finding a balance can be difficult at times, as Venus is Rajasic, Teacher of the Asuras, supporting worldly pleasure, desire and passions, while Jupiter is Sattvic, the teacher of the Devas, relating to the path of Dharmic and right living, which at times can seem elitist in its quest for purism. Venus (Shukracharya) tends to reject this purism and wants to accept everybody, seeing that all deserve to be taught, however there are those who twist the truth to manipulate, or to gain power and control, so there needs to be careful discernment of who we share to, who takes on knowledge, and the deeper motivations which drive individuals. 

Our world is in profound growing pains at the moment, we are all standing on our own thresholds of Change, reminded that change is the only constant.

Seeking to rise above asuric (lower) qualities within our own psyche is the surest path to inner balance and wellbeing and a more peaceful world. We can still be in and enjoy the material world while not negating our spiritual development and embracing The Shadow.

May this full moon illuminate the grand Archway to pass through, toward our own Higher Consciousness, clear perception, and expansive awareness. 

Looking for clarity, guidance and understanding for what is happening for you in your life now? Are you curious about the karmas and shadows you are here to transform as well as your innate strengths and gifts?
Book in for a
consultation and explore your soul story.

Love, Darinka x

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