Full Moon Sagittarius/Purva Ashadha + Lunar Eclipse – July 2020

Full moon and Lunar Eclipse occurs on Sun, 5th July
The Lunar Eclipse occurs @ 4:29am
The Full moon reaches its zenith @ 2:44pm

This Full Moon falls at 19°29 of Sagittarius, in the nakshatra (constellation, asterism) Purva Ashadha. P.A is the 20th out of the 27/28 Nakshatra Wheel. The nakshatras are the secret keys to the zodiac, which is why they are highlighted and spoken about in Vedic Astrology, during readings and planetary activity,

Sagittarius is governed by Jupiter, Purva Ashadha by Venus.

Jupiter has just retrograded back into Sagittarius and Venus has just gone direct. 

Since it is full moon, the sun sits directly opposite in Gemini, along with Rahu and the ruler of Gemini, Mercury is also retrograde. 

Sagitarus and Gemini people have really been through the mill this past month with this triple eclipse season, especially if moon, ascendant or other prominent planets are in these signs. 

This axis revolves around the higher mind/lower mind, knowledge/wisdom, the big picture/details beliefs/facts

Full moon in Purva Ashada highlights creative use of wisdom and knowledge. This star is fierce, yet also gentle in its creative sense. Venus’s rulership connects it to Jal, or the water element. Its symbol is the elephant’s tusk. The elephant stands for wisdom and a character which cannot be subdued. Purva Ashada people are often able to see both sides of a viewpoint, as the conflict between the two gurus, Jupiter and Venus can manifest as a dichotomy which can eventually lead the individual to well-rounded wisdom.

This Full moon encourages us to understand the up, down, left right, in out; all directions and all viewpoints, with equanimity and clarity. There is truth in all things. 

There is not one way is there? Many different opinions. Truth is somewhat subjective, and while we are all subject to the great forces and laws of Nature herself, our experience of those laws and limitations vary to each individual. How we choose to deal with them is what determines much of our destiny. 

Sagittarius can at times, be an extreme and fundamentalist sign, with a self righteousness to its beliefs and convictions, and can sometimes suffer from mis information, a theme which is coming up quite strongly in the news and media at this present time. What is the truth? Who really knows? Who can we truly trust? 

As much as we need facts and knowledge, we need faith in our own inner wisdom and knowing, cosmic, universal and ancestral knowledge, as well as the inherent goodness of life itself, reconnecting to what comprises all of life; the very nature and basis of our existence. 

There are far better ways to live and to do what one must do; ways that are reflective of greater harmony with universal forces. 

During unsettled times, we need greater presence of Mind – Moon is mind, so strengthening, disciplining and supporting your moon/mind is key to achieving harmony and stability in all areas of life. Disturbances in the body are rooted back to disturbance in the mind, and very often linked to the trauma of some form of improper nurturance and mothering in early life – (moon is mother). 

How our emotional needs were met in early life determines how well we can recognise, meet and express those needs for ourselves as adults. So many of us struggle in this area of life, so the first starting point is understanding the emotional self, balancing the mind by creating situations that facilitate peace and calm. A disturbed moon leads to disturbed data in the body, creating a whole host of issues.

This is why, in Vedic astrology, primary importance is placed on supporting the moon, for the moon/mind is key to overall wellbeing. You might not be rich, but a peaceful, calm mind is a great and rare blessing.

To balance and support your moon, wear white, softer tones, be aware of your environment, breathe properly; activate panic flow through deep, rhythmic breathing, avoid eating meat (and other acidic foods) as much as you can (it pollutes the vital energies and disturbs the mind on subtle levels), wind down before sleep, meditate, practice yoga, move your body, listen to calming music, get out of your home and feet onto the earth! and generally avoid putting excess pressures and stresses on yourself. 

Living a Sattvic lifestyle creates optimum co-operation within your mind, body, being and the universal forces.

Full moons, eclipses and retrogrades are challenging and unsettling times. We often feel more unsupported and as the energy rises, find that we keep trying to meet it, leading to inevitable burnout and damage to our bodies. 

Remember the tortoise and the hare. There is a reason the Turtle lives for a very, very long time. 

He does not rush. 
With Love,

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