Eclipse Season June-July 2020

Hey Folks,

So its pretty crazy times right now.

Here is the lowdown :
> Sun + Mercury + Rahu in Gemini – Mrigashira Nakshatra
> 21st June Full solar Eclipse + New Moon + Winter/summer solstice
> Mercury, Venus, Saturn + Jupiter are ALL retrograde.
> Ketu (south node, dragon’s tail) is in the last part of its sojourn through Saggitarius, in the volatile, destructive yet spiritually transformative nakshatra Mula.

The Lunar nodes

The nodes, known as the dragon’s head/tail in Jyotish are shadow grahas, meaning they don’t have any physical mass. they are mathematical points on the ecliptic where the moon passes between the earth and sun, causing the eclipses.

Why are they important?

The nodes in the chart indicate the karmic journey of the soul, specific soul lessons which are to be developed or completed in some way. The south node, Ketu, indicates past life gifts, talents, strengths and weakness which have been inherited, as well as things we feel naturally detached from or disconnected to. 

The north node, Rahu, indicates gifts, talents and strengths the soul needs to develop. These are areas of life in which we feel drawn toward, yet perhaps feel insecure about. Rahu tends to amplify things, and can seem like that voice in the head that feels whatever we are doing is not enough. It wants more. Rahu is the head which has no body. Rahu is obsessive, compulsive and when with the moon and/or mercury can afflict the thinking and emotions, causing fear, paranoia and a host of other ‘mental issues’.

 Most mental health issues, regardless of cause, are rooted in aggravated Vata , and not enough Prana flowing through the body.

Vata disturbs all functions of the human being, disturbed data is the primary cause of anxious disorders.

Prana is calm, methodical, measured, rhythmic, routine, sated.

People who are rahuvian(rahu-dominated) are often high achievers, but usually have little mental peace and contentment. Rahu can disturb the Prana in the body which turns into displaced Vata, causing all manner of troubles in the tissues, organs and joints. 

Eclipse falling in Rahu/Ketu – Mrigashira/Mula Nakshatra Axis – Important!

It is one thing to understand the general significance of the signs, and another to know the specific degrees where celestial events occur.

This eclipse highlights the Mrigashira/Mula nakshatra Axis. This lies within the Gemini/Sagg constellations. A nakshatra translates to lunar mansion, asterism, star; a 13°20’ portion of the zodiac. There are 2.5 nakshatras within each constellation/zodiac sign. They are the secret keys to unlocking the zodiac. Each nakshatra has 4 padas (feet),  of 3°20’ within each nakshatra, correlating to the four physical elements.

Mrigashira is sanskrit for ‘a deer’s head’, it is the wandering, searching star. It is a mridu star, meaning, gentle, soft and mild. Mrigashira is ruled by mars with the overtone of mercury-ruled Gemini. Mercury/mars combination tends to promote quarrels, arguments and debates as these two planetary energies are not harmoniously attuned. Mars becomes the intellectual warrior and can use words as weapons. The dosha is Pitta, reflecting the firey nature of mars. Now, for vedic astro enthusiasts… the pada (foot) the eclipse falls within is Scorpio. So this particular moon/sun/rahu combo is bringing out the darker, heavier and more obsessive and emotional side of the nodes. Hooray for the cosmic churning!

Mula – where Ketu is located, exactly opposite Rahu. Mula means a bunch of roots tied together and its quality is an Ugra – fiercestar. The deity associated with Mula is Nirriti, the more destructive form of Kali. Mula is located at the centre of the Galaxy. Jupiter rules Sagg, Mula is ruled by Ketu. Ketu is firey, Sagg can be fundamentalist

 and the previous star is Jyestha (located in scorpio) – another star which is not known for its lightness. We are to experience the transition of Ketu from Mula to Jyestha, over these next few months, and the churning of Gantanta – the place in between fire and water signs. This is the most intense part of the zodiac. I will write about this closer to the time (so sign up to my newsletter and stay updated!)

On so many levels, everyone is being catalysed and transformed. Some in hugely profound ways, others in mild ways. The Roots of Things –  are being highlighted and whatever you are REALLY ready to get rid of, let go of, cut, burn separate, vomit, purge, whatever you are holding in — yes, you guessed it… chuck it! Use your intellect to direct your mind to higher pursuits, burn your limitations, be gentle with yourself, but ruthless in truth seeking!

Eclipses bring changes, they are good times to be still for some days, don’t plan ahead, don’t make sudden life changes and move to the other side of the country, try avoid a big dramatic showdown… wait till the water settles bait, ideally after the first week of July, and then forge ahead with your visions and plans. There is a certain kind of energetic current active at the moment and you can feel it, or are in it, which is probably why you are reading this blog. 

This is the nature of eclipse, but also specifically   

Remain Calm and practice your sadhana!!

Retrograde Planets

I have written about this retrograde period in previous articles, for more detail please refer to them. Here I will give a short overview. Retrograde means the planets appear brighter, and their significations are stronger … At the moment, and fortunately for only a week, we will have a total of 4 planets retrograde (not including the nodes). 

 Retrograde energy means we are being invited to look closely at the planet in question; what it signifies, what needs more work, re assessing, rethinking. It causes situations to magnify in either direction, depending on the specific situation. This is why individual chart readings are so helpful, rather than reading blanket overall statements. 

Venus is currently slowing down and due to go direct in Taurus, on the 25th of June. It is strong in its own sign but it has been unsettled over the last month. 

Libra moon and ascendant has been feeling this acutely. 

Relationships have been under stress, insecurity, there have been sudden changes, unexpected events,  and issues related to home, security, wealth and ones values around what nourishes and sustains.

Jupiter will re-enter sagittarius on the 30th of June, this will improve things all around as Jupiter is much happier in its own sign. Jupiter is karaka (significator) for children, especially male children, guru, teachers, learning, education, philosophy, husband/male partners. When Jupiter retrogrades, we tend to re think what our values and beliefs are, our optimism and faith in life can feel weak. 

Saturn,  The great and wonderful task master, disposer of our timely Karmas, is on his annual retrograde and the world doesn’t like it, as most people don’t want to stop doing things, they want things to run along they way they want them to and life isn’t really about that. Life is about meeting reality with equanimity, Saturn’s job is to make sure everyone faces reality and pays their debts, experiences their ripened karmas and fulfils their duties. Saturn humbles us. He likes discipline. Saturn retrograde means go over your stuff and weed out what’s not effective, clean your house, but more importantly, your psychic home – be grateful, slow down, accept delays, setbacks and transform your failures, and yes, work hard, and be DISCIPLINED! 

Be respectful toward Saturn, especially if you are in sade sati, Saturn dasha, or have major planets in Saturn-ruled signs.

This year, Saturn retrogrades in his own sign of Capricorn,the sign connected to governments, business, hierarchy, money, and the general structures of society, which have been radically shifting this year. Time will tell what will be evolving out of this. 

Mercury retrograde is familiar to most people, the trickster quicksilvery green/multi coloured planet of communication, retrogrades three times a year causing all manner of mishaps, travel cancellations, lost emails, computer crashes, wiped data, frozen screen, train delays, etc etc. Mercury governs over all these things as well as how we communicate and how we think. Some people are barely affected by it, others much more so. 

This is dependant on how mercury functions in your own chart and if you are a mercury dominant person, eg, with a plethora of gemini/virgo in your chart. In short – be mindful of how you speak!! Tell the truth and you won’t have to remember the lie. 

The other planets are also not supported right now, the sun is also challenged and eclipsed, so confidence and vitality is at a low point, it is easy to get carried away with too much woe is me, and wind up making some bad choices you may regret later. So, the best remedy during these times in particular, but for life overall, is to stay calm, keep life simple, be content with what you have, beware of excess desires, avoid putting extra pressure on yourself.

Make some donations, fast on Saturday, or on the day you were born, (or just be vegetarian on these days) avoid being around excessive, over stimulating environments, as all these things disturb the subtle pranas in the body and mind. During the eclipse time, stay indoors, clean the house, meditate, do yoga, fast, keep things light and simple, use the energy to go deep within and withdraw your attention from the outside world, connect to your inner spring of nourishment. 

All’s well.
Love Darinka x


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