New Moon Cancer/Pushya

Hello Friday! 
A Stellar Update:

July Dates: 
17th : Moon Venus Conjunction
18th : Moon conjunct Rahu
19th : Moon conjunct Mercury
21st : New moon in Cancer, Sun + Moon opposition Saturn

Today the Moon and Venus are conjoined in Taurus, in Rohini, The Red Star – on Friday, Venus’s day. Have you noticed the morning star?

A very good day to honour Goddess and Shakti – Nature in all Her Forms. Put flowers in your house, give and receive massage, go on a date with your beloved, run a bath, nourish your senses with subtle yet calming impressions that soothe and restore.

Much pressure has lifted off now. Can you feel it? 
June was a particularly intense month with two eclipses, the final lunar eclipse being in early July. 

Saturn and Jupiter are still retrograde, yet they are strong in their own signs. Mercury has begun to move direct in his own sign, Venus is direct and in dignity, and the Sun has just moved out of airy Gemini – to Cancer, a more soothing and watery sign. 

When the Sun (or any other planet) moves from one zodiac sign to another, it is called a Sandhi, a sanskrit word which means ‘junction’. This is a place which is neither here nor there. 

There are times, like the one we are currently in, within the pandemic, which feels like a sandhi, where things are uncertain, unsettling and we are not always sure which course of action is best to take. 

The Sun will move out of sandhi in a few days, the moon will travel closer, becoming the new moon as it becomes fully obscured by the sun, and will be opposed by Saturn who is currently retrograde and sitting at around 4 degrees of Capricorn.

The Sun rules governments, authority, father, the self, courage, confidence … Saturn rules over the common people, the underdog, the working class – there is often tension between these two grahas, and in transit it can indicate feelings of insecurity, uncertainty or conflict in these areas. 

The further Sun moves away from Saturn’s degree point, confidence and assurance will return. 

With cosmic energies re aligning and re settling into more balanced directions and less intense grips, we can enjoy the gradual easing and clearing of the storms we have collectively been through over the last few months. 

This weekend, the moon traverses through Gemini, conjoining Rahu, the eclipse point, and then Mercury. 18 through to 20th can feel a little unsettled and you may feel like your emotions are gripped or hijacked, but this will pass, the moon moves fast, use it as an opportunity to see what, if any residual things are still needing to be addressed and cleared.

The New Moon occurs in the late evening of the 20th of July in Cancer sign, Pushya nakshatra, the most nourishing star of the zodiac. This new moon may feel intense and there may be restrictions and responsibilities to deal with. Saturn’s influence is strong, both by aspect and being activated through Pushya. 

Pushing through negativity will see to greater benefit and growth. This new moon encourages us to connect to what deeply nourishes and sustains us; the duty and responsibility we have to ourselves as well as to others. Self care is important, but moderation is key. Saturn rewards hard work, perhaps the ‘hard work’ needs to involve a little less harshness and judgement, and a little more tenderness and care. 

Moon is mind, so be sure to nurture yourself properly, get good sleep, avoid indulging the senses in over stimulation and keep your mind calm, focused and grounded on reality, avoid overthinking and excessive ego demands and desires. Less desires make for a simpler life, one that easily allows the divine spirit to fill your inner spaces.

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Love, Darinka x

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