Full Moon Sravana/Capricorn – Venus in Gemini, Mercury in Cancer


August is a month full of planetary changes … Most of the storms which began at the end of march/early April have taken their course, and we are not quite out of all storms just yet, we find ourselves in clearer spaces, picking up and working out what has and hasn’t worked, setting the tone for the path ahead.

Venus has been in an unusually long transit of her home territory of Taurus since late March of this year. 4 months!! During that time, Venus has been retrograde for 5 weeks, going from evening star to morning star. Venus rules the signs of Taurus and Libra, is Karaka (significator) for relationships, wealth, business, creativity, arts, spouse, partnerships, vehicles, as well as our tastes and (material) values in life.

These domains have gone through the wash over the last few months, causing us to re assess how our basic needs and desires are being met by the current life we are living. Taurus and Libra are signs connected (in part) to the good things in life – what feels good, what gives us joy and pleasure, what nourishes us and feeds us in a primarily creative manner. Venus connects to the Svadisthana chakra – the seat of our creativity and the Water Element.

Have there been relationships, or other situations in life that have not been in alignment with your truth or deeper needs? What have you discovered about your self and needs during this time? What is ready to change or already in process of changing?

This Venus cycle has brought up truth and realities that need to looked at and dealt with! After, all, it is our desires that propel us along in life, so we need to make sure we are aligned to the right ones, according to our personal dharma!

Venus has just moved into Gemini on the 2nd of August, and will stay for the whole month, completing her re-cycle/re-set. Gemini is a sign ruled by the bright and intellectual mercury and Venus usually does well in it’s friend’s sign, creating a blending of venusian (artistic) and mercurial (intellectual) qualities. This transit of venus highlights all communication fields, media and the literary arts.

Mercury has also shifted signs, moving into Cancer on the 2nd of August.

This month, frustrations may arise due to the lack of intellectual and rational clarity that Mercury tends to display in watery signs. Mercury is somewhat challenged this month, shortly after entering Cancer on the 2nd of August, it is opposed by heavy Saturn, then it will be combust the Sun, before moving through the challenging gandanta point (the junction between cancer/leo – the junction of water to fire)

Use this time to connect to your emotions, feelings, desires and emotional needs. Write it out! Poetry can be an inspirational medium. Feel your feelings, express yourself, have those tender/difficult conversations with your beloved and talk about your relationship needs/goals/wants/desires. Venus will conjunct Rahu, amplifying desires and potentially creating unnecessary fears/confusions. 

Remember fear means : 

False Expectations Appearing Real. 

Use this time to harness creative inspiration and do your thing!

3. August : Full moon w/ Saturn SRAVANA – sat/mer app, sun moon , venus moves into gemini mrigashira

This full moon illuminates Sravana Nakshatra, in the middle of Capricorn sign. This star is the star of listening, the deity is Vishnu, the cosmic preserver and it is ruled by the moon. People born under it’s vibration usually keep their feelings to themselves, are often private and quiet, reflective people who hear a different song of life.

This full moon encourages us to be still, to be silent, to do less and BE more. 

All action is based on the ability to rest. From restfulness comes movement. From primordial stillness and silence (Purusha) comes Prakriti (nature) – And the ineffable dance of creation.

We tend to forget, as we get caught up in the rahuvian realm of endless desires and wants, that our source point is pure stillness and all encompassing awareness. From a lack of centre- pointed stillness, all manner of issues arise, in a myriad of shapes and form. We forget from where we come, and what is our true natural state, beyond Mind and Body. 

To return to deep stillness is the source of the greatest nourishment, quenching all thirst in the material realms. 

I feel the meaning of this star is summed up succinctly by Elder Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr from Nauiyu (Daly River). She speaks about Dadirri, meaning “Inner Deep Listening and Quiet Still Awareness. The word, concept and spiritual practice that is dadirri (da-did-ee) is from the Ngan’gikurunggurr and Ngen’giwumirri languages of the Aboriginal peoples of the Daly River region (Northern Territory, Australia)” You can read more about Dadirri here : 


Stay tuned to hear about the changes ahead for Mars and Sun, both will be crossing gandanta points, and the beginning of Mars’ gandanta/retrograde cycle … Fire and water, creates a steamy second half of August!

Looking for clarity, guidance and understanding for what is happening for you in your life now? Are you curious about the karmas and shadows you are here to transform as well as your innate strengths and gifts?
Book in for a 
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Love, Darinka x

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