The Starry Times – April 2021

Hey Folks  👋🏼

Cat got your tongue? Unusually emotional? Feeling dreamy? 
Lost for words, or feeling super inspired & feeling creative juices flowing? Feeling the good vibes?

Whats Happening this month?

Sun, Venus and Mercury in Pisces. (Sign of Jupiter) 
Jupiter has just shifted into Aquarius.
Saturn in Sravana
Rahu in Rohini
Gandanta – Untying/Tightening Knots

Sun is inspired and mystical, Venus is exalted, feeling loving and compassionate, yet combust and Mercury is debilitated. Some say a debilitated planet with an exalted planet, cancels the debilitation…however I still notice when Mercury is travelling through less conducive waters (mercury is communication, expression, intellect ) It feels a little like a mercury retrograde. 

Thinking can get fuzzy, Sharp logic becomes diffuse. Fabulous for creative minds (they can usually be found swingin’ on obtuse angles by default) However for those who rely heavily on logic, order, systems and plans… well, Tricky Loki (another form of mercury) is playing with ya’ll reminding that life is what happens when everyone else is making plans. 

Pisces/Virgo Axis. What was ordered descends to chaos, and what is chaotic could use some order ie: neatly stacked piles of books on the floor, instead of just books on the floor. Or clothes, or barbie dolls or Lego. Whatever’s your thing.

Mercury represents our electronic devices, schedules, transport, logistics, thinking processes.. the words that may easily slip off the tongue may still be boarding at the station. Plan ahead, clean out your downloads folder and empty your trash (at the least), prioritise, and prioritise REST. Saturn in Capricorn is pumping the grind, workaholics may be burying their emotions.

A short note on Saturn – He will be in the middle of Capricorn this year traversing through the lunar constellation (Nakshatra) Sravana: Sravana is the star of listening, sacred sound and deep silence. 

This is *the* year to tune in, slow down and enter silence.

One definition for this star is “One who has heard and learned” – this year is a year of healing and rebirth – of listening to sacred silence beyond all the noise. Words are just play, a re -imagining of Maya – one cannot describe the infinite, words cannot define what is indefinable. It is only in deep silence that truth can be known. That is the unique journey for all of us. This is how the ancient Rishis and Rishikas divined the Vedas, through direct perception, unfettered by the mind and its dances. Consciousness was also at an all time high back in the day. ~15,000 (or more) years ago.  

This year has a particularly emotional undercurrent, as Saturn, a cold and dry planet moves through Sravana, a star ruled by the moon. Rahu, the psychological player is spending considerable time in the star Rohini, another star ruled by the moon. These two planets are not emotionally conducive, They are better suited to harsher, realistic and practical expressions in the world, and do not usually bode well with the softer, gentler lunar vibrations. The effect is one of generalised anxiety and other psycho – emotional ups and downs. Or, there may be deep emotions being suppressed by constant busyness – Self-Check.

Depending on your ascending (rising) sign & moon, there will be specific areas of life in which these themes will be highlighted. 

Jupiter has moved to Aquarius. Jupiter will stay in the sign of the water bearer now until October, where it will dip back into Capricorn for two months, before moving forward and onwards. Aquarius is a happier place for Guru, as he was debilitated in Capricorn and not feeling strong. Although jupiter will still be feeling the restrictions of Saturn, optimism is returning. The star is Dhanistha, ruled by mars, is connected to wealth, fame and prosperity. Jupiter can bring a positive change and a re-assessment of our sense of value. Jupiter can bring out the positive side of this star which is generating abundance on all planes.

Gandanta : Untying the Knots 10th – 17th of April.
Venus, Mercury, Moon and Sun will all be passing through the sensitive gandanta degrees 28° Pisces to 1° Aries. The lunar constellations are Revati/Ashwini.

10 April Venus, 11/12 April (new) Moon, 13 April Sun, 16/17th Mercury.

Pisces is a mutable (moveable) water sign, emotional knots that may needs untying, in regards to : Relationships, spouse, vehicles, luxury, wealth (venus) emotions, feelings, mother, mental health (moon) authority, power, father, self esteem (sun) and communication, ideas, business, intellect (mercury) 

When a planet moves from a water to a fire sign, this is a great contrast in elements, water to fire creates steam, and unsettles the factors indicated by the planet – and the area of life which that planet rules your chart. Say you have moon in Libra, Venus transits are going to affect your mood, as well as potentially disrupting relationships. If your relationships are generally sound, then it may relate to some of the other factors which Venus represents. Emotionally sensitive people feel the lunar transits more strongly, people in trade, logistics, accounting, administration etc, tend to notice mercury transits more etc. The planets are always moving and doing something, it is about being aware of and managing your inner reality. 

There is big transformation happening, bringing many things to an end, which began a year ago, as Sun will move into Aries, heralding the Astrological New Year a bright new beginning. 
The New moon occurs in Revati, the last Nakshatra. The Sun and Moon, the two lights in the sky, conjoin, the Atman and Jiva Atman, our Soul and Individual Spark.. It is time for a rebirth. A Reset, and a new cycle of growth, healing and evolution.

A Final Note on Astrology and charts :

Your birth chart reflects a culmination of all karmas – accumulated actions from previous lifetimes; the current life reflects the fruits of previous actions. Your ‘persona’ – personality is an organic, evolving matrix of energy, which dissipates at death. What remains is the impressions over the lifetime, stored in the deep, deep subconscious, called Citta. Unresolved and ‘unfinished business’ then manifests in another matrix of energy, and a new birth unfolds, at the specific time and place when the energies align to match the frequency which is ready to take physical form.  

You are not your personality. And you do not have to be under the whims of the motion of the planets. Never use astrology to avoid responsibility for your mind, emotions and actions. Remember, the planets are Grahas – they grasp and seize us, and the degree of Yoga (Union) an individual has over their inner nature, determines how deeply affected you are.

Astrology is meant to be a guide and tool. When we are seized, it shows the degree we are affected by external phenomena. This is why it is said, those who look outside dream, those who look within, awaken

Love, light and a bit of mischief,

Darinka xx

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