Full Moon Swati | Libra – SuperMoon Magic

Hey Travellers,

Its been a little while since I have written ..
Today I am reminded of one of my favourite Sufi quotes: 

A traveller walk into an old Sufi’s house, and is shocked to find the place empty.
The traveller is shocked and asks, “where are your all your things?”
“Where are yours? The Sufi replies.
“But I am only a traveller, says the young man
“So am I” The sufi replies …

We have 80 or so years? Maybe less, maybe more? Isn’t it just a blink of an eye?
Shouldn’t we try to live in harmony, with ease, grace and beauty?
Meeting challenges with poise and strength, cultivating our mind-garden, soul-garden and body-mind with awareness, care and firm resolve. 

The key to living a good life, in my view, is to practice living simply, below one’s means, staying clear of any kind of excess, limiting one’s desires, and directing the life force; Prana – consciously, with awareness, refining and purifying the senses, and slowly, slowly, changing the very nature of reality. The truth is that by wanting nothing, you have everything

This to me, is the mark of a good magician, a traveller, in this dimension 😉

This full moon is pretty special, as it’s closer to earth than the usual moons. It will appear bigger in the sky. Nope, won’t be pink, it was named a pink supermoon because of a certain pink wildflower Phlox subulata which blooms in early springtime, in USA. Other names for this moon are Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, or Fish Moon, from various Native American Tribes. In India, this moon is celebrated as the birthday of Hanuman, the devoted monkey God-Warrior, divine servant of Rama – This time is celebrated as Hanuman Jayanti. Hanuman is worshipped, and honoured by many, and especially if you are going through a challenging sade-sati, have a weak sun or mars, or struggle with confidence.

In Vedic cosmology, The moon is Jiva Atman, it represents the individual spark, the mind. Atman is the soul – the spirit, the light unending – here, the mind is being illuminated by the soul, there is communication, there is light on the shadow, the mind can receive inspiration and upliftment from source. Full moons are auspicious times. How do you choose to be intoxicated? Moon is Soma – it can lead to ecstasy and spiritual bliss, or addiction to substance. Spirits, or spirituality – Same, same, but – Different.

This full moon occurs on the 27th April @ 13:32 (Southern Hemisphere) and falls in the star Swati ruled by the eclipse point Rahu – It is in Libra, ruled by Venus. Moon will be squared by Saturn, this can give a sombre, heavier tone, it will be opposed by Mercury, Venus and Uranus and will receive a (wide) 120° supportive aspect from Jupiter. It is a busy full moon. Expect lots of activity, instability, electricity, movement and travel. Swati’s Shakti, or power is to move travel or scatter like the wind. The ruling deity is Vayu, lord of wind. Swati people love the freedom to move as they please, they have an ability to scatter, minds as well as negativity. Use with awareness. But, like wind, it cannot be contained. Our breath, as the wind, when disturbed or shallow, will directly affect the flow of prana in the body, limiting energy and manifesting as disturbed Vata in the body, which, when left unbalanced for too long leads to a host of corresponding health issues. Swati is the abode of Saraswati, the goddess of learning. People with this star prominent have a deep love of learning throughout their lives.

There is a Venus/Rahu combination here which can make people who have this star prominent in their charts diplomatic, smooth talkers, manipulative, yet creative, independent and highly intelligent. This star is symbolised by a sword, its other symbol is coral. It is independent and self going. It likes to stand alone, but can be affected by others and it’s environment. The sword cuts through illusions, only to find more halls of mirrors.

Rahu, insatiable desires, Venus, pleasure and luxury. 
Once these distractions are mastered, Swati people can use their sword to cut to the truth, separating fiction from fact.

Hari Om.

Venus is currently in the process of emerging from a long combustion with the Sun. She is in Aries She is Jaal Tattva – Water. When close to Sun, or in fire signs, she doesn’t function so well, all that heat literally dries her up. Libra and Taurus ruled folk have likely been feeling Venus’s combustion the most, fortunately there is relief, and what has been sticky, stuck, boggy, confusing, prickly or frustrating, is giving way to fresh starts and a new beginnings. Venus begins to be visible again in the evening sky.

When the moon is full, the waters rise. Tides are higher, the waves are heavier, Water rises in plants and can be harvested and the fluids in our bodies are no different – they rise.  Sensitive folk may feel it strongly.

Fortunately spiritual practices and Kriya yoga leads the way for individuals reclaim their power and not only self-regulate, but expand their consciousness and achieve self mastery.

It is a good time to reach a climax in something, realise a goal, strike, take action, step forward, cleanse crystals and healing tools and moon bathe. Meditation is always favoured – consciously adjusting the chemicals in your brain. Many tools out there – Check out : Mark Breadner and Cristina Arango – Good places to start.

Currently, all the planets are in direct motion – Pluto does move retrograde on the 28th of April, however for the next month, we still have strong supportive energy to forge ahead with our plans. Saturn begins slowing down over May, and Jupiter as well, so start preparing for the annual retrogrades, which begin toward end of May for about 5 months, when we will need to slow down and perhaps rehash over what we have accomplished so far over the year. Delays will be coming, but not yet!

Have a good time, make good choices, chew your food slowly and practice your practice✌🏼

Love, Darinka 🧡

{Photo By : Suppi-lu-liuma }

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