The Starry Times – May 2021 – Great Changes

Hey Star Travellers 👋🏼
May is a month of significant changes, with Saturn slowing down and moving retrograde, Mercury begins retrograde, a full moon lunar eclipse and nodal conjunctions causing a scene in Taurus. 

Key Dates in May
5th   Venus moves into Taurus – becomes visible again
11th  Mercury cnj Rahu in Rohini
12th New Moon 5am Aries – Krittika 
15th  Sun moves to Taurus
18th  Venus cnj Rahu in Rohini
23rd  Saturn retrograde in Capricorn (23 May – 11 Oct)
26th Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) 9:14 am Scorpio – Anuradha
27th  Mercury moves to Gemini
30th  Mercury retrogrades to Taurus (30 May – 26 June)

Mars in Gemini
Jupiter in Aquarius (Retrograde 21 June – 18 Oct )

What does this all mean?!

The Taurus / Scorpio axis is being highlighted for the collective – Taurus being a material sign connected to agriculture, security, legacy, family, wealth, sensuality, food, and speech, Scorpio being a mystical sign connected to endings, death, transformation, inheritance, secrets, occult, sexuality, letting go, and power. Issues will come to a climax by the 26th of the month, where we will have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, with Rahu, Sun, Mercury and Venus in Taurus. 

Taurus is ruled by Venus, Scorpio, by Mars and co-ruled by Ketu.

Taurus is fixed earth, Scorpio fixed water. Both are stubborn and dislike sudden changes. Venus and Mars is always connected to relationships and partnerships, fire and water alchemy creating steam wherever they are located in your chart. Attraction and repulsion. How does it translate? Venus is sensuality, Venus is Jaal Tattva, the element of water, Mars is connected to Agni, Fire and the process of Transformation, from the gross to the subtle.
Ketu is the headless south lunar node who doesn’t care for material attachments. It indicates sudden, unexpected and fated events that are ultimately designed to awaken the sleeping soul. Scorpio is not an easy energy, the 8th sign, there is much churning and burning of karmas. It can lead one to madness, or spiritual heights.

Security is a major theme of this axis. The fixed nature of these water and earth signs mean that at least, a part of their motivation lies in the attachment to external resources for the sense of security and safety. But as most of you know, the more one tries to create security with money, stuff, houses, people, family, jobs and career, somehow, the more insecure one feels. The desire to have (taurus) is met by the fear of loss (scorpio) Not every day, but that gnawing feeling is there, lingering… like a bad smell!! 

Somehow, you can have everything you want, yet still want more. 

Once the family is settled, once the kids have flown the nest, once the house has been built, once one had been fed … then what? The bull is satisfied and resting. Now the scorpion wants to burrow, it wants to enter the cave, the dark, hidden recesses of the psyche, the taboo, the obscure, the occult. It wants to know the mysteries of life. This process can also be reversed… once the knowledge of the secrets of life have been understood and integrated, then it is time to apply it practically (taurus) to the material world, to improve and better our lives and our karma. 

Venus moves into Taurus
Venus finally moves away from the blinding light of the Sun and into her softer, home territory of Taurus, the bull. After being hidden for so long, she now emerges as the evening star, symbolising her rebirth and ascension to her throne. Venus connects us to all that is emotional, sensitive, receptive, creative, pro – creative and generative. It can be a good time for reconciliations, partnerships and healing, as well as connecting to the Venusian realms. Honouring Shakti in all her myriad forms. Alternatively, a new car may be in order (Venus connects to Vehicles)

On the 18th of May, Venus meets with Rahu. This can amplify desires, sensuality, food, pleasure, arts and creativity. It can cause fear and uncertainty, especially if Venus ruled your moon or ascendant. Take care over thees days and avoid overindulgence – you may regret it later.

New Moon Aries/Krittika – 12 May @ 5am AEST
This new moon highlights the Libra Aries axis, completing the lessons of the last month – Aries is about self, libra about others. Libra desire to partner and compromise and do business, Aries is a natural leader and loner, thinking about its own needs first. Krittika has the power to burn and purify. It is about cutting through illusions, separating truth and falsity. This new moon is good for completions and recognising what needs to be cut out of your life. It may not be pretty, but neither is surgery. Usually you feel better afterwards though! Be mindful however, to not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Some things just need more time and patience, (and a bit of love)
A good time for fire ceremonies and intentional transformations.

Mercury Retrograde: 30 May – 26 June
Mercury will be playing his/her/their (Mercury is a eunuch) tricks. After briefly dipping into Gemini on the 27th, Marc will retrograde in Taurus disrupting the usual; plans, travels, emails, messages, trains, schedules, thinking, planning and organising. In general I find, the more attached to plans happening, the greater the disruption. People from the past may return.

Mercury is how we think about things. Disorganised thinking leads to more chaos, but for creative minds it is always fun to see things from another perspective. Be curious. Let things go, slow down, don’t rush. All in good (god’s) time. Whenever you feel absolute on a subject, know you are probably missing the elephant in the room. A good time to meet the elephant, have those conversations, write music, poetry and expressions of the heart (Taurus) and plan for some inevitable delays (and cups of tea) Good to not plan any major travels a few days before and around the 30th and 23rd June (Mercury Stations and then moves either retro or direct, so that is when maximum effects are felt) When the retrograde is in swing, it is usually ok.

On the 11th of May, Mercury will meet with Rahu. This is good for creative and visionary thinking, but in usual effect of Rahu, can promote obsessiveness, extravagant thinking and paranoia. It is however a good time to solve problems and find fresh solutions to an old problem.

Saturn Retrograde: 23 May – 11 Oct
Saturn, ye olde taskmaster has little to no sense of humour, can be far too conservative, unwilling to take risks and manifests as everyone’s internal Eeyore. But, we cannot blame him, for Saturn is the Lord of Time, the lord of Karma, reflecting the consequences of our actions, most of which we have conveniently forgotten. “You never know the impact of your actions until the same is done to you” That is how karma works – Having said that, fear of the devil is useless here, vedic thinking is that we are the makers of our lives, and all beings must suffer/enjoy the fruits of their Karma. This is a time to reflect on your choices since October last year, unfinished business will re appear.

Retrogrades are times to reflect, rethink, re asses, rehash and re-do what was not done well during the direct period. Saturn is about taking responsibility, showing up and being accountable for our lives. If you don’t like what is in it, or who is around you, look at your inner self. Retrogrades invite us to look within and to stop placing the blame on someone or something else. 

A bad attitude is like a flat tyre – you can’t go anywhere until you change it!! 

Like it or not, change comes upon all, and the resistance to it determines much of one’s suffering. Expect delays, curve balls, frustrations, change of job, or changes within the workplace, issues around authority, government and management. There is big shifts of power happening now, especially as Pluto has moved retrograde in early Capricorn. Humility is of the essence.

Both Saturn and Rahu and in Nakshatras (Lunar Constellations) ruled by the moon – Sravana and Rohini, respectively. There is a strong emotional undercurrent playing out, possibly creating hidden fears and worries. 

The focus will be on Taurus, issues highlighted have been mentioned earlier. With the influence of Rahu, insecurity may dominate, Rahu is a psychological point and can bring up fears and unconscious behaviours. There may be family issues, situations at work and job, career changes, conflict with authority, issues around self worth, how much you value yourself and your time, energy and services. Food and diet may become important as health issues may surface. The Lunar nodes reveal and conceal things. Expect some changes, revelations and revealing of things once hidden.

Since Rahu is playing with us, it is a good idea to connect and appease this energy. Connecting with more intense deities such as Durga, Narasimha and and the Nagas are good for helping to balance the Sarpa (serpent) energy. If you are in India, going to temples of these deities, or  you can chant associated mantras to calm the mind. Shiva Mantras are also very good to deal with sarpa energy. (Shiva is always depicted with a snake around his neck, symbolising the control he has over the lower nature) My personal favourite is the Mahamrityunjaya mantra. I find chanting this draws strength, prana and courage into my solar plexus. 

Since Rahu is in Taurus, and many planets will be activating this sign, we could connect with Venus through Goddess Laksmi, Parvati and Goddess Annapoorna

Saturn will be moving retrograde, and if you are in Sade Sati, ruled by Saturn, afflicted, or in Saturn Dasa it is very important to observe fasts and remain vegetarian especially on Saturdays (saturn’s day) Saturn creates limitations by catalysing blocks, delays and setbacks. When we willingly limit ourselves, Saturn does’t have to do it for us! 

Simple life = Happy life.

Many people will be facing issues around food, security and wealth. This is evident in countries which are being most afflicted by Covid. Food shortages are likely during this time. Rohini, while being the favourite place of the moon is related to sudden calamities and events, especially when triggered by difficult transits. The eclipses usually lead to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Stay tuned and stay Safe. Avoid planning anything significant around eclipse times.

On a personal level, in regards to wealth, remember if you want Goddess Laxmi (wealth) to enter your home, clear out your closet! Clean your home. Throw away useless things, let old and worn out things (especially clothes with holes) go. Donate clothes that are still good but are no longer fresh, or use old clothes for rags or other purposes. Keep your clothing and living space neat and clean (holes are energy leakage).
Don’t hoard or hold onto things. Live an uncluttered life. 

Having a wealth mindset does not mean money. Less is More. Less desires mean the mind is not clouded by fantasy and can appreciate what is already here. When you desire less, happiness and wealth increases. Lasting wealth is knowing that what is here is already enough. This is also true for relationships. Who focuses too much on what isn’t working, or what is wrong with their partner only to create more conflict and sabotage a beautiful connection?

True wealth is peace of mind. Many people can’t sleep at night because their soul is not at peace. There are too many skeletons in the closet. Cultivate a simple life, positive relationships and take responsibility for your actions. Never treat people poorly, no matter how they have treated you. Being respectful and kind is about how YOU choose to show up in the world. Not about others. 
One day you realise, there are no others. 

Have a great month everyone, stay tuned for the new/full moon posts on Instagram and Facebook, focus on simplicity, letting go, connecting to your inner spring, gratitude and cultivating humility. Calm is your Super Power x

I will be coming to Sydney from the last week of May for three weeks (yes, during this retrograde time) I am available for in-person consultations and bodywork sessions. Send me an email if you would like to book in (contact form on the bottom of my home page) Booking schedule will be up soon!

With Love,
Darinka xx

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