The Starry Time : Total Lunar Eclipse Super Moon In Scorpio / Anuradha

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On the evening of Wednesday 26 may, the moon moves into the dark shadow of the Earth. Lasting just over three hours, this spectacular event is visible throughout Australia and NZ. 

During this eclipse, the moon is likely to turn red due to the light being refracted or bent, around he Earth by our atmosphere. While safe to watch, it is ill advised due to the excessive psychic disturbance it can cause in the manas, or mind.

Partial eclipse begins in Sydney East coast at 7:45pm total eclipse at 9:09pm -9:28pm, partial eclipse ends @ 10:53pm

Those who are sensitive are advised to stay indoors, fast, keep things simple and use this time to deepen their spiritual practices. What makes this moon unusual is that it occurs when the moon is near pedigree, so that it appears a little larger than usual.

While many may numb themselves with substances or being surrounded by others – those who are seeking deeper connection can take advantage of this portal for spiritual sadhana, meditation, mantra and silence are greatly amplified – all things are amplified, so use this time effectively – Even just quiet contemplation, yoga practice, breath work, or any activity that draws your sense inwards instead of outward. It is not a good time for material activities, I.E signing contracts, moving, sudden decisions – its a bit like trying to repair your ship in the middle of the storm. Wait till the tides settle. 

This full moon falls in the star Anuradha – A star linked to the quality of devotion, healing and friendship. its deity is Mitra, one of the 12 solar adityas, or ‘faces’ of the sun. Symbolised by the Lotus, Anuradha flowers after initial difficulty. Ruled by Saturn, it gives success later in life, and the strength and fortitude to overcome adversity. No mud, no lotus. Anuradha is linked to Radha and Krishna, the divine lovers/consorts – esoterically, this can be linked to the unification of opposites – however is also likely to raise issues around relationships and partnerships. 

Venus, Sun and Mercury with with Rahu in the opposite end, in Taurus – situations with your significant other, friendships, business relationships are highlighted. Remember a discussion is meant to be about finding out what is right, an argument is about who is right.

Chandra (moon) is fallen/debilitated in Scorpio, and will be close to Ketu (south node of the moon), which is in Jyestha, the next star – a star connected to combat, leadership and authority – This moon can bring up past issues surrounding trauma, abuse, sexuality, power and secrets. Jyestha is the home of Antares, the star of war. Scorpio is known for its obsession and hypersensitivity, the debilitated moon can bring out these qualities in greater force. 

Eclipses reveal and conceal. Ketu acts like mars, so this can be a particularly violent moon,  but it can be like using the sword to cut through your own bullshit and sever the stories, ghosts and attachments. Ketu in scorpio is dredging up deep psychological complexes and patterns, the opportunity to delve into the deep work is ripe now. No easy feat, but such is the work which will keep knocking in many forms if not addressed. 

The axis of Taurus/Scorpio has much to do with relationships, security, possession and letting go. If you have found yourself building a home in others, perhaps it’s time to find home within. Letting go of anything deeply cherished is usually tied in with trauma at some level, as fundamentally our entire identity often revolves around the sense of me, mine and what I have (the limited self). When that is challenged in some way, it often creates wounds to the ego self.

Therefore, spiritual work is about transforming those wounds into wisdom – including the ego self in the larger framework of one’s spiritual heritage. Trauma is part of life, suffering is a divine doorway, the journey from the wound to wisdom is alchemy – Rites of Passage

Scorpio digs deep and has the capacity for profound shadow work, catalysing the inner death, “dying before death” – In many ways this is also the power of Saturn’s influence in Anuradha – the capacity to limit oneself – so Shani doesn’t have to take away from us when least expected. 

This full moon, I could suggest tapping into the heart of devotion. What does devotion mean to you? What transcends your sense of self? What is it to completely surrender to something ? Perhaps anything you completely surrender to can be a spiritual practice, weather it is your partnership, your vision, dream or family, or to God – whatever you perceive the intelligence which permeates all of Life to be – Saturn bridges the dream with reality, the weaving of fiction and fact – that wound into wisdom. Especially now as he has turned retrograde (more in the next post) it is a great time to look back over the last year and re evaluate your choices and attitudes – it is a time of karmic reckoning. What is obsolete will become painfully obvious if continued to be ignored.

Embrace the changes, the delays and the re-routing which is occurring, and a message to Scorpio – compromise with yourself, or you will be digging your own grave!! Perhaps Mitra, patron of friendship reminds us to be our own best friend, and to speak to self with utmost sweetness. Change is never easy, especially for fixed signs, so gently gently, the lotus heart is blooming.

Be still, stay calm and breathe deep,

With love,

{Art by Rick Lovell)

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